Blades of Ashina Weapons and Arts – DARK SOULS™ III

Blades of Ashina Weapons and Arts – DARK SOULS™ III 1 -
Blades of Ashina Weapons and Arts – DARK SOULS™ III 1 -

Quick reference guide for Blades of Ashina (5.6) weapons, combat arts and “prosthetics”.
You can find the mod at:
Nexus mod page – [] 
NOTE: I’m not the mod author.


Required stats and base scaling:

Blade of the LordsGreatsword+++25 D25 D25 C25 E
Blades of ConquestKatana (Unique)21 C30 D1020 C
Drunkard’s Curved GreatswordCurved Greatsword20 C17 D00
Eldermoon BladeUltra Greatsword30 D10 E20 C0
Harrowed TombstaffStaff (Cursed)8 E12 E18 C14 C
Kamaitachi GlaiveHalberd17 D26 C00
Kumogiri and Ashina GreatbowKatana (Unique)17 E28 C015 S
KusabimaruShinobi Blade9 E17 C00
Malcontent’s BladeGreatsword (Unique)26 C15 D88
Nightjar SickleAxe14 D21 D00
Phantom KunaiDagger (paired)9 E20 C150
Rat CutterKatana18 E40 C1515
Snake Eyes HandgonneReaper18 D24 D0 C0 C
Tainted FlamePyromancy Flame01315 D16 D
Talon of HatredClaw17 E018 C18 C
Usurper’s MirrorbladeShinobi Blade (Heavy)22 C19 D00



Required stats and base scaling:

Divine Abduction911020 A
Flame Vent9016 D15 D
Loaded Axe17 C9 D00
Loaded Shuriken9 D17 C00
Loaded Spear14 D19 C00
Loaded Umbrella16 D19 D00
Sabimaru7 E20 C00


Combat Arts

Required stats:

Ashina Cross00
Dragon Flash1114
Empowered Mortal Draw1520
Floating Pa*sage00
High Monk014
Ichimonji: Double00
Nightjar Slash: Reversal00
One Mind2020
Praying Strikes: Exorcism012
Ravenwing Rush2015
Sakura Dance1518
Soaring Phoenix (Pyro)1818
Spiral Cloud Pa*sage1411
Whirlwind Slash99


Written by alekzanderlr

Here we come to an end for the Blades of Ashina Weapons and Arts – DARK SOULS™ III guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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