Character Tier List – MultiVersus

Character Tier List – MultiVersus 1 -
Character Tier List – MultiVersus 1 -

Character Tier List

How does Tier List work?

S-Tier: Very strong, possibly nerfing the approach
A-Tier: A well-balanced and balanced body, not too powerful or too weak
B-Tier: It is slightly less strong, but still a great option.
C-Tier: It isn't possible to a*sert oneself well at the moment


Tier Character
S Superman, Finn Batman, Bugs Bunny and Finn
A Jake, Shaggy, Taz, Tom & Jerry, Arya Stark, Harley Quinn
B Garnet, Wondern Woman LeBron Giant From Space, Velma
C Renhund and Steven Universe



Tier Character
S Finn, Batman, Bugs Bunny
A Harley Quinn. Tom & Jerry. Jake. Superman. Taz. Velma. Wonder Woman.
B Renhund – Arya Stark – Steven Universe, Shaggy – LeBron
C Garnet, Giant of space


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