Benevolent Leader – Fallout 4

Benevolent Leader – Fallout 4 1 -
Benevolent Leader – Fallout 4 1 -

Fastest way to get this achievement from my experimentation.

To not waste new character’s time.

To not waste the time of anyone who started a newer character, this may only work on a pretty late game character, But if you are using a new character and you come back to this later, helping out the minutemen and establishing other settlements will help you to get this later on.

The hard part.

The hardest part of getting this achievement is the settlers. What I did was I put 5-6 unnamed settlers in a smaller settlement (IE not Sanctuary) to get this to work, for simplicity sake, lets say Red Rocket since that’s the closest place from Sanctuary.
Now, to get around 6 settlers into the small settlement, you can either set up a requirement radio beacon or move settlers from other settlements to the one you want to focus on, fastest way I could figure out for this is get one from the beacon and 5 others from other settlements.
Some settlers in other settlements can not be moved, since they give side quest for the Minutemen. Annoying, but not the end of the world.

The easier part.

This is the easier part! The actual settlement building!
What I realized I could do here feels like it cheaps out the system but it worked!
I had 6 settlers at the point when I felt I can make things work.

  • I had 6 Mutfruit bunched together and had one settlers deal with that
  • I placed down 8 of the standard small water pumps to get a get that resource higher than needed
  • placed down a bunch of the basic turrets for defense.
  • Since none of the above needs power, power is not needed (If you still have the Becon placed, store that)
  • 5 level 3 stores for the other 5 settlers
  • and 7 beds

Once you do all of that, spam place any type of build-able thing (Recommend wood floor) Until the settlement space bar is full.

And now you…

Wait…A very long time.
This is why there was an extra bed. This is the most time consuming part of this guide.
Reason this sucks is, for it to go by fastest just to get it over with, you have to be in the settlement since that increases happiness. When I did this, I got everything set up for the wait time on the in game date of 12/28/2287, it took about 2/17/2288 to get the achievement. For this part, just to make sure nothing goes wrong, is every 5-7 24 hours naps, walk around the settlement a little bit just to makes sure happiness is still going up. If it is, go back to the napping.
If everything is correct, after about, I think it was like 2 hours for me of just sleeping and waking around, you should get the achievement.

Thank you reading!

That is it for the main part of the guide, Thank you for reading and I hope this helped! This was my first guide I ever written! So, I apologies for any weird formatting or issues with this guide here! But yeah that’s all I have to say about the achievement, I hope who ever is reading this has a fantastic day or night!

For those who are dedicated…

This is for those who want to do places like Sanctuary hills, like I was going to before I realized how daunting that could be. I don’t have much when it comes to this so I’ll list I few things I noticed.

  • Food, Water, Power, and Defense all count for around 20% in the happiness, the rest come from shops and other happiness raising objects
  • People hate Robots, if you have a Robot companion, move them somewhere else (Ada and Codsworth should come to mind
  • TVs are bugged, these for some reason in some places (Like Sanctuary) lower happiness!
    It’s not much…But hopefully this helps a little for the people who want to use places like Sanctuary to get this achievement.


Written by Bowy

I hope you enjoy the Benevolent Leader – Fallout 4 guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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