Beyond’s Perfect Modded Experience, With Hydrocraft – Project Zomboid

Beyond’s Perfect Modded Experience, With Hydrocraft – Project Zomboid 1 -
Beyond’s Perfect Modded Experience, With Hydrocraft – Project Zomboid 1 -

Want a new experience in Project Zomboid? Too tired or lazy to research and test mods? Or maybe you want to make a whole new server to play with others! This guide has it all! I worked really hard making this collection! But its hard to know which collection is actually tested and thought out instead of it just being memes. But don’t you worry! This collection has been loved and made with the pure bond of ambition! The collection is linked down below!

“Why should I download this collection?”

Beyond's Perfect Modded Experience, With Hydrocraft - Project Zomboid -
Do you hate finding, researching, balancing and testing mods? Don’t want to be a server that requires people to download 100+ mods that are too redundant and not even updated or tested? Or maybe you want to experience a new world that feels new and fresh? Well I got all of it for you! This is a neatly compacted collection of mods that is lore friendly, balanced, tested, organized and easy to install. Every mod has a constant use! This collection isn’t overpacked with mods makes the server feel like a “Serious” Dark RP server with 2 gigs worth of my little pony skins.
I will admit the crafting has been hugely reworked to make building anything have endless possibilities! There are hundreds of new tools, weapons, armor, guns, food, crafting,vehicles and so much more! All of this in a small compared size of 48 mods! Lets look at what’s featured in this collection! – [] 


Beyond's Perfect Modded Experience, With Hydrocraft - Project Zomboid - Hydrocraft - F5E041E44
You know this mod! This mod adds countless new crafting and items that make the game feel new and refreshing. From new tools and weapons, to special inventions! Theres even animals! From cows to deer and even having your own dog! And even the dogs have 5 different breeds that do different things! Like hunting breeds to hunt down dead animals, and herding breeds to track live stock like cows and others! The world just got alot bigger!
Just a quick and careful tip with the build menu search engine. Don’t hit “filter all” on the build menu. It can crash your game, so search by tab. Or don’t! Just delete your search bar entirely instead of holding backspace! Do this at your own caution.


Beyond's Perfect Modded Experience, With Hydrocraft - Project Zomboid - Vehicles - 9F9CD89CD

  • You can ride bikes! From scooters, to sports bikes and even choppers! Be your inner Daryl Dixon!
  • New Armored vehicles! Two very special vehicles are in the game now! A highly durable (But hard to maintain) transport tank. And if you feeling abit like Mad Max and want a alternative, there are certain school buses that you can create and add spikes and armor on to. You can make your very own death bus! If there’s anything to get you through hell and back from the increasing hordes, its these two vehicles!
  • Tons of new Trailers! If you feel like camping or getting a storage add on to your vehicle, look for trailers! The extra utility is really nice! Remember to press V and attach your vehicle and trailer together, enjoy your much needed storage and/or comfort!
  • Tons of new added civilian vehicles! The good thing about the apocalypse is, every car is up for grabs! Get yourself a new heavy duty truck, or maybe that muscle car you always dreamed about! Or maybe that special Jeep wrangler thats a bad a*s on the road, you can even add roof racks and other additions to the jeep specifically! There are tons of new wheels out there to ride, survive and enjoy!
  • Gas API! This is a amazing mod that adds a new way to store gas inside barrels, it also gives new bigger gas cans! They’re jerry fuel cans! The bigger Gas cans siphon more gas out of cars and gas pumps. For sure a quality of life mod for our vehicles!


Weapons & Combat

Beyond's Perfect Modded Experience, With Hydrocraft - Project Zomboid - Weapons & Combat - 34F62E7BF

  • Gunfighter and Brita’s Weapon Pack! Want more guns? Ever want to use silencers or other attachments? Or what about new gun mechanics like selected fire or functioning bayonets? This has it all! Every gun type has tons of newly added guns!. From the cla*sic winchester 1887, to the reliable Makarov and AK47(And the 74 and 74U!) Remingtons, Heckler & Koch, there’s even a minigun! By the way imagine loading 500 rounds into a minigun, bullet by bullet… Yeah reality hits hard…
  • Scrap guns and weapons! A must have for any builders or fighters. Show your fellow survivors what you can make! You can now make brutally bad a*s homemade scrap weapons! Like scrap pickaxes, bladed wrenches, barbed wire Baseball bats and even new scrap variants of the vanilla weapons like nightsticks and machetes! There’s guns too! You got handmade pistols and shotguns, to rifles and automatics. You can even make some real nasty bombs like gla*s bombs and nails bombs! Make sure to loot as much junk and materials as possible, and grab those doomsdays books and the crafting magazines! The books are on the mod page to see what you need to find!
  • Bushcraft Gear – Rare Weapons | If you manage to find one of these rare powerful items, you’ll definitely need to keep it. A metal reinforced baseball bat for home-runs. A viking axe to chop even the thickest hordes down. And a remodel of the Katana, to make it even it even more legendary!
  • Bushcraft Gear – Tools | Adds 6 lore friendly balanced tools! 2 axes, 2 fancy machetes and 2 survival knives. These are some high grade tools that won’t let you down. All these tools are great to have around if you’re the type to use bladed weapons!
  • Gun Suicide | So you’re bit… You don’t have any bleach to stop you from turning. But you do have a gun. You now have another alternative for taking the easy way out. Good luck with your next character


Clothes & Armor

Beyond's Perfect Modded Experience, With Hydrocraft - Project Zomboid - Clothes & Armor - 0C9767501

  • Brita’s Armor Pack! Just like Brita’s weapon pack, this adds alot of military clothes for those people who like body armor, night vision goggles, backpacks, helmets and the many types of clothes that comes with the gear
  • Scrap Armor Pack! Just like its weapons, the armor is junk too! But good junk! This mod adds more books on learning how to make all different types of scrap armor! There’s even SHIELDS you can use to help push away zombies more effectively! You can make em out of car doors believe it or not! Using your shield as a secondary with your favorite 1 handed weapon in your primary will make you a junkyard warrior!
  • Authentic Z | This mod is great for adding more variations to zombies, some zombies are little bit more special than most. Some zombies are looters with good loot on them, and some of them can be zombie clowns or bank robbers that never escaped the bank during the infection. You can even see both groups from the left 4 dead games zombified! This is a nice mod if you like clothes and zombie variations! Grave robbing has never felt more fashionable!
  • Thread and Twine | This mod will help anyone who likes to tailor and want to make their own rope,thread and twine. Its quite simple! 5 ripped sheets will make 1 twine. 3 sheet ropes makes 1 rope. And 1 rope will make 1 thread! Easy right? Hopefully!


Building & Construction

Beyond's Perfect Modded Experience, With Hydrocraft - Project Zomboid - Building & Construction - 3725F4597

  • The Workshop! This mod is used for easier dissemble of tools and weapons. For example, you can remove axe heads and make your own wooden hand to make a whole new axe from scratch! You got a special metal workbench for crafting too! And with the amazing 3D models and its many crafting options for base game items, this is a must have for anyone who likes tinkering and making stuff in their base. Just make sure you collect any crafting or D.I.Y books!
  • Soul Filcher’s Building & Farming! Adds a new skill called masonry, you can make brick structures! You can even repair other structures like walls, doors and even windows around your base! This also includes an actual hand truck to help move things around! You can visibly see yourself moving the hand truck with both your hands! And with the farming mod, it’s a cherry on top to add that extra edge to farming!
  • Armored doors and windows! This is good for any pvp servers who wants late game defenses. It however needs a rare late game Metalwork Station to make. These are really good barriers if you do make em, 10 times stronger than a door!



Beyond's Perfect Modded Experience, With Hydrocraft - Project Zomboid - Food - 242353C4A

  • Soul Filcher’s Cooking Time! This mod adds new foods, recipes and ingredients! With some quality of life changes too! I’m not sure if its this mod or another mod, but you can distill alcohol too! You can make all sorts of beers, wines or anything to help make you forget about the zombie apocalypse! This mod is good for people who like to run the kitchen! And too be honest, having a cook around your base is a blessing to have! We need to give back to those who feed us meals like pies and hamburgers!
  • Turk’s Lasting Jarred Foodstuffs! This mod adds the ability to can and jar foods! You can jar pickles, tomatoes, radishes and lots more! And the best part about this is, the food will only spoil in a in-game YEAR! This is great for any server or games that are planning to play well beyond end game!
  • Coolbag! This mod adds a portable cooler! This acts like a refrigerator! The only thing it needs to operate is a water pocket! The way to craft a water pocket is get a plastic bag or garbage bag, fill it with water, and get some duct tape. After getting these 3 items, you will be able to craft it! Put the water pocket inside the cooler for around 12 in-game hours to get it cold! After all that, you can now keep food fresh on the road! Just make sure to replace the water pocket after a day or sooner to continue keeping it cold!
  • Water Dispenser! Not only do you have jarred goods and a portable refrigerators, you can now take water jugs from water dispensers! It even has a 3D model when you carry it in one of your hands, or both hands! These jugs are really good for organizing and stocking up on water! Very helpful to stock up before the water goes out! The way to get these jugs is to go to any water dispenser, right click, and remove the jug from it. After removing the jug, you can now take the water dispenser too! Just a reminder though, these jugs holds alot of water and weight. It may be heavier but you can store ALOT more water in your games!



Beyond's Perfect Modded Experience, With Hydrocraft - Project Zomboid - Traits - 711EF0DEF

  • More Traits! Alot more traits to make your character options wider! You can be a alcoholic amputee with bad teeth! Or maybe a looting build that helps find more items on zombies. Add other traits like lucky and antique collector to help boost your chances to finding rare but uniquely powerful items. Or maybe you want more traits for fighting, you can start with spear skills now! Or maybe you want a trait mod that has 1 point traits! It got tons of 1 point traits that help you with starting gear! Like having a hiking backpack, or having building materials, or even starting with mechanic supplies. There are tons of new traits for people to play around with! Be whatever you want to be!
  • More Descriptive Traits! This mod shows more information with traits! It has percent values and more in detailed descriptions of traits. For example, the trait Hearty Eater, needs you to eat 50% more food, while High Thirst makes you need to drink 100%(Or twice as much) of water! Or how conspicuous makes you 100% more likely to be spotted by zombies! This mod helps make you be more precise with your build while also telling you info you may not know! Mmm… Percent values taste good…
  • Become Desensitize! After killing hundreds of zombies, you have a chance of being Desensitized every 24 hours. The default setting is 500 kills(You can change the amount). After killing even more zombies, you will automatically become desensitized(Default is 2000 kills, you can change the amount on this too) Some traits and professions will either make the chances higher or lower. For example. If you’re a police officer or a nurse/doctor with the brave trait, you have a higher chance rate of getting Desensitized based on your character history with dealing with acts of violence or chaos. Now if you’re character has a job that isn’t an officer, doctor, firefighter, park ranger or anything that puts them in a job that can be life threatening(Just like in real life) Than you’re gonna have a harder time becoming desensitized, ESPECIALLY if you have negative traits like cowardly, unlucky or any of the phobia traits. These traits will lower your chance of getting desensitized after killing 500 zombies. But if you do finally get desensitized, all negative perks like cowardly or phobias will finally be gone from your character. You did it, you no longer fear death, because you are death yourself!


New Bases

Adds 3 big bases into the world! Each of which gets its own unique pros and cons and looks. With an extra mod that has many controllable spawn points. Might be useful for server factions!

  • Fort Benning! This place is perfect for any faction who wants to be the military! This is a big military base thats surrounded by trees and forests. It has alot of military grade stuff like guns, ammo, meds, armor/clothes and even some military vehicles if your lucky, you might be able to get the transport tank! Some buildings even hold other useful items like books, food and tools. You’ll need a sledge hammer however to break open the many armories and garages. And even an axe to cut a path to the main roads leading outside the base. This base is well hidden and protected, but abit of a pain get vehicles in and out of there. Its a blessing and a curse! But if you do get band of soldiers together, you got what you need to keep em all healthy! And you got the gear and equipment to bring authority and order to the apocalypse! For good, or for bad. You decide the fate of the future!
    Beyond's Perfect Modded Experience, With Hydrocraft - Project Zomboid - New Bases - FC84EAF65
  • Wasteland Town! Do you like living life hard and rough like a rusty engine ? You love the look of a uncivilized world? Are you a Nomad Outlaw looking for a place to call home? If yes to any of these, Wasteland Town is your town! And this town is BIG town! The pictures are just like 20% of the whole town. It may be little too big to protect unless you got atleast 20 people… However that sounds really fun with 20 people come to think about it… But anyways, if you do make it to Wasteland Town(Also known as “survival town” on the spawn list) There are many lovely scrap homes to live in! Theres food stands! There’s mechanic shops! There’s scrappy stores! This town goes a mile in the forest, filled with homes only made of wood and metal junk. And best of all… It has a giant bada*s building with a nice bar at the end of the road of it all! Alright I’m getting abit excited. But the idea of filling this place with people, would make a base like no other! Just make sure to bring sledge hammers if your want to loot the treasures of this town. Another thing to look for, is the abundance vehicles inside, way more than the other bases! So get to Wasteland Town! Get yourself a Mohawk, grab your favorite handmade death tool and start making meat bicycles! ITS THE APOCALYPSE!
    Beyond's Perfect Modded Experience, With Hydrocraft - Project Zomboid - New Bases - 7EAF4FE52
  • Park Ranger HQ | But what if you want something smaller? something that’s nice, clean and kinda swanky? Something comfortable and civilized to remind of us of the old world that was taken by the undead? Park Rangers HQ is great for anyone looking for a base that’s small but has everything you’ll ever need. There’s nothing wrong with less. The good thing about less is, there’s less things to worry about! This whole guide is built on that premise alone! And this home is pretty stable and welcoming with its bar, kitchen, sleeping quarters, storage room, garage and even its MASSIVE library! The library is great a*set for XP! Being a Park Ranger, Lumberjack or anything thats useful for living off the land, will be very beneficial for this base! The only real problem with this place however, is that it’s defenses aren’t too great. The base has alot of wall windows and only a metal fence that protects it all, and the fence doesn’t close off either, its needs some walls and a gate to be closed off. But fortunately, it’s surrounded with trees! You don’t have to go scavenging for food or materials as much as the other bases. And with ALL of the building mods, think of the potential this place can be with skills like farming, carpentry, foraging or the tons of new tools and structures you can use to help rebuild the new age for this world! Grow! Rebuild and Thrive!
    Beyond's Perfect Modded Experience, With Hydrocraft - Project Zomboid - New Bases - 46592B79D
  • Pillow’s Random Spawns! Now for a quality of life mod for the map! This mod is useful for spawning on more diverse locations! There are tons of options to go too now. You can spawn in Valley Station, March Ridge, Dixie and Even LOUISVILLE! Not only you can spawn on towns. You can spawn on locations that are profession themed. Like if you are construction worker, you spawn inside construction yards, and doctors and nurses spawn at hospitals. There’s even unique spawns too! You can start inside the prison near Rosewood! Good luck breaking out! Or you can spawn in a middle of a HUGE pile up of crashed cars! There’s even Multiplayer Spawns you can use to help make certain spawns more Multiplayer friendly with restricted areas, There’s tons of new spawns. Just make sure to take away any spawns you don’t want in server settings if you want factions to be in the game!


Qualities of Life

Beyond's Perfect Modded Experience, With Hydrocraft - Project Zomboid - Qualities of Life - B2FCB7892

  • Weapon Condition Indicator! This is a nice, sweet, useful mod! Any weapons/tools that are attached to your belt hotbar will have a detailed durability meter! If your weapon is in good condition, it will be green. If its been used abit, it will be yellow. And if its about to break, it will be red! It also has notifications on your current weapon losing durability after using it. It’s a lovely small mod!
  • True Actions. Act 2 – Lying! Ever wonder, “Why can’t I sit on this chair?” Well now you can! Plus you can lie on a bed! You can also eat, smoke, drink or anything that you can normally do while standing! With just a simple but effective mod, you can now relax and sit down with other survivors!
  • Additional Skill Books 2! This mod adds a bunch of books for skills that didn’t exist in the base game. These books are like sneaking, guns, melee weapons and Athletics! All having different versions of these books! For example. Melee weapons will now have books on all melee skills like spears, axes, long/short for blade/blunt, maintenance, all that good stuff. Even adds things like nimble, sprinting, aiming, reloading, you get the idea! All skills now have books!
  • Dylan’s Sensible Zombie Loot! This mod makes zombies have a ᵗⁱⁿʸ amount of extra loot on them. It’s nothing crazy, don’t worry! I tested this with other people and they didn’t even realize it was a mod. This usually adds stuff like a bag of chips, a can of food, and if your lucky, maybe some duct tape. This mod will help survivors get a little boost to keep them going. It will help you survive, but not thrive. So if you ever end up killing some zombies, you got a small chance to get something helpful to keep you on your feet until better things come along.
  • Better Sorting! You probably aware of this mod, its quite simple and popular. All it does is make items actually have a category instead of just being called an “Item”. These “Items” are now categorized in the inventory, you can sort things like food, tools, cleaning supplies, medical supplies, guns, ammo. Everything has a name now! Sorting stuff inside crates is easier now because all you have to do is hit the “Category” button on the inventory menu and everything will be in a neat row for you to sort! Sorting is now less tedious!
  • Safer Prop Moving! This makes moving props easier! Some tiles needs certain skills to move safely however. But the higher level you are, the more safe it will be! For example, if you are moving wooden objects like shelves. Having 0 carpentry makes it have a 30% chance of breaking. But if you have 1 skill in carpentry, it goes down to 20%. 2 skills is 10% and 3 skills make it have 0% of breaking. This applies to other skills like metalwork for metal furniture or fixtures. But if the object doesn’t require tools, you can move it safely without it shattering in a million pieces!
  • Just Throw Them Out The Window! This is a perfect for anyone who likes living in tall buildings! Just like the mod title says, you can throw zombies out of windows! This is useful for cleaning out zombies in your high rise apartment! Why specifically high rises? Well going down 8 flights of stairs to carry just ONE zombie to the first floor can be a pretty tedious and annoying, its annoying for just two floors! Especially if you got a perfectly good window to throw em out of! Just pretend its splatty tomatoes you’re throwing at the bottom!

    And for the next mod!… Wait… It’s all done… Well damn that was fun describing every mod! I hope you enjoyed it


The Best Fixes if your mods aren’t working

Beyond's Perfect Modded Experience, With Hydrocraft - Project Zomboid - The Best Fixes if your mods aren't working - 213C4D24A
If you’re having problems with the mods not showing up, not working or people can’t join. I got 2 simple effective solutions that should fix it pretty well. Now I will admit, adding these mods in a already made game can cause problems. That’s just modding in general. These mods have been tested in a dedicated server, it DOESN’T WORK. The ONLY way for ALL the mods to work in multiplayer, is that you make a hosted coop world. Update 41 is still kinda buggy when it comes to adding mods into dedicated servers, it’s not very reliable to use dedicated yet. It’s a GIANT headache to try adding these mods into dedicated servers! But here’s what to do specifically, step by step. First fix is the simple but common “Game mods is outdated with server”.

Easy Fix if unable to update

Just exit the game, exit out of steam, wait a minute or more, relaunch steam, wait for any files to validate(This also means updating) and after the game stops validating itself, start project zomboid and launch or join the server again and you should be able to join or atleast give you the option to download the updates for the mods. After updating you should be able to join. Now for the long hard fix if the mods are broken/ how to start the game.

How to fix the mods/How to start a game

Quit the server, delete both the world and player save. Exit to desktop in project zomboid. Go to Project Zomboid’s Workshop page on steam. HOVER the “Browse” button with your mouse, its near the top of the workshop page. After hovering over the browse button, some other options will appear. Hit the “Subscribed items” option. It will take you to your downloaded mods. Delete all your mods, if you want to keep your personally mods, your gonna have to delete all 48 mods manually. Or make a collection of your personal mods so it saves! After deleting the mods, exit out of steam and wait a minute or more before relaunching steam. After waiting a minute and relaunching, go back to this guide and use the collection link and redownload all the mods. Here’s an extra link for convenience – [] 
After installing all the mods back again on steam. Relaunch Project zomboid, enable all the mods and plugins. Here’s a picture of my settings for certain mods that require multiple mod plugin enables. Think of this as a default setting for the mod collection without you needing to figure it out for yourself. Everything has been thought out for you!
Beyond's Perfect Modded Experience, With Hydrocraft - Project Zomboid - The Best Fixes if your mods aren't working - A53CC84A1
Enable the rest of the standalone mods from the mod list. After correctly enabling all the mods. Go to Project Zomboid’s Main Menu and hit the “Host” Button. You shouldn’t have a world or player save because you deleted it at the start. Make the server memory atleast 4 gigs. For the best experience for the memory setting, make it 6 or 8. I personally have it at 8. After that, remake the server settings in the “Manage settings” button. Make the server settings however you like, but make sure to add all 48 mods inside the “Steam Workshop”. It’s best to just put the mods in alphabetic order, 1 by 1, because its already set to alphabetic order when scrolling. After putting all the mods inside the steam workshop tab. Go to the “Mods” Tab, it should be right underneath the Steam Workshop tab. Enable the same multiple mod plug-ins like you did with the picture. But instead of a mod menu, its the SERVER mod menu now. After enabling all the mods right, exit out of the server settings menu, and finally start the game. It may take some time loading in but hang in there for couple minutes, it takes time for it to load the world and everything in it. Sometimes the game will terminate itself but give it 1 or 2 more tries, sometimes it just needs another start to work again. And if everything goes right, you should be able to select new spawn locations and bases and have access to new traits. Spawn inside the world and there you go, you made the game with all the mods working!
To make sure all mods work, loot some containers to see if there’s any items that aren’t in the base game like new tools, books or anything you don’t recognize. Look at the tons of new craftable items in the build menu(Remember NOT TO FILTER ALL because that literally shows all 5000+ new items all at once that can potentially crash your computer) and look around! You might find some new cars, bikes, new zombies, all that good stuff that you’ve been reading this whole time. Sorry if you had to delete all your mods. But if you want to have a really fast, clean uninstall and reinstall. Deleting everything is the best, fastest and easiest way to setting up all the mods without problems! And sorry if I made the install tutorial kinda big, I tried adding as much specifics because sometimes tutorials forget extra steps. If I made this too complicated I’ll make a video for that alone.
But if it still doesn’t work, it probably means I couldn’t find the problem. There are better guides and tutorials out there for mod installations. If worse comes to worse, uninstall all the mods and then Project zomboid itself. Make sure the files are deleted inside your steamapps folder and install the game and the mod collection all over again to have a complete, fresh and non problematic game! If mods are having specific problems later in the future, that is up to the mod authors to fix! Sorry!

Now Its time to finish this 2 week long project and say thank you! 😀


Thank you! (A love note to you, The Reader!)

Beyond's Perfect Modded Experience, With Hydrocraft - Project Zomboid - Thank you! (A love note to you, The Reader!) - 5AC482EB0
Oh my! I finally made it to the final tab of this guide! This is a love note to anyone who read everything in this guide! I haven’t made a guide in 3 or so years, I made a Payday 2 Guide on 4 builds to play on Deathwish, I put in alot of love inside that guide, and my hardwork payed off! It got me my first 4 star guide on my account, I felt proud of myself! I love writing! And the lovely comments of my Payday 2 guide taught me that people like my writing. Every comment was beautiful! It taught me how to use basic edited pictures, and also how to effectively use Steam’s Guide Maker to make clean and presentable writing. I even added GMod made screenshots for categories for this mod. I used to make artwork with GMod so this came in handy. Why would you want to see a guide with only text? I had to add pictures for more flavor and satisfaction for this guide! I’m proud of this guide! I put in alot of work and love in these past few weeks to make something not only playable but also fun to read! It’s like those old video game Manuals that had its own design and themes to showcase what the game is about and what to do inside of it all. I remember looking through those manuals everytime I got a GameCube game or a Playstation game. Those were the days!
I will admit, after my Payday 2 Guide. I kinda fell off the writing wagon, I felt bad not writing another guide in those years… But within those 3 years I learned alot about life. I was severely depressed during those 3 years. I wasn’t at all in the right mind state writing my Payday 2 Guide, in a way it that guide was wonderful thing have to forget about my mental health. But after those 3 years, I’m here, I’m the strongest I’ve ever been in my life! And I’m writing another love note to everyone who stumbles upon this guide! I thought I could never make another love note again because I thought I gave up writing. But all I needed was something to inspire me to make a point. I tried making more payday 2 guides, I even made a new Payday 2 character that expanded into 3 builds but I couldn’t find the spark to write it all.

But than I downloaded Project Zomboid this year! I remember when I was 13 wanting to play an real open world zombie game with hardcore survival mechanics, the only game that was simular was 7 Days to Die, and I LOVE that game! But playing Project Zomboid in its new update, expanded the game completely with its Multiplayer Release. And damn! I never played a game like this before! I played with a group of random people and the thing that makes this game so fun with people is, doing random chores was so DAMN FUN! The reason why its fun is because the chores I were doing mattered! It mattered to my group of survivor friends! Scavenging, building, fighting and even enjoying people’s company in a world where being a lone wolf was the only way to play the game. It felt like having a job you absolutely loved with amazing people to interact with and work with. I lost count of how many people were in my group but I know everyone felt EXACTLY how I felt! And maybe you do too! I played with these people in just a vanilla game and it was AMAZING!. I had to put in the work to make a modded experience for those who want that same experience again but with new items, traits, vehicles and everything you’ll ever need in a small compact, perfectly cut and trimmed collection of mods for people to enjoy! Originally, this was just a collection but I messed up the setting to release it to the public. When I finished the collection it was already 3 days old and no one even looked at it because of it.
But if it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t have made this guide to expand on this collection even more! The weird thing in life is, ALOT negative things can lead you on a path to something positive! So thank you for reading this guide, even if you scrolled through most of this guide. I know some people will love this guide’s style and the hard dedication I put into this! Ok, this tab is kinda getting extremely long! I’m gonna edit the grammar the best as I can so you guys can see this pop up in the Project Zomboid Steam Guide Page Thank you again, and have a fantastic day!

I usually like making P.S.’s after every guide. I did one for my Payday 2 Guide and first guide which was about Don’t Starve, and now here I am doing one again years later. I don’t really know what to say here, I looked at my old guides for nostalgic reasons and it made me remember things I forgot. I looked at all the lovely comments on both of my guides and it makes me feel like my hardwork did pay off. All the countless pages I would write in middle school, my love of trialing and erroring things. It brings me happiness, and also reinforces my lessons I learned in life. It reminds me that even if you think you’ll never do or have something great again, the reality is that things always change.
You will always have good and bad experiences, even if you don’t think you have good experiences, sometimes you just have to think realistically and not be fully bias on either good or bad. Because this whole world changes all the time, you never know what will happen. I know that sounds cheesy but trust me, I am 100% forward with the thought that no one is special. I’m just as wrong as anyone else because everyone has advice and beliefs that are guaranteed not to work for everyone, but not caring about the negative things and not wanting to always feel good in life can bring alot of freshness and goodness into life. It’s not about caring about everything, it’s about not caring about things that we shouldn’t care about, things that make our lives worse. But its also just as important to care about things that matter to you. And we really have to think long and hard on what we want. And you got to be careful on what we want, because sometimes we choose something that just makes us miserable. You can even care for yourself if nothing comes along… yet. And DON’T hurt anybody that didn’t do anything to you. That’s not equality, that’s just entitlement
Just becareful with people and yourself, human brains are awful at knowing even a fraction of whats going, and forget about knowing everything! No one is perfect, I can’t stand the word apocolypse! I just spelled it wrong again! I had to google search it! I used that word atleast 11 times and I couldn’t spell the word right, it pissed me off! I kept spelling it “Apoco”lypes. But no its called “Apocal”lypes. Not Apoco-Lypes. I also still love using and spelling the word “Alot”, because to me, it looks and sounds right, “a lot” just sounds like a lot of property. But hey what do I know, I’m just a 20 year old guy who writes stuff online. Don’t listen to me like my words are perfect or useful, I don’t know anything. Alright see you guys later! Hopefully maybe soon, who knows, it could be couple years but the world always changes, and so do I! Byyye!


Written by NotEvenBeyond

Here we come to an end for the Beyond’s Perfect Modded Experience, With Hydrocraft – Project Zomboid guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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