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This guide will show how you can conquer the ridiculous challenge of The Long Drive without any cars.

Introduction to the madness

"Many times throughout human history, people have become bored of what used be their joy."
It's normal to eventually become bored. YOU Love will eventually become boring.
Self-imposed obstacles are the best way humans have found to stop boredom. You've likely tried to play through a gaming game with some type of restriction.
Some challenges you will find on the internet are more like a form of self-punishment than something you can do to challenge your might.
If you feel The Long Drive is boring or you are bored to death, this guide will help to start your descent into madness.

First of all

Ok, so if this has been a long introduction, either you don't care anymore and want to get on with it or you've decided to punish your self. I'll end this section with a disclaimer.
This isn't a challenge that must be met, but an opportunity to fully immerse yourself into the game, and to cut all of the game's fat.
Please don’t take it so seriously (Althought, I don’t know what you would do if you’re playing The Long Drive). We appreciate your understanding.
I believe the limits of the challenge are clearly defined. If they're not, just don't drive cars or use any other type of vehicle.


Although this may seem like an easy challenge, there are 4 important things you might want before you take on the challenge.


  • Seeds


Seeds are the most crucial thing in this run. The seed you get is completely random. If RNGesus is smiling at your, you might end up on a long straight line that has tons of buildings and very few bunnies. On the other hand you might find a long winding road with no buildings at all and danger at every bend.


  • Equipment

Normally, you don't think about what items to bring. However, in this challenge, the wrong item could cause you to lose your entire game and force you to start over.
There are many items in this game, some more valuable than others. However, I don’t want to go overboard so I’ll only focus on the most important.


  • Food and thirst

As a survivor from the unforgiving hungarian wilderness, you may be used to not worrying too much about either of these. But in this situation, it's possible to go days without finding food. It's important to understand which food items are worth keeping, and which just hog space.


  • Sleeping

Sleeping is a great feature. It lets you skip the night without much trouble. Although sleeping in a vehicle or a building is very convenient, it can also be dangerous. If you don't have enough food and are safe, you should not sleep in the wild.
I recommend sleeping in a structure or an extremely tall rock formation.

The Long (and tiring) Walk

After all that, it's now time to get into the main thing. The only thing you should worry about, the only thing that will keep the universe afloat, is the single most important.
Ok, I won't sugarcoat this. Holding W is something that you do every day, even during normal gameplay. It's not very fun but necessary to progress.
This fact can leave you feeling unmotivated and bored. "Why stop moving?" After just a few minutes of walking, you might say to yourself, "I'm just slowing me down" . This thought alone might cause some people to give up, but Hungary isn't for quitters.
Instead, why not find something to keep you motivated?
Challenge Guide - The Long Drive - The Long (and tiresome) Walk - 67778FB


  • Radios

Youtube can be a great motivator especially if your music is custom-made. If you don't feel the radio is enough, or you don’t want it to work for you, you can use youtube. Or you can ignore it.
Remember that you can switch between AM and FM with the black model (Right), but not with the gray model.
Challenge Guide - The Long Drive - The Long (and tiresome) Walk - 33F83D3


  • TVs

These little distractions are great, but they're not yet very useful. There are a few neat little features that might be of interest to you.
Type "Music" on your keyboard and create some wicked beats.
Print text Use the RUN command for it to speak.
Challenge Guide - The Long Drive - The Long (and tiresome) Walk - D4D236C

Similar to computers, but easier to find. You may be able, if you're talented enough, to create your own music. However you would need to modify game files. It's a tiny thingy, but it'll get boring quickly.
Challenge Guide - The Long Drive - The Long (and tiresome) Walk - 63D1068

Contrary to all the other interactive footballs we've seen, the football actually interacts with the game. It's lighter and more functional than any other object in it, so it's just like a real one! It can even be kicked!
Avoid exposing it to wild cars as they can be allergic.

Your stuff: Survival

Challenge Guide - The Long Drive - Your stuff: Survival - 37D5D9B
Nearly every object that you find in this game has a practical function. Some objects can only be used to drive cars, while others can only ever be used by players or other entities.
This section will act as a guide, a compendium with the most common and accessible items that will a*sist you.
Challenge Guide - The Long Drive - Your stuff: Survival - 7FE890C

Hunger is a high ranking stat. It can drain faster than thirst. This is normal. However, you'll spend a lot of your time away from buildings so it's important that you know which foods to prioritize.
Cookie Nah
Bread – Medium choice, filling but nothing too extravagant.
Croissant – Pretty much a reskin to the bread
Chocolate – Above average
Sausage Absolute must-have. It is also very useful to attach it on to other items.
Bacon Ladies and gentlemen: The Long Drive's ambrosia! Very filling
Challenge Guide - The Long Drive - Your stuff: Survival - B784F5B

  • Drinks

Thirst isn't as important as hunger but it shouldn't be ignored. To avoid dehydration or kidney stones, you should always be careful about the blue meter.
Bottles – You CAN'T drive while you are under the influence. It's a good container, however.
Gas cans – These have an incredible carrying capacity, but cannot be kept in your inventory
buckets – They have a limited capacity, but they are more likely to spawn with the water. So keep an eye!
Barrels The best containers But you can't store them and they slow down your life.
Oil cans – The most useful container. MUST-HAVE A good place to start is the Internet.
Challenge Guide - The Long Drive - Your stuff: Survival - 782A7BD

  • Scouting gear

Although it may sound odd to most players, scouting plays are quite common among The Long Drive's elders. A pair of binoculars is a must-have item that can help players identify buildings and distinguish truth from fiction.
Binoculars – They are an absolute must-have.
Compa*s These are great for when you lose the road but not as good as binoculars.
While we are on the topic, scouting
If you're unsure whether all buildings within an area have been looted and spotted, look out for poles outside gas stations or bridges. There are high-up places that you can use to search for more buildings.
Challenge Guide - The Long Drive - Your stuff: Survival - 10A3D1B

Your stuff: Weapons

Challenge Guide - The Long Drive - Your stuff: Weapons - E278416
The long drive is dangerous as well as the walk. Rabbits, great heights, and the rabbits will be your main enemy. In The Long Drive the rabbits will attack you more often than you, so it is important to defend yourself.

  • Ranged weapons


BB Gun
– This is the most basic and likely the most dangerous. It has an amazing ammo capability, but it is also a single-fire, single-use weapon with an activate reload, making it slow to start. You may also have to headshot the rabbits, which you may not always have the opportunity to do due to its unpredictable behavior and animations. This is still a solid option if your ability to quickly scope or to get yourself into a favorable position (e.g. on top of a stone, a car, or building).
Revolver – An alternative to the reliable and trusted BB. The revolver is six-shooter and unlike the BB you will have much more room to make mistakes if you miss a shot. The maximum ammo that an ammobox can hold is 12, which is only enough to make 2 full reloads. However, this is not a problem because one shot is usually sufficient to kill any semisentient obstacles. The revolver has a lot of upsides. You don't have to get headshots in order to one-shot a rabbit. And it can reload more than one bullet. This makes it much more space efficient than the BB.
AK-47 – Literally, a semiautomatic Sniper rifle. With its large clip size and ammo storage capacity, it is objectively the most powerful weapon. It also has an amazing space-efficient design. It is the only weapon that can merge with its ammo types, so you won't need to use an inventory slot for ammo. The only downside to the AK is its scarcity. It can only be found only in a few places, but its ammo is available in virtually every location except the player's house. An excellent weapon in almost every situation, so keep your eyes open for any AKs.
Shotguns There are 3 types of shotguns. But the only difference is their spread. This is what makes them different from other weapons in the game. It may save you from missing shots, or it might just be a way to save space. The BB has one more shot, making the BB one of the most space-efficient weapons. These are a poor choice given the power and accuracy these guns have, and the AK.

  • Melee weapons

While melee isn't as effective as ranged weapons but it's still possible to strike if you know what to do.
Katana – This is a good starting choice, lightweight and with decent reach. It's also an acceptable and viable choice, especially when you consider that the starter house only allows you to choose between the flyswatter and this one. There is not much to say about katana. It's basically the phrase "Jackofall trades master of none" if the weapon was made into a weapon.
Flyswatter – This weapon is definitely a weapon. Although it has a very limited reach, it is very fast and can be used to your advantage. However, if the enemy AI is well understood and you know how you can strafe around them, it could be a good option.
– This is the worst, but it's still very useful. It has the worst range, and almost the exact same swing speeds as the katana. It's basically a worse replica of a decent weapon. This weapon should only be used if the owner is still alive.
Crowbar – A rare reskin for the katana. It has almost no downsides. It's just slightly shorter, so it has a range almost as great as the weapon that it's based. It's the best reskin of the game. Make sure to keep an eye on it.
Shovel – Arguably the most powerful melee weapon in the game. It's one those slow swinging weapons that is hard to hit, but its range makes the weapon extremely useful in any situation. Due to its length, each attack can have a devastating effect. This is more than any other weapon. You can try to survive as long as possible by using this option. However, you must be careful not to let anything happen.
Tip: Attach clocks or compa*ses to weapons or other similar objects so they are easily visible at all time and don't take up inventory.
Challenge Guide - The Long Drive - Your stuff: Weapons - EDC8CC5

Your stuff: Miscellaneous

Challenge Guide - The Long Drive - Your stuff: Miscellaneous - A3AD4C7
Some items in The Long Drive can be used for survival, general purpose, or self defense. However, others are unusual and don't fit into any category. While items like the severed arm or the giraffe won't help you in any way, they are still useful.
There are many more useless or miscellaneous items, but these are the ones most survivors will find.
Clock – The clock is an item that's been mentioned before. It's useful only in an obscure situation where you're outside. And considering how you spend most your time walking through the desert the clock's only real purpose is being attached to weapons to look neat (and cause terrible physical glitches).
Giraffe It is a giraffe. It can be used as an ineffective weapon grenade if necessary, but it is not as decorative as it might seem.
Mini-gas holder – The first miscellaneous product that is actually useful. This one works like the giraffe but it also acts as a bomb. The AK, the shotgun and revolver are powerful enough to cause an explosion. It is still not that useful as a gun can only be used if a rabbit is getting too close. Still useful if you have several rabbits following your movements and don't want any ammo wasted.
Soda Silphon – The gas holder is smaller than the holder and yet just as effective. Its lighter weight allows you to throw it further and makes it easier to find than a gas holder. While some may consider it an upgrade, it's still not as useful as the gas holder. However, you can use the BB to explode it. This is a great bonus if your headshots aren't always possible.
Boxes They are boxes. They exist in almost every game. They can be used as platforms to prevent you from having to wall-climb and they can block doors. However, these boxes don't have any items inside.
Seats/Chairs The Long Drive has three types: the economy cla*s, the normal and the bar stool. Each can be found either in cars or in buildings. They are used to provide mental support, so you can take a break after struggling with the wastes for so much.
Airfreshners They are a freshener for the air. They aren't useful as they can be attached to random objects. They look a bit like a clock, but are less glitchy so they can be used as functional decorations that don't interfere with your daily life.
Cigars – They're cigars! They reduce your life-span, cause lung disease, and are a less than average light source. They can be useful if you don’t have the worklight and they can light up the whole area. However, they’re still a poor choice due to their limited range and finite range.
Genie Lamp – The single best light source in the game. Rub it with your Alt key and it will light up an entire area just like a cigar. But it emits a much brighter glow (GENIE DISCLAIMED).
Cleaning Utensils – Products that are used for cleaning. They make your items appear and work better, so they can be very useful. Remember that using the wrong item (such as a wire brush on footballs) can actually make the item worse.
Pumpkin Light – Just like the genie light, but you don't need to rub it. The spawning season is Halloween.
Cosmetics – The cosmetics in this game are sungla*ses and hats. They have little purpose and can be customized. The only real changes cosmetics can make are to the post-processing effects and tints. There are only three types of hats: the fedora (traffic cone), and the cap. But there are many different types of sungla*ses. Each has its own tints and effects. To add style, you can combine gla*ses and headwear.
Arms, legs – Former human appendages which can be attached randomly to make FRIENDS. As I mentioned, legs can be doubled as a fairly ineffective self defense option.
Rubber Women – Just like real women, except without the legs. You already know the purpose of this: Fun and long vacations with the whole family.
#1 Trophy – The trophy which will one day bear your name. It also doubles as a terrible, no-good, doesn't-even-hold-liquid cup. It's also gold-plated.
Gold – A pathetic. A non-trophy and not-quite refined piece of metallic trash. I'm sure it's not real gold. It's just an ordinary slab of rock with some paper-mache or something. It only slows you down. You can't carry it around in your pockets. Jaysus! People are sick!
You can paint
– Helps to paint…LITERALLY ZERO! Only rabbits and feces are allowed to be painted.

End of road

You have now read (or skipped!) all the way to the end. I am grateful to you for checking out my little project. This guide was a big undertaking. It was much bigger than I expected.
To be totally honest, I ended the guide because I was getting too tired. The rest of the guide didn't need to be a boring list of tips.
If things went wrong, I would have added more photos and maybe even made a full-blown video for youtube with narration.
But that would only have made the burnout worse.
I don’t want to bother with all the neato–mosquito details so I’ll just get to business.
I thank you for reading my guide. I hope you enjoyed it. Maybe you have even found inspiration to play a gimmick.
At least that's what I hope.
I send you my best wishes and a heartfelt farewell.


Written by Hawaii Part II

This is all we can share for Challenge Guide – The Long Drive for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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