Calamity, P90 Only (Post-Moon Lord) – tModLoader

Calamity, P90 Only (Post-Moon Lord) – tModLoader 1 -
Calamity, P90 Only (Post-Moon Lord) – tModLoader 1 -

Calamity is a mod famous for its many bosses and a broad pool of weapons… so what if I took one and tried to use it through the entire game?
In this challenge I will be trying to use the P90 throughout the entire game as my primary damage source, from Desert Scourge to Supreme Calamitas.
There is what happened after Moon Lord:

[Prior Notes]

So, there’s some stuff to talk about for this one.
As usual the rules give me 1 extra accessory slot and, unlike most of Hardmode, the extra slots now are significant. For further explanation check out the Pre-Hardmode part of this challenge run/guide.
In the meantime the Draedon update dropped before I finished. For the general Calamity community this is great news but for me, right now, it’s kinda awful.
It does mean that now, officially, everything on these pages is outdated. New accessories mean new potential combinations, new armour sets potentially mean some parts in progression change, rebalances can drastically alter how some fights are approached and, worst of all, I can’t cover the Exo Mechs here.
Calamity, P90 Only (Post-Moon Lord) - tModLoader - [Prior Notes] - 2AE5B6195
Also, my mouse broke, so I can’t even play the update right now unless I rebind everything… or draw anything very well
Anyways, onto the bosses?


Calamity, P90 Only (Post-Moon Lord) - tModLoader - Polterghast - C138AB098
I feel like people may get a little Deja Vu seeing Polterghast’s endurance match as the beginning of Post-Moon Lord if they’ve read the Lunic Eye page, mainly since we’ve reached a point where a base damage of 6 is so pitiful I have to intentionally detour into a later fight than Providence to bring back a specific item later.
Fortunately, unlike the Lunic page, I don’t necessarily need a ma*sive arena since I don’t have to worry about homing shots overshooting, curving, and slamming into the wall anymore.
Unfortunately, bullets deal single-digit damage to a boss with a 6-digit health bar. Even Ichor Bullets barely even offset this.
I tried multiple bullet types this fight; Ichor and Hyperius Bullets and Acid Rounds. Hyperius tended to do best due to the fact you can just bombard Polter the whole time, but I’d recommend preparing extensively for this one; it took nearly 13 stacks of bullets (A little under 12,500) even with ammo reservation methods… and Hyperius bullets aren’t exactly cheap.
Difficulty Increase:
⏲ 31:42
-The player can get the Reaper Tooth Necklace using the third Avenger Emblem I spoke about in the Hardmode page. This item really helps offset your low damage and is basically a necessity as we move forwards

Profaned Guardians

Calamity, P90 Only (Post-Moon Lord) - tModLoader - Profaned Guardians - 79EBB0D8D
Fortunately, after the nightmare of a time that Polter was, the Guardians now become a normal-seeming fight; not even taking too long. I’m sure this is mostly due to the Reaper Tooth Necklace making my shots deal actual damage, though I’m not stupid enough to test this fight without.
I used Ichor Bullets for this fight again since it’s small targets with far more manageable health than Polter had.
Difficulty Increase:
⏲ 2:10
-The player can now fight Providence… that’s really all these chicken ball/donuts do honestly.


Calamity, P90 Only (Post-Moon Lord) - tModLoader - Providence - EECDDD43E
Providence was still a decent challenge during this run, taking longer than normal but still being fairly alright to deal with overall. Decided to ban using Omega Blue for this run, so Providence didn’t die in 2 minutes this time around.
I used Hyperius Bullets for this fight since Providence is a ma*sive target so I felt the extra bullets would make a greater difference than just slightly higher DPS from Ichor.
Difficulty Increase:
⏲ 6:20
-Defeating Providence allows you to make Tarragon Armour which can, thanks to the additional stats and leaves, buff your DPS to around 4,000-5,000 at best… that’s actually fairly solid considering this was a Pre-Golem weapon
-Bloodfire Bullets can be obtained and I cannot overstate enough how important these become… when I remember to use them


Calamity, P90 Only (Post-Moon Lord) - tModLoader - Signus - 2DC862754
Signus was alright, nothing really to report here honestly. My new heightened DPS meant the fight was shorter than it could’ve been, even though I was using the wrong type of bullets against him.
I used Ichor Bullets again. If I were using Bloodfire he’d probably have been the fastest boss in Post-Moon Lord to kill but, in my infinite wisdom, I forgot to use them… oh well
Difficulty Increase:
⏲ 2:05
-You are now 1/3 of the way to fighting the Devourer. As usual for challenge runs I strongly recommend fighting the Sentinels before DoG so you only need to beat their weakened states when it comes to them

Storm Weaver

Calamity, P90 Only (Post-Moon Lord) - tModLoader - Storm Weaver - CDB99C05F
Storm Weaver… was the boss that I remembered Bloodfire Bullets for and then proceeded to never stop using them again. To say they made a good first impression would be an understatement; turning a worm boss without piercing from a possible problem to the fastest fight in Post-Moon Lord.
I used Bloodfire Bullets. I will actually stop telling you what bullets I use now since it’ll be Bloodfire from here on out because their raw damage is priceless in a challenge like this.
Difficulty Increase:
⏲ 1:40
-You are now 2/3 of the way to fighting the Devourer…

Ceaseless Void

Calamity, P90 Only (Post-Moon Lord) - tModLoader - Ceaseless Void - D892192AD
The longest fight amongst the Sentinels; one that theoretically could’ve been longer than both combined if I’d used Bloodfire Bullets against Signus.
Bloodfire shreds the Dark Energies spawned, which is great, and fast-firing weapons are already the bane of Void’s existence so you can just a*sume the in-between phases were virtually nonexistent.
Only issue is the lack of piercing which means Dark Energies that want to hide behind the Dungeon walls are a little annoying, but that’s really all
Difficulty Increase:
⏲ 3:30
-The player can now safely take on the Devourer

The Devourer of Gods

Calamity, P90 Only (Post-Moon Lord) - tModLoader - The Devourer of Gods - 74BCA4A8F
Calamity’s formerly-largest worm boss as of yesterday, the Devourer was quite daunting in concept. In execution, however, he turned out to be alright.
Phase 1 was fairly simple. Reaper Tooth Necklace helped bypa*s its defences that made body shots deal more than 1 damage, though I’d still strongly recommend focusing the head and tail whenever they’re exposed and it’s safe to shoot them.
The Sentinel Phase was very easy here. It took less than 2 minutes to defeat all of them, which is a ma*sive improvement compared to the Lunic run. Void was the only one to take less than a minute and Signus here basically confirmed my previous theory about bullet types.
Finally, Phase 3 is basically just an extended Phase 1. It took a little under twice as long since it has… a little under twice as much health. Aside from the Cosmic Guardians sponging a lot of shots near the end there’s not much else to really say about this fight.
Difficulty Increase:
⏲ 3:25 (Phase 1)
⏲ 1:05 (Void)
⏲ 0:30 (Weaver)
⏲ 0:13 (Signus)
⏲ 6:20 (Phase 2)
-The player can now get God Slayer armour, which is really the main difference here. There aren’t any further bullet types so DoG’s arsenal of weapons are entirely out of the question
-The player can get Draedon’s Forge and upgrade a ton of accessories now

The Dragonfolly

Calamity, P90 Only (Post-Moon Lord) - tModLoader - The Dragonfolly - 6B038D591
Guess who, for the third time now, forgot to fight Dragonfolly at the beginning of Post-Moon Lord? That’s right, I did!
Thus I decided to make this its own challenge and bring back my Pre-Hardmode ammo rule; only allowing myself to use Musket Balls against Folly in hopes I didn’t spoil the challenge too much.
Actually, using only Musket Balls meant this fight was actually a challenge. Folly was fast enough to dodge the slower Musked Balls and they dealt significantly lower damage than Bloodfire Bullets did.
So, yeah, an actual Dragonfolly segment worth reading 😛
This fight is the only exception to the ‘Bloodfire Bullets’ thing I said for Weaver, instead using only Musket Balls, but now it’s back to Bloodfire from the next boss and onwards.
Difficulty Increase: (Technically)
⏲ 7:00
-The player can fight Yharon now
-The Dynamo Cells dropped in Expert Mode are actually very helpful. Each Mini-Swarmer does higher than normal bullet damage and have homing properties, thus leading to just a raw DPS upgrade

The Old Duke

Calamity, P90 Only (Post-Moon Lord) - tModLoader - The Old Duke - A7ED60C8E
I still don’t really like fighting the Old Duke, but these challenge runs have helped me when it comes to just getting used to fighting it so much that I stopped getting so annoyed fighting it. Maybe I’ll gradually change my views on it more as time pa*ses.
Old Duke is mobile, but the increased velocity of Bloodfire and the Mini-Swarmers make it a lot more bearable.
Aside from that, not much to report.
Difficulty Increase:
⏲ 5:39
-Now all that remained were the two ‘significant’ bosses of the run; Yharon and Calamitas.

Jungle Dragon, Yharon

Calamity, P90 Only (Post-Moon Lord) - tModLoader - Jungle Dragon, Yharon - 3A3EFC81F
Challenge run Yharon is Challenge run Yharon; not really sure what else to say. It has a colossal health pool and high defence while also being mobile so this guy used to be the bane of challenge runs. This time, however, it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting it to be.
I was able to ama*s around 5,000 DPS with all my accessories and the Bloodfire Bullets and Mini-Swarmers. I kept alive with Bloodfins this time; combining their buff and the Bloodfire regen buffs to heal back most of the damage Yharon dealt. Admittedly a clumsy fight, but it worked.
Phase 2 was basically the same as Phase 1 in terms of how everything went, just taking a little longer to beat thanks to the increased mobility and healing phase.
Difficulty Increase:
⏲ 12:22 (Phase 1)
⏲ 14:20 (Phase 2)
-Now, with Yharon defeated, the player can get Auric Tesla Armour and make their final preparations. Trust me when I say you can’t afford to spare any expense against Supreme Calamitas.
-Some Yharon and Darksun-tier accessories are good. Just make sure you don’t drop too much base damage and don’t let your crit chance fall too low since crits are important

Supreme Calamitas

Calamity, P90 Only (Post-Moon Lord) - tModLoader - Supreme Calamitas - 1A1B4B81A
Perhaps the absolute worst Supreme Calamitas fight in any of my challenge runs; being an agonisingly long cage match against an opponent with 7 digits of health and ma*sive defence alongside dealing enough damage to almost 2-shot you.
Not a single part of this fight is pleasant in this run. Brimstone hearts along take almost 4 minutes to kill during both of their phases, the brothers’ higher defences mean they took around 10 minutes by themselves and it took so long that the Brimstone Monsters actually reached their 10-minute limit near the end and had despawned before the 10% bullet-hell had even begun.
I kept a list of how everything went, as well as the time at the side for when phases began:
3:50 AM – Start
7:40 AM – Sepulcher
4:37 PM – 75% Bullet Hell
1:01 AM – 50% Bullet Hell
2:41 AM – Brothers Appeared
12:10 PM – Brothers Defeated
1:27 PM – ‘Plenty of Tricks Left’ Dialogue
4:54 PM – Brimstone Monsters Emerge
8:52 PM – Soul Seekers Spawned
12:49 AM – Seekers Destroyed
4:35 AM – 10% Bullet Hell
5:55 AM – Sepulcher 2; Brimstone Boogaloo
9:20 AM – Sepulcher 2 Downed
1:50 PM – 1% Health
2:10 PM – Victory
In terms of ammo I used every ammo conservation chance I knew of; P90’s own, Elemental Quiver, Ammo Boxes and the Ammo Conservation Potion.
Even with all those this fight burnt through a whopping 42,658 Bloodfire Bullets by the end; a little shy of 43 whole stacks.
(Bear in mind, if all the ammo conservation methods stacked, I only had a 0.3584 (~36%) chance to use ammo, so if I didn’t have any the fight would’ve consumed 118,495 Bloodfire Bullets.)
Difficulty Increase:
⏲ 58:15
-With that, the run finally comes to an end. Unfortunately, like I said, this run was finished before the Draedon update… even if this page wasn’t

[Final Notes]

And that was the final part of the P90 only run.
Like I said, this was Pre-Draedon, but now the next challenge run will likely be a Draedon update one… though I’ll need time beforehand to both get a new mouse or fix the old one and to learn about all the new changes in the update since going in blind in a run like this is generally a bad idea.
Anyways, I hope you enjoyed and sorry for the weird delay between the parts of this. Also sorry if you wanted to see the Exo-Mechs but, yeah, those didn’t exist yet.
Thanks for reading and see ya next time 🙂

Written by Okami Tomato

Here we come to an end for the Calamity, P90 Only (Post-Moon Lord) – tModLoader guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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