Blaze’s guide to costumes part 5 (frosty) – Princess & Conquest

Blaze’s guide to costumes part 5 (frosty) – Princess & Conquest 1 -
Blaze’s guide to costumes part 5 (frosty) – Princess & Conquest 1 -

part 5 of the costume guide, this time on the cold and frosty outfits


Greetings again, this blaze, sorry for not doing the costume guide for a while, this one is for the frosty costumes.
Once again, this set of costume is not that hard to get, but you can only get it from a event, and you will need to have some other costume to spare, but we will talk bout that later.
Anyways, lets start.

Info to note

the event wont be on all year so you can only hunt for this set at chillbite blessing, you can also use the party kingdom cheat to make chillbite blessing happen at all times
there are 2 ways of getting this set of costume, one is though the event itself, and the other way is hero banner(by this point, you should know this already)
so before i start telling you how to hunt for this, i should tell you what item you will need
Blaze's guide to costumes part 5 (frosty) - Princess & Conquest - info to note - CF633785F
-anything that give you cold immunity(molten core, cold immune race, etc.)
this is because the event is at the north most part of the map and it will damage you if you are not immune
its the top most part of the map
-spare costume you don’t want
how rare it is doesn’t matter but can’t be plain costumes, so you need other costumes
-hero banner
you should know why
before you start doing this you should make a few saves, there is a bug if you try to have s*xy time with the crystal peoples, because they don’t have a animation, you will get stuck and you won’t be able to do anything aside from force close the game


Blaze's guide to costumes part 5 (frosty) - Princess & Conquest - event - A813F421B
you enter the event here
so to get the costume from the event, whenever you talk to a NPC at the event they might have a chance to offer you a trade, you can trade any costume of that race for the frosty costume, so a easy way is to just trade princess default costume or prisoner costumes as they are easy to get in large amounts.

Hero banner

you should know what to do, just don’t ♥♥♥♥ crystal people and you will be fine


so i typed up this guide and i forgotten about it because i have so many other thing to do IRL, so i have no idea when i will do the next part of the guide, but i will do them don’t worry, i will do a guide for every set in this game
anyways, i will see you in the next part of the guide

Written by Blaze

I hope you enjoy the Blaze’s guide to costumes part 5 (frosty) – Princess & Conquest guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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