Black Screen Workaround Fix – Cult of the Lamb

Black Screen Workaround Fix – Cult of the Lamb 1 -
Black Screen Workaround Fix – Cult of the Lamb 1 -

This is a quick fix for the black screen bug. If you have the Ma*sive Monster logo on your screen or received the Red Crown, the black screen will appear.


I see many people posting about the black screen bug. This prevents someone from playing after they start the game or after they get the crown of the One Who Waits.
These two events are triggered by a video that plays once they occur. One is Devolver Digital's logo and the other is the Intro Cinematic where the lamb gets a Red Crown.
The problem is that video playback has been hacked and the video won’t play.
The game won't continue until it registers that video has finished playing.
The video won’t play, but it is waiting for the game to finish.
I had to suffer this problem and, with the help of others, reverse engineered one of the.dlls files. This allowed me to make a simple fix that allows you bypa*s these issues until a patch fixing the issue is available.

How to apply workarounds

It is not difficult. It's not much work at all, just a quick file replace.
Simple run through:

  1. You can check which fix you are looking for
  2. Download the.dll from the link
  3. Replace the matching.dll files in the Cult of the Lamb games under the Managed' folder
  4. Start the game

That's it!
Detailed run through:
Okay, so the above might seem overly simplified if your technical skills are not great. You can read more about it here.
1. Identify which fix is required
First, make sure you know which fix is needed.
The first fix skips Devolver Digital splash emblem, REP_I2_62f7e1df7a6 which is used in the Intro cinematic following the Red Crown.
After receiving the Red Crown, the second Fix skips REP_I2_62f7e1df7b7 and the Intro cinematic.
In a nutshell, if your screen is only black after the Ma*sive Monster logo, you should get the first fix.
If you're getting a blackscreen after receiving the Red Crown form the One Who Waits then get the second fix.
Get the first answer if you don’t know.
2. Download the.dll files
Below are some links to the file I recommend. They're called ".dll" files, but they don't require you to know what they are.
The link will direct you to my Google Drive folder. You can right click and then download the one that interests you.
Black Screen Workaround Fix - Cult of the Lamb - How to apply workaround - 89B82A1
3. Navigate the correct folder
You will need to go to the 'Managed’ folder in your game files. There are two methods to get there.
You can either use Steam to get there:

  1. Right click on the Steam game
  2. Go to "Properties".
  3. Go to Local Files'
  4. Go to 'Browse …'
  5. Open "Cult Of The Lamb_Data."
  6. Open "Managed."

Or, you can use File Explorer to navigate directly to the file.
Simply go here
"C:\Program Files (x86 – \Steam\steamapps\common\Cult of the Lamb\Cult Of The Lamb_Data\Managed"
(If the game is already installed on your C. drive, then you can replace the drive letter.
Black Screen Workaround Fix - Cult of the Lamb - How to apply workaround - 116222E
3. Replace the file
Simply copy the file from this folder to your desktop.
It will prompt you asking if it is possible to delete, replace, or skip files.
Click on 'Replace file in destination'.
4. Start the game
That's it! You are now ready to play!
Assuming this was done while the game was being closed, you can just restart it.

File download links

Fix 1
Devolver Digital splashscreen logo and Intro movietic skip – []
Fix 2
Intro cinematic skip – []


These fixes are valid only until an official patch fixes these issues.
You don't need reverse it, as the patch will replace the file you changed automatically when it's released.
This means that the file will be reverted every time a patch is released.
A patch that doesn't fix the black screen problem will not be accepted.
It is unlikely that this will affect your save game. However, due to the many bugs that exist at the time of writing, you might want your save file to be backed up in case there is a patch that fixes it. It would be ridiculous if it did. However, it is just in case.
This is a good habit to have in case the other bug that basically permanently corrupts your saved data occurs.
To go to:
'C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\LocalLow\Ma*sive Monster\Cult Of The Lamb'
You should replace %USERNAME% in your username.
Once you are done, copy the entire "saves" folder to another location.
You should do this at least once per week.
Be careful. Your save can be lost if this folder is accidentally deleted.
If you don't manage to get it back through the Recycle Bin or some other means, It's gone. .

I am not liable if you accidentally delete your save. You should exercise caution when manipulating save game files.

If you have any difficulties, please leave a comment below.


I appreciate the many thanks people gave to me for this fix. I know I didn't do a lot, but it means a lot.
Blake81, Master Mind and a further thank you to them for helping me find the right spot when I found the solution.


Here we come to an end for the Black Screen Workaround Fix – Cult of the Lamb guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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