Best Survivor Perks for Solo Q – Dead by Daylight

Best Survivor Perks for Solo Q – Dead by Daylight 1 -
Best Survivor Perks for Solo Q – Dead by Daylight 1 -

I will be sharing my thoughts on Solo Q with you. What perks should Solo Q players use in Solo Q? Duos SWF)? I believe both new and veteran players will find something they like in this guide.

Never use any selfish type benefit

These perks should not be used unless you are a juker, or you are so selfish,
It's simple. You play a team-based role. This means that you are not alone. Three other survivors are helping each other escape the Killer. If the Killer detects that you might (wish to) be selfish, most of their team will not appreciate this so they will tunnel and/or camp.
These perks should be avoided at all costs, with exceptions like Tome Challenges or Adept achievements.
– Deliverance and Diversion (Adam)
– Bill): Left Behind
– Self-preservation (YunJin)
– Low Profile (Ada)
– Sole Survivor (Laurie)
Slippery meat (Generic perk)
– Self-Care (Claudette)

If you're wondering why Diversion is there, the simple answer is that you can throw it at your teammates to troll them. This could be at a gen (hex or) gate, exit gate, etc. I'm aware of other perks that could be used to sandbag a team, but this is the easiest example.

Perks that are Objective Based

These perks will aid the team in almost any situation. If you are a cooperative individual, you might want at least one.
– Boon/Shadow Step/Circle of Healing/Shadow Step (Mikaelae17Y
– Boon Dark Theory Yoichi ()
– Boon: Exponential (Jonah)
– Prove Thyself – (Dwight)
– Wiretap (Ada)
– Better Together/Situational Awareness (Nancy
– Detective`s Hunch (Tapp)

It's pretty self-explanatory, but I'll still repeat it. These make it easier and more reliable to accomplish your objective or, in the case of Boontotems, allow you to share your power with your team.

Saving/Healing your Team

These perks can be used for unhooking or slugging as well as healing situations.
– We're Gonna Live Forever (David)
– We'll Make it (. Generic perk)
– For the People (Zarina)
– Emphatic Conn (Yoichi A17Y
– Botany Knowledge (Claudette)
– Bite at the Bullet (Leon S17Y
– (Felix) – Defend Yourself (Felix
– Babysitter/Guardian (Steve)

You might ask why you should bother with healing perks. It doesn't matter if you are working from the ground or unhooked. The speed at which you heal someone is what matters most. The longer you take to heal them, the more time you will spend on generators. It is best to avoid full healing set as there is a chance of you getting a Plague.

Exhaustion perks

Sprint Burst () and Lithe (Feng) are safest options.
Balanced Landing (Nea) – Some maps will do little.
Use Overcome Jonah) if you want to hold W to Infinity and Beyond
Smash Hit (Yun-Jin) – SB but worse
Killers will love tunneling you if Dead Hard (), or Head On () for that matter.

If you wish to make the most of your Exhaustion perk, Vigil (Quentin) is still available.

Aura Based Perks

In a few words, you will be able to see where your Killer teammates, Gens and coworkers are.
– Kindred (Generic Perk)
– Aftercare (Jeff)
Alert (Feng)
– Use Any Means Possible (Yui
– Blood Pact e14Y Cheryl)
– Bond (, Dwight)
– Dark Sense (Generic perk)
– Deja Vu (Generic perk)
– Empathy (Claudette)
– Inner Focus (Haddie)
– Objects Of Obsession (Laurie
– Rookie Spirit (Leon)
– Visionary Felix ()
Windows of Opportunity (Kate)

These perks, which include some of them anyway, are very popular in Solo Q. They give you information without the need to use Discord.

Anti Camp/Tunnel/Slug perks

Unfortunately, you will need at least one or a few of these perks. Killers will try to kill you the fastest possible.
– Borrowed Time (Bill)
– Unbreakable (Bill)
– Soul Guard Cheryl ()
– Adrenaline (Meg)
– Decisive Strike (Laurie)
– Off the record (Zarina F17Y

Rebecca's Rea*surance was left out. Although it is a good perk in Solo Q, it will not do much. Solo Q has a white outline that shows the hooked person. However, there will still be the guy who will save you.

Miscellaneous Perks

I didn't know the right place to put these perks so I just combined them here.
– Distortion Jeff ()
– Streetwise (Nea)
– Small Game (Generic Perk)
– Fixated/Self-aware (Nancy
– (Resilience Generic perk)
– Lightweight(Generic perk)
– Lucky Break (Yui)
– Clairvoyance (Mikaela)
– Built to Last (F Felix)

Really slept on perks.

Open Handed (Ace Ace) is GOAT

It doesn't do anything by itself. But that's the thing. It was created to work with other Aura-based perks.
You can either give wallhacks or see all of the pallets on your map with WoO and Kindred. You don't just get it for yourself. It will also increase your team's aura meter range. You should use this perk immediately, people.



I hope Solo Q was made easier for everyone.
FYI, the cheap tactics I mentioned of Killers are fine when done at 1-2 folks. However, my problem is when they start doing this at 4-5 people. It feels like the game isn't even starting and you are taking the game too seriously. For comparison, you wouldn't be happy to be spawncamped on a FPS now would it? Solo Q feels that way right now.

Rant over.
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Written by Andreas444

We can share this all for Best Survivor Perks for Solo Q – Dead by Daylight for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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