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Characters, their Professions and You – Disney Dreamlight Valley 1 -
Characters, their Professions and You – Disney Dreamlight Valley 1 -

Basics on Character Professions

Characters, their Professions and You - Disney Dreamlight Valley - Basics on Character Professions - 272425D
The Basics
1 – Each character is given 1 profession. This profession can be unlocked or chosen by you to get them to Friendship Level 2.
2 – The Character who follows you increases the chance to get double the items for every Friendship Level that she/he has achieved in the 1 Profession she/he selected at Level 2. For instance, gardening allows you to get +1 extra harvest for every crop that you harvest. This extra harvest will spawn within a free cell near the one just harvested.
3 – Characters which do not follow you still increase your chances of getting twice the items for every Friendship Level. This applies to every Character who has the same 1 profession as you. If you have a follower, and a nonfollower, with Gardening, your chances of getting double items rises compared to if only one follows you.
4 – This means that the Profession(,) you enjoy the most should correspond with the Professions you choose as the Professions for every character at level 2, to maximize your chances of receiving double items in that Profession. If you don't want your fishing to be restricted by quest-related requirements, why not give characters the Profession they prefer instead of giving them the chance to get your preferred one?
5 – Each profession has a list of items that belong to that category, and some don't. Here is the chart of every Profession.

Profession 1 eligible object 2 eligible objects NON-eligible 1 2 NON-eligible NON-eligible 3 Professional time requirements General item value
Foraging Any Fruit Tree Any Fruit Bush Any Flower Any Wood Night Thorns Extremely fast Average
Gardening Any Crop Any Fruit Tree Any Fruit Bush Any Flower Very slow Average
Fishing Any Fish Slow Very high
Digging Any Digging items (?) Slow Extremely low
Mining Any Mining item Fast High

As can be seen, Foraging is a more random activity than Gardening. However, the other three activities have similar obvious objects that increase the chances of getting double items.
Some Professions take longer for items to be generated, making them poor Profession choices, unless you are determined to do them. Here's my advice:
A.) A.)
This Profession can have immediate access to items, giving you double chances. The harvesting of items is quick and requires no watering. After you have harvested all your Bushes or Trees, there is nothing left to do except wait for them regrow.
These items are comparable to Crops in terms of their average price. You can place each Bush and Fruit Free nearby by using the "Furniture” menu. They will grow in any Biome. This allows you to collect them all from one central location.
If you unlock a Biome and you find that some items are blocking your route to a Fruit Tree, Bush, or other plant, you can still move them from the "Furniture Menu".
B.) Gardening, Profession choice Rating: 4/10
Gardening is the most time-consuming task to produce double-potential items. Late-game Crops can take up to two hours to produce, and you will need to spend a lot time watering and planting all the crops.
This Profession should only be chosen if your goal is to garden for money. Cooking is not a way to create food in large quantities. You will also need to look at more Crops that can be sold to Goofys stalls as well as more items to clutter your limited inventory.
C. Fishing, Profession choice Rating 7/10
Fishing takes a lot time. However, you can get double fish for double the money. Fishing Spots will be generated continuously so that there are always spots available to fish. This Profession is best for those who enjoy fishing.
D. Mining, Profession choice Rating 10/10
Mining is the clear winner due to the way Dreamlight Valley implements the Profession system. Mining has the opportunity to obtain standard Gems as well as minerals up to Gold. There are also Shiny Gems which can give you another set with great value and double your chances of getting them. Mining spots are continuously generated so that you can continue this Profession whenever you wish.
This Profession should be at least selected for some characters in your Save, unless you really dislike Mining.
E.) Digging, Profession Choice Rating: 0/10
Digging items usually make less money than Pebbles or other materials. Digging takes the same time as planting crops with gardening, but you don’t have to wait until items grow for double chances.
I did not find that Coins or Dream Shards obtained while Digging with a Character using this Profession could be doubled. So this could very well be the worst Profession. This profession should only be considered if you have a strong desire to dig.
Place a structure on top of all the places you've already excavated. The building will flatten your ground and allow you to dig at these areas again.
Sincerely, I hope that this small guide has been helpful to you.


Written by Schutzengel

Here we come to an end for the Characters, their Professions and You – Disney Dreamlight Valley guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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