Beginners Guide – Gunfire Reborn

Beginners Guide – Gunfire Reborn 1 -
Beginners Guide – Gunfire Reborn 1 -

A few tips and suggestions for players just starting on their Gunfire Reborn adventure.


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In this brief guide, I’ll be walking you through some tips, tricks, and helpful advice as you begin your adventure in the dungeons and demonic realms of Gunfire Reborn.
Please note that while this guide aims to help you in your quest, it is not a comprehensive breakdown of game mechanics, a build guide, or a tier list.

Startup Options

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  • Additionally, if you’re already using any kind of headphone virtualization software (Dolby Access, DTS X, HeSuVi, etc.) be sure to disable the in-game spatial sound or turn your software off. Keeping both on creates a tinny, awful sound that makes the environment harder to gauge accurately.


Glossary of Terms

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  • Additional occult scrolls will be acquired by completing milestones in the Logbook. I.e. killing enemies a certain number of times, doing x amount of damage to a certain enemy with a specific weapon type, etc.
  • These scrolls will drop immediately the first time you unlock them. In other words, when you kill an enemy X amount of times and get notified that you’ve unlocked an occult scroll, that scroll will drop in-game. This is very advantageous early on as you’ll unlock several scrolls in the beginning portions of the game.


Your First Playthrough

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  • The best way to avoid Longbowmen arrows is to dash diagonally away from the arrows and toward the Longbowman himself. This might seem counter-intuitive, but the arrows have a curve to them that allow you to dash dodge them well with good timing and moving forward circumvents their trajectory entirely.
  • You will encounter several other similar enemies throughout your journey: Bandit Retainers, Bandit Tacticians, and more. While they function a little differently, the same rule applies: dash dodge out of the way and move forward.


Other General Advice

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  • While your secondary ability is great at crowd control, your special ability is usually a show stopper and can change the direction of an entire fight if used well. Don’t use it recklessly, but don’t forget to use it at all. There are numerous Occult Scrolls that augment and enhance special abilities.



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This guide only scratches the surface of this deeply rewarding game. There are new difficulty modes to unlock, dozens of Occult Scrolls, weapons, and other Talents to unlock, along with an entire end-game centered around Reincarnation levels.
That said, I hope it’s proven useful and helpful to you! I would appreciate your feedback. Thanks for reading and may fortune find you in the Demonic Realms of Gunfire Reborn!

Written by Dread Doctrine

Here we come to an end for the Beginners Guide – Gunfire Reborn guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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