Cheat Codes Lists – American Truck Simulator

Cheat Codes Lists – American Truck Simulator 1 -
Cheat Codes Lists – American Truck Simulator 1 -

This guide was created to make it easier for you to find cheat codes, and not to launch the browser during the game to unnecessarily load the processor.
Here are collected almost all the codes that you might like and come in handy.
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Turning on the console

First, to start the console, you need to go to this directory:
My Computer\Documents\American Truck Simulator
Cheat Codes Lists - American Truck Simulator - Turning on the console - 6906B5730
Then find the “config” text pad and open it.
Then find the value “uset g_developer“, “uset g_console
Next, change the value from “0” to “1” – this will enable developer mode and console.
Cheat Codes Lists - American Truck Simulator - Turning on the console - 3FCB5E41FCheat Codes Lists - American Truck Simulator - Turning on the console - D393BD14D
After this procedure, you can enter the game.
Use the tilde “~” to open the console.

Time and weather

g_set_time (number) – change time
g_set_time 1 – set the night.
g_set_time 12 – set daytime
Any value can be used from 0 to 23.
g_set_weather (number) – change the weather
g_set_weather 1 – set rainy weather.
g_set_weather 0 – set clear weather.


goto (city ​​name) – teleport to any city.
goto Stock – teleport to “Stockton” town
goto San – teleport to the city of “San Diego”
You can teleport to any city, only when you teleport, enter the name of the city in English.
The name of the city can be entered not with its full name, just a couple of the first letters are enough.

Free camera

To enable a free camera, use the “0” button.
If you want to teleport to where you have a camera – press the “F9” button.
Important: when teleporting a car, keep in mind that if you are in the sky, the car will fall and receive damage, to avoid this, place the camera above the road. Also note that the car can be with a trailer.
g_flyspeed (number) – change the flight speed of the camera.
g_flyspeed 150 – set the airspeed to 150.
You can also control the speed of the free camera using the mouse wheel.

Traffic and fines

g_traffic (0-10) – enable / disable / change traffic density.
g_traffic 0 – completely remove bots from the game.
g_traffic 1 – standard traffic.
g_traffic 10 – enable the densest traffic.
g_police (0 or 1) – police fines
g_police 0 – turns off penalties.
g_police 1 – includes fines.

Game process

warp (0-100) – changes the speed of the game.
warp 0 – stop the game completely.
warp 1 – set default game speed.
warp 100 – set the maximum speed of the game. This is causing wild lags.
g_show_game_elements (0-1) – in-game labels (trailers, loading points, refueling, etc.).
g_show_game_elements 0 – hide labels.
g_show_game_elements 1 – enable labels.
They are enabled by default.
g_save_indicator (0-1) – game save indicator.
g_save_indicator 0– turns off the indicator.
g_save_indicator 1 – turns on the indicator.
uset r_steering_wheel (0-1) – steering wheel in the truck cab.
uset r_steering_wheel 0 – hide the steering wheel.
uset r_steering_wheel 1 – turn on the steering wheel.
s_wheel_noise (0-100) – changes the noise level of the truck tires.
s_interior_volume (0-100) – changes the sound level of the ambience in the cockpit of the track.

Other codes

g_fps (0-1) – enable / disable display of frame rate (FPS).
f_fullscreen (0-1) – switch from full screen to windowed mode and vice versa.
r_vsync (0-1) – disable / enable vertical sync.

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This is my first guide in English. I apologize, if somewhere, you did not understand something, you can report this in the comments, I will correct it.
If some codes are missing here, write about it in the comments!

Written by Pikamon

This is all we can share for Cheat Codes Lists – American Truck Simulator for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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