Collectibles Guide – Social Moth

Collectibles Guide – Social Moth 1 -
Collectibles Guide – Social Moth 1 -

A comprehensive guide on how to get the collectible from each bug.

General Notes

You can retry from the last lamp you had been at though your anxiety meter will be reset.
If you choose not to talk to Dhaundax at your house it will trigger a Bad End.
You can’t get collectibles at the party.
Don’t worry about the countdown at the party, it’s not a timer, it’s actually the minimum time you got to stay (until the elevator gets fixed).
You can skip the Credits with the spacebar.


Collectibles Guide - Social Moth - Collectibles - A29AF35EA
Dhaundax – You’ll get this one automatically and as the last one. You can choose any option as long as you talk to him. Just make sure to pick it up.
Kraque – (It’s okay that I failed. I’ll try again next time.)
Aragog – (It was kind of her to warn me.) + (Maybe she can help?)
Venatoria – (I shouldn’t a*sume the worst.) + (I should ask.)
Hendra – (I should ask for help?)
Ramessu – (I responded without thinking.) + (Being interesting doesn’t matter.)
Udadiy – (I’ll shop quick and get out of their way.) + (We seem… similar?)
Aphora – (I should ask for help.)
Hemitera – (I can ask about their interests?)
Bombyx – (I could talk about myself?)
Lucan – (I could use some help.)
Typha – (He seems so talented.)
Lampyr – (This lamp reminds me of something…)

Written by Niko

This is all we can share for Collectibles Guide – Social Moth for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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