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Build guide for Apoc – The Last Spell 1 -
Build guide for Apoc – The Last Spell 1 -

Just a short Glenwald build guide (should apply to Lakeburg but not tested), and other general tips, after finally finishing two Apoc 5 runs, January 2022 update.

Glenwald Apoc 5

Hi everyone, this was my build order when I finally won on Apoc 5. It took me a long time (slow learner), I had to give up bad habits gained while playing on lower difficulties, and improve on the use of catapults, early shopping addiction, blocking the way with heroes (first 2 nights), the optimal use of mana, finding the relevant hero upgrades. The placement of catapults seems to be quite important (original idea from def_metal on twitch and youtube). This short guide applies to the January 2022 update (2nd elite enemies update).
The main idea is to have enough gold on Day 4 to build the Inn and hire the 4th hero, and also build the Seer (and repel fog). Night 5 in my opinion can be difficult, the additional hero is probably required as early as possible (on my 2nd Apoc 5 win, I hired the 4th hero on Day 3, built the Seer and mine 3 on Day 4, but no other changes).
I used 3 gold mines, 2 of them upgraded to yield 25 gold and 2 workers only, but the 3rd mine should be fully upgraded (3*55) on Day 5. I hired the 5th hero on Day 6, the 6th hero on Day 7.
All nights before night 8 should be finished with a S rating, gold is very important because the only source of equipment is the Shop, no production buildings were built.
Catapults seem to be very important in preserving the S ranking every night. The whole village has to be very compact, I kept the original 2 houses though. I used 4 rows of 3 catapults starting from the center (see picture below), only used them when the enemies were about to hit my buildings, or increased the panic too much. I never used traps, or ballista, I did use some barricades, even a few wood walls, but only after buying the 12 catapults.
Build guide for Apoc - The Last Spell - Glenwald Apoc 5 - 60B6DCBFD
Day 4 setup
I also did some gardening during night 1 (removed dead trees, even some log piles), and reduced the censers to low health, but only destroyed them if they were in my way the next nights, otherwise they actually stay at low health the whole game, even when in fog.
Day 1
upgraded the 2 initial houses once, cleared a 4 tile ruin
built the 3rd house, no upgrade (I only experimented with the build layout in the picture)
built a gold mine, upgraded to 25 gold production, used 1 worker to get 25 gold (but no upgrade to 2nd worker)
Day 2
cleared a 4 tile ruin (from this point on you can do more ruin clearing, but I decided to delete them all on the side of attacks, to improve my chance of getting the S rating)
upgraded the 3rd house once (2 workers), built the 4th house, upgraded once
built the 2nd gold mine, upgraded production to 25 gold, upgraded to 2 workers
upgraded the 1st mine to 2 workers, worked both mines twice (4 workers)
Day 3
built and upgraded the 3rd mine (25 gold, 2 workers)
built the 5th house, 1 upgrade
Day 4
built the Inn, hired a hero (at this point at least one hero should have a Scepter and hopefully upgraded Momentum skill)
built the Seer, repelled fog
Day 5
fully upgraded 1 mine (3*55)
built a mana well (not very necessary, but I’m not skilled enough to skip this) (upgrade one house a 2nd time maybe, to have enough workers for the well – I used 11 workers for this run)
Day 6
hired the 5th hero
Day 7
hired the 6th hero
started shop upgrade – before day 7 I only shopped for +ActionPoint gear, or really good stats <priority on momentum, stun, poison>, but only if cheap
After that, it was all mad shopping :))))…for gear and weapons
Hopefully, if you read this far, there was something useful in this guide, please let me know what can be done in a better way.
Devs, very nice job, I love this game so far, it seems to be very well balanced (for my <low> skill level) on Apoc 5. Very rewarding stuff, forcing me to take optimal decisions and give up sloppy habits. The future sounds exciting, with more maps, modding. And hopeful about the devs reviewing the fog censers mechanic, not that I can tell exactly what I don’t like about the censers.

Written by CanuckBear

Here we come to an end for the Build guide for Apoc – The Last Spell guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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