BELLI AD VICTORIUM – Tips and Tricks – Expeditions: Rome

BELLI AD VICTORIUM – Tips and Tricks – Expeditions: Rome 1 -
BELLI AD VICTORIUM – Tips and Tricks – Expeditions: Rome 1 -

Everything I wish I would’ve known on my first play-through; useful tips and tricks to successfully navigating the political intrigues and global battlefield of ancient Rome.


You may find yourself struggling to build your legion’s experience. Experience is a great power modifier that can allow you to wipe out armies much larger than your own.
The solution I found was fairly simple and could help you as well:

  • Choose a centurion that will have high “Manpower Retained” score.
  • Choose a centurion with the “Medicus” specialization.
  • Select stratagems that reduce casualties during the battle.
    Experience appears to be earned for your legion by surviving troops, so when trying to build an experienced legion you will want to minimize casualties and do everything you can to end the battle with as many troops as possible.


  • There is no time limit during campaigns, and although you will want to prioritize defending your captured territory when enemy attack notices happen, you should otherwise take the time to repeatedly farm resource nodes.
  • Choose a garrison territory near lots of resource nodes to reduce your legion’s travel time.
  • Return to camp occasionally to replenish water, trade excess resources for denarii, and a*sign injured praetorians to the medical tent.
    I found it extremely useful to build a large pool of denarii both during and before ending a campaign, as it will make certain options available during the Rome intermissions.
    A successful cycle of traveling to observatories while sending your legion to farm resources and defend can ensure you will have everything you need from money to food and crafting salvage.



  • At the end of a campaign, your legion may disband and you will return to Rome with only your unique companions.
    Any equipment your other recruited praetorians may have had, including legendary/unique gear, will stay with them and be inaccessible during that time.
    When you start a new campaign and return to the legion, you may recruit the same praetorians / centurions or new ones that may be available.
  • Any praetorians you do NOT recruit that are wearing your unique equipment will still keep their gear, meaning you will not have access to it.
    If there are items you wish to keep in your inventory or give to new recruits, be sure to unequip them from your praetorians BEFORE dismissing them or transitioning back to Rome.



  • Don’t be stingy with that hoard of crafting materials! Crafting new equipment will result in new stat rolls, and potential upgrades even if you are currently using the exact same piece of equipment.
  • As you unlock modification blueprints and upgrade your camp smithy, you can spend materials to modify stat rolls on your equipment. Sometimes, you can improve a currently existing stat roll (change a +1 Health to a +2 or +3) or change a less useful one into something you need.
    For example: if a character already has a high resistance to piercing, you can modify a piece of equipment to replace a piercing resistance roll with something else.



  • If you cannot upgrade that shiny unique artifact sword to match the one you just acquired, do yourself a favor and dismantle the legendary sword. You can then use the camp blacksmith to add the unique ability your more powerful non-legendary weapons.
  • You can always dismantle the item to refund the legendary material and either apply it to a different item or re-forge the original unique item with new stat rolls.
    NOTE: You can apply modifications from unique weapons to weapons of other types. If you’d like to add the ability from a unique bow to a spear in your inventory instead, you are able to do so.



  • There will be portions of the game where you will return to Rome, without access to your legates tent and no way to replenish utility items with depleted charges.
  • You may still face very challenging combat situations, and these items could mean the difference between victory or defeat.
  • Taking the time to craft extra pila, greek fire jars, bandages, or other useful items will allow you to simply replace any depleted items your praetorians may have equipped with fresh ones via the equipment screen.


Written by Keckers

This is all we can share for BELLI AD VICTORIUM – Tips and Tricks – Expeditions: Rome for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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