Calamity, Aestheticus Only [Post-Moon Lord] – tModLoader

Calamity, Aestheticus Only [Post-Moon Lord] – tModLoader 1 -
Calamity, Aestheticus Only [Post-Moon Lord] – tModLoader 1 -

Calamity is a mod that has a lot of weapons. Some good, some bad, some questionable, and some really aesthetically pleasing… which is where this weapon comes into play.
My goal is to beat Calamity with just the Aestheticus. I did it with the Lunic Eye already, so surely things can’t go that much worse, right?
This is how Post-Moon Lord went…

[Prior Notes]

So, now we enter the third and final part of the Aestheticus run, covering all of the bosses fought after Moon Lord. As you can probably tell this is where times begin becoming ridiculous since I can’t deal any reasonable direct damage to bosses, but I’ll let the times themselves speak for that.
Anyways, if you need a deeper refresh of the rules more so than ‘Aestheticus is my only weapon’ the rules are in the Pre-Hardmode page at the top, so please check there if you need anything clarified.
Anyways, onto the third and final part of the challenge run
Calamity, Aestheticus Only [Post-Moon Lord] - tModLoader - [Prior Notes] - B20739BB9

Post-Moon Lord Pre-Boss

So, most of the normal events that’d normally take place after defeating Moon Lord can’t happen here. No Tracers since I’m using Defiled Feather, no weapons due to the rules of the run, and most other accessories here aren’t very helpful, either.
I did, however, craft Nebula Armour since the damage nebula buffs potentially seem useful, but I decided to keep my Plaguebringer Armour as spare just in case.
Aside from that, defeating the new Hallow enemies and Phantom Spirits are slow but doable, but not much else changes aside from the bosses.
Difficulty Increase:
⏲ N/A
-I decided to once again start with Polterghast, primarily aiming for some of the Post-Polter abyss drops before I head onto other bosses


Calamity, Aestheticus Only [Post-Moon Lord] - tModLoader - Polterghast - C138AB098
Being another difficult challenge run, I opted to aim for Providence as my next major target since some of its drops are incredibly useful for this challenge.
Due to the Post-Moon Lord scaling nerf, Polter has less health and thus is significantly faster than in either the Lunic Eye run or the P90 runs thus far, but still takes almost 20 minutes to kill.
I also ended up switching back to Plaguebringer Armour for this fight since, ultimately, the Nebula wisps were not spawning frequently enough to be sustainable damage-wise so I just relied on the bees to supplement my damage instead.
Difficulty Increase:
⏲ 19:28
-Defeating Polterghast will cause it to drop the Affliction; a good pseudo-omni-stat booster
-Additionally, abyss enemies begin dropping more items, which grants access to both Omega Blue Armour and the Reaper Tooth Necklace
-Bloodflare Armour can also now be crafted, which becomes important later

Profaned Guardians

Calamity, Aestheticus Only [Post-Moon Lord] - tModLoader - Profaned Guardians - 79EBB0D8D
The Guardians, even with Omega Blue’s tentacles, took quite a long time compared to how fast the fight normally is. While it was still easily the fastest Post-Moon Lord boss it still took 4 minutes to kill.
Fight-wise not much changes at all. The only real note here is me slowly coming to the realisation that Omega Blue might’ve been hit harder than I expected by the nerfs, though I’d need to do further testing.
Difficulty Increase:
⏲ 4:00
-The player can now fight Providence, but that’s really the only thing you get from this fight


Calamity, Aestheticus Only [Post-Moon Lord] - tModLoader - Dragonfolly - 6B038D591
Due to Dragonfolly’s high mobility and me being in Defiled Feather mode, this fight was actually surprisingly difficult this time… probably not helped by the fact my arena was definitely too small for this fight.
My jumps, even with the balloons, did not seem to go high enough so I was once again resorting to using a chain of jumps with the Slimy Saddle to gain vertical height, then slowly falling down while avoiding Folly’s charges.
Difficulty Increase:
⏲ 8:21
-At the moment, the player cannot do much with Folly’s drops since only the Feathers are useful in this run, but only Post-Devourer


Calamity, Aestheticus Only [Post-Moon Lord] - tModLoader - Providence - EECDDD43E
Providence, during the Lunic Eye run, was a very easy fight due to just how much damage Omega Blue tentacles could do to her because of her lack of contact damage, so I a*sumed it would be much the same here.
Unfortunately, I was wrong and my prior fears had come to pa*s indeed. Omega Blue had been nerfed so the ‘idle’ tentacles didn’t deal damage and, even when attacking, their individual attacks seemed to be noticeably weaker.
Providence, therefore, was quite tough and I was forced into the position I feared the most; dodging Caccoon Star phases solely with my additional jumps and not wings.
The fight is still entirely doable, mind you, and didn’t even take as many attempts as Dragonfolly somehow, even with all the nerfs.
Difficulty Increase:
⏲ 7:56
-The player can now get Tarragon Armour and Elderberries for increased max health
–Tarragon won’t be equipped, since Omega Blue’s tentacles are still likely stronger than the life aura effect, but it is needed for later
-The Elysian Aegis is also recommended, however because I was playing with Defiled Feather active I had no use for the Elysian Wings


Calamity, Aestheticus Only [Post-Moon Lord] - tModLoader - Signus - 2DC862754
Signus was another fight that was weird to see drag on for any significant amount of time, though considering how the Guardians went this was to be expected.
Fortunately, the strategy here was just using Sandstorm in a Balloon’s jump and the Bounding Potion, which allowed me to even out-maneuver Signus’ dashes by just walking and jumping in one direction.
Difficulty Increase:
⏲ 5:10
-The player is now 1/3 of the way to fighting the Devourer
-Also, in this run especially, weakening the Sentinels in advance is a necessity, since otherwise you WILL time out during the Devourer fight

Storm Weaver

Calamity, Aestheticus Only [Post-Moon Lord] - tModLoader - Storm Weaver - CDB99C05F
Storm Weaver took the most time out of any of the sentinels to defeat and, for once, actually managed to kill me a few times since it has a respectable damage output.
My main issue here was mobility, or more accurately my lack of mobility. Bundle of Balloons and Green Horseshoe Balloon jumps, while good horizontally, don’t provide as much vertical height as I’d want so I had to deal with a mostly-horizontal Weaver fight which, in turn, left me vulnerable to the lightning orbs.
Honestly, it’s weird seeing a Weaver fight that’s actually threatening.
Difficulty Increase:
⏲ 11:16
-The player is now 2/3 of the way to fighting the Devourer

Ceaseless Void

Calamity, Aestheticus Only [Post-Moon Lord] - tModLoader - Ceaseless Void - D892192AD
Void’s revamped fight should still in theory house a weakness for Omega Blue, which fortunately it does to some extent. The predictable movement and close proximity of the Dark Energies meant the tentacles could deal decent damage against them, even if Aestheticus really couldn’t.
Void’s final phase, where it becomes invulnerable, was best dealt with by running away admittedly; waiting for it to lose health and moving far enough away it has to reposition and thus limiting the amount of attacks spawned at any given time.
Difficulty Increase:
⏲ 8:00
-The player is now ready to face the Devourer, having defeated and thus weakened the three sentinels

Devourer of Gods

Calamity, Aestheticus Only [Post-Moon Lord] - tModLoader - Devourer of Gods - 74BCA4A8F
As usual, Devourer was a ma*sive roadblock in this challenge and thus I will break down its fight across its phases.
Phase 1 Devourer was more so a testing ground to see what would be effective going forward, and unfortunately for me the Draedon update’s nerfs to Omega Blue meant that it wasn’t cutting it for Devourer anymore.
Bloodflare, however, was doing better since the Polter mines could at least deal some damage, even if Aestheticus couldn’t. Aestheticus could only deal around 90 damage at max vs the Devourer’s head and 3 to its body segments, meanwhile the Polter mines could deal .1% upon hitting the body or 1% on hitting the head and spawned consistently enough to be viable.
I switched to Omega Blue for the sentinel phases, since I knew it could hit consistently enough to be useful even if for just the sentinels. Void was 1 second away from spawning Weaver, but otherwise the other two only took about a minute. I switched back to Bloodflare for Devourer’s 2nd phase.
Phase 2 was comparable to Phase 1, with the damage still primarily coming from the mines rather than Aestheticus. I once again dashed through the body with my shield after the laser walls since it was a few hundred damage reasonably freely, but otherwise it was approached the same ways as in Phase 1.
Difficulty Increase:
⏲ 29:48 (Devourer Phase 1)
⏲ 1:59 (Void)
⏲ 1:03 (Weaver)
⏲ 0:58 (Signus)
⏲ 18:11 (Devourer Phase 2)
⏲ 51:59 (Total)
-The Nebulous Core grants extra damage and a revive effect, with the damaging stars as an added bonus
-The player can now make the Cosmic Anvil and, with that, upgrade a lot of their accessories and armour
–Silva Armour can now be obtained, as unfortunately God Slayer’s summoner armour is gone now
–The Asgardian Aegis is the primary example for an accessory upgrade, though not the Tracers this time because of Defiled Feather

Old Duke

Calamity, Aestheticus Only [Post-Moon Lord] - tModLoader - Old Duke - A7ED60C8E
Admittedly, I forgot to fight the Old Duke before the Devourer again, mainly because the Devourer’s fight was on my mind after the Sentinels primarily out of dread.
Old Duke was alright, though I did forget my extra rows of platforms that heavily limited by vertical mobility. Despite this, I somehow managed to pull through and beat the Old Duke without too much issue.
Difficulty Increase:
⏲ 15:24
-Old Duke has no drops worth using during this challenge, either because they’re weapons, minion-summoners, or we just lack the accessory slots to equip them in

Jungle Dragon, Yharon

Calamity, Aestheticus Only [Post-Moon Lord] - tModLoader - Jungle Dragon, Yharon - 3A3EFC81F
My main Yharon strategy I’ve been using since the beginning of these challenge runs does not work with Defiled Rune, sadly, or is at least nowhere near as consistent since I could not distance myself enough from Yharon vertically with grapples and extra jumps alone… so I had to get more creative.
I ended up using the Slimy Saddle again, much like with Dragonfolly, using its huge vertical speed as a sort of vertical dash and then using my shield to horizontally dash, mainly traversing the arena dependent on what Yharon was doing rather than my usual strategy of forcefully trying to distance myself from it.
Yharon’s attacks, otherwise, weren’t an issue outside of the devastating damage of the charges. However I had to use Silva Armour because I needed more DPS… unfortunately the crystals are unreliable against mobile bosses… which Yharon definitely is.
Slowly, I covered my whole arena in walls as to allow the Nebulous Core’s stars to begin spawning in order to deal additional damage to Yharon, which cut off some of the time of the fight. While my two main damage dealers were inconsistent, at least they could deal some actual damage.
The last note is that I could block some of Yharon’s charges with Aestheticus’ debuff, though this was inconsistent and thus could not be relied upon at all.
Difficulty Increase:
⏲ 23:33
-The player now unlocks Auric Tesla, mainly granting access to Auric Tesla Armour since none of the weapons were allowed and nor were the tracers any good
-Yharim’s Gift was nice, being another pseudo-omni-stat booster with a large damage buff


Calamity, Aestheticus Only [Post-Moon Lord] - tModLoader - Draedon - FE9B1E128
Draedon, as to be expected from a Draedon fight, was hectic. Normally this boss is already fairly intense with everything going on, but this is only accelerated when I am stuck using Defiled Feather and thus lack the mobility to outrun any aspect of the boss.
Artemis, Apollo and Ares were all reasonably alright, with me having to make careful use of Slimy Saddle jumps and dashes to avoid their ‘special attacks’, which was honestly surprisingly fun in Ares’ case despite it being the mech I originally feared the most.
Thanatos, on the other hand, was absolutely awful with my lacking mobility. Not only could it keep up with me at all times which is especially bad since I’m stuck fighting mostly vertically, but I couldn’t consistent jump over its body, either. Worse yet, its own ‘special attack’ became nigh-unavoidable if it charged it in the air as I don’t have the air time necessary to remain close enough to prevent making it more aggressive.
Overall, still actually easier than how Yharon turned out, all aside from Thanatos.
Difficulty Increase:
⏲ 14:21
-I didn’t really get anything for defeating Draedon in this run… but that was because I was unaware that flying mounts still worked with Defiled Feather and instead just a*sumed the Gaming Chair wouldn’t work

Supreme Calamitas

Calamity, Aestheticus Only [Post-Moon Lord] - tModLoader - Supreme Calamitas - D8B0FCF76
Effectively the final boss of the run, as I’ll address later. Supreme Calamitas’ arena confinements actually helped me out since it meant the fight was already built around having less movement options, meaning Defiled Feather had less of an impact here than any other late-game Calamity boss.
This, by no means, makes Calamitas easy. She still hits like a freight train and has enough minion-summoning phases that she actually took more time than Draedon’s 3 Exo-Mechs combined. Maybe it’s also because SCal has a smaller hitbox than the Exo-Mechs so things like the Auric Tesla Armour minions had a harder time hitting her consistently?
Difficulty Increase:
⏲ 14:48
-And with SCal defeated, the run has officially ended. Despite this, I will still touch upon the Post-Game bosses in the next section… and the bad news that came with them


Calamity, Aestheticus Only [Post-Moon Lord] - tModLoader - Post-Game - 642680F0D
[This section covers BOTH the Adult Eidolon Wyrm and Terminus, since both are optional Post-Game content]
Unfortunately, I must end off with a spot of bad news, primarily regarding the Adult Eidolon Wyrm.
Adult Eidolon Wyrm:
Disappointingly, there isn’t really any ways of defeating this boss with any of the items I have available in this run, at least not realistically possible. There are ways to win, in theory, but in execution neither the abyssal or surface fights seem possible.
For the surface, Defiled Feather means I purely just lack the consistent mobility needed to dodge the Wyrm’s attacks, and even if I could do it semi-consistently the fight would likely take over 30 minutes both from the Wyrm’s ma*sive health and the constant stream of Juveniles it spawns.
Underwater, things actually look even bleaker. In order to not drown I would need to not only bring Amidias’ Blessing and likely have to have the debuff for the whole duration, but I don’t even know if that combined with the Abyssal Diving Gear would be enough time, either. Not to mention that I’d have to no-hit the Wyrm for around 10 minutes for Amidias’ Blessing.
Terminus is once again another DPS-oriented issue. The event is already long even in a normal playthrough, so now imagine using a weapon that deals under 100 damage and some inconsistent minions.
I did try, and I got around halfway in before running out of steam. The main issues here aside from my awful DPS are the bosses with time limits; namely the Destroyer, Skeletron Prime and Calamitas.
Worse yet, even if I got near the end, I’d likely have a half-hour long Yharon fight followed shortly by a Devourer fight that could take even longer, but with the added issue of dying in 1 hit to the head.
Once again, theoretically possible, but in execution it would require near perfection which I am sadlt nowhere near.
Difficulty Increase:
⏲ N/A
-With that spot of bad news, there is nothing else left to do in the run…

[Final Notes]

Well, that was the final part of the Aestheticus challenge run, even if the Post-Game content didn’t end up actually being completed.
This is the main reason I said that you shouldn’t attempt this challenge run; since once you get to the Devourer and Old Duke everything begins to go downhill fast.
I’m almost done with another challenge, however, regarding a weapon linked to Perennial bars. I went with something nicer next to make up for how this one turned out, and despite that the late-game there has also proved quite tough.
Anyways, with that said, I hope you enjoyed and I hope to see you guys next time on the next challenge run 🙂

Written by Okami Tomato

This is all we can share for Calamity, Aestheticus Only [Post-Moon Lord] – tModLoader for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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