Bonus Level S Rank Cutoff Times (+Strategy) – Toree 2

Bonus Level S Rank Cutoff Times (+Strategy) – Toree 2 1 -
Bonus Level S Rank Cutoff Times (+Strategy) – Toree 2 1 -

This guide will list the times that you need in order to get an S ranking on all of the Christmas 2021 bonus levels, as well as my routes I used to get the S ranks. Spoilers (including the routes) are all tagged.

City Collectathon

For this level, you get an S rank with a time of 1:02 or better. A score of 1:03 will give you an A rank.
My route: To complete the level on time, I had to find a way to path such that I do as little backtracking as possible. As far as I’m aware, the fastest route is to start by running to the left to activate 3 of the 4 tvs, then using the nearby launchers to shoot yourself straight into the ice cream on the middle skyscraper. Without losing momentum, continue over to the stack of vertical launchers to get a second cone, and then start running to the final tv (in the direction of the mountain, on the ground). On your way there, touch the conveyor on the nearby rooftop to get a little extra speed. Once you’ve done that, take the launcher in order to use the conveyors on the roofs to get to the mountain as fast as possible. Run straight to the mech, collect all the flying crystal things, then grab your ice cream and run straight to the other ice cream on the roof of a nearby cottage. Once you’ve gotten that, take the launcher to get back to the exit on the opposite side of the map as fast as possible. You should just barely make it in time if you took your corners tight enough and conserved momentum as well as possible.

Tree Collectathon

This one’s really long, so I only beat it the one time to get an S rank and didn’t test what the exact cutoff is. However, I know that at the very least, a time of 2:29 is sufficiently fast to get an S rank. However, according to alejandrotch, the cutoff is 2:33.
My route: This level’s huge, so routing it properly is a mess. My strategy was just determined via trial and error based on what felt fast, so I wouldn’t be surprised at all if there’s a faster way to do it. Grab the first bulb and put it in its socket, then jump on the crane to the right, taking the speed boost on the way. Grab the bulb suspended in the air, then jump off to the right to grab the next bulb from the little maze of boosters. Try not to touch any, they all go in really inconvenient directions. Once you’ve gotten that, turn around to socket one of your two bulbs, then take the vertical launcher on your right. Run past the checkpoint and socket your third bulb, then duck under the ramp on your right to grab your fourth bulb. Take the launcher nearby and land on the next socket, then use the boosters to get to the next bulb and take the launcher back where you came from. Use the floating ice block to get to the next area, and climb up the pillar on your left to socket your 5th bulb. Then, jump down and use the speed booster to get to the conveyor belt section. Grab the next bulb and socket it right away, then climb up the rest of the conveyors until you get to the very top, with the two ducks right underneath your 7th bulb. Grab that, then use the launcher on your right to socket it right away, and use the vertical stack of launchers nearby to get the next bulb. Instead of going back down, use your height to get on the high up platform in front of you, and then socket your 8th bulb on the little floating platform before jumping down to the crane. There’s a socket here, but you don’t have and the bulb yet, so grab that from the line of ducks and come back. Jump your way over to the area with the giant crystal on your left, and grab the bulb while you’re there. Socket it by the floating conveyors, then use the vertical launcher to get on the blue conveyor opposite to where you came from. Leap down towards the area with a bunch of pine trees and grab the 11th bulb, then use the nearby launcher to get to the socket we passed by earlier when we were climbing the staircase of conveyors. Climb back up those conveyors, but get off by the checkpoint instead of at the top where we went last time. Use the big stack of vertical launchers again, and this time run to the right. Jump past the final socket to grab your final bulb, then jump right back to the socket to spawn the exit. Finally, once you’ve done all that, take the nearby launcher to go all the way up to the tip of the tree to finish the level. Be careful, I lost the majority of my runs to the precarious launch at the very end. If you do all this fast enough, it should be possible to get an S rank. Luckily, it didn’t feel to me like the timer for this S rank is as razor-thin as most of the other levels in the game, so there’s time for you to make a couple of quick mistakes as long as they don’t lose you more than a second or two.

Linear Present Delivery

You’ll need a 0:54 or better to get an S rank on this level, as 0:55 is an A rank. As the devs stated in the update announcement, this level’s got a secret, which I talk about in the second spoiler section.
My route: There’s not too much to say about the S rank strategy for this level, just make sure you pick up the present at the beginning and take corners as tightly as you can. There aren’t any major skips as far as I can tell, but if you time your jump well you can skip the first truck in the highway section. Don’t forget to jump while the cars are moving backwards so you don’t lose speed on them.
Once you get the S rank for this level (perhaps specifically after S ranking the other two as well, I did this one last so I don’t know for sure), it’ll throw you into another secret level right away, playing as a crocodile with a little bird on its head. (Is that a reference to something I don’t know of?) To get an S rank on this part, you’ll need a 0:31 or better, 0:32 is an A. Don’t be afraid to reset on this secret level, both dying and choosing to restart on the pause menu will reload the secret level, but if you finish it or exit the game completely you’ll have to play the first part again to get back to it. You don’t need an S rank to get back in, but I’m pretty confident you need it in order to get in the first time. In any case, the crocodile controls just like Toree, so use the launchers and boosts to complete the level quickly. The only thing I managed to skip was the very last vertical launcher; you can get away with double jumping at the peak of your launch from the second-to-last one to save a little time.


If there’s demand for it, I’d consider recording my strategies rather than just describing them, but I don’t have OBS installed on my computer right now so I didn’t do it earlier. Also, if you found this guide helpful, consider commenting or giving it a like; this is my first time making a guide on Steam and I may decide to make more if it gets a positive response. With that, all I really have left to say is good luck getting your S ranks on the new bonus levels!

Written by Undeemiss

Here we come to an end for the Bonus Level S Rank Cutoff Times (+Strategy) – Toree 2 guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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