Complete Guide – Motor Town: Behind The Wheel

Complete Guide – Motor Town: Behind The Wheel 1 -
Complete Guide – Motor Town: Behind The Wheel 1 -

This Guide helps you to navigate through the map/understand the goal of certain Jobs/Tips and Tricks


In this Guide you will learn everything you need to know about the game.
– Jobs explained
– Money making Methods
– Tips and Tricks
– Map Explained

Job: Driver

Driver is not exactlly a Job. Its basiclly just your “Time spent driving” in Exp. You level it just by driving, doesn’t matter if you do Cargo as a Trucker, driving Bus etc..
You can get more Exp for your “Driver Job” by collecting Hitchhiker and bringing them to their desired Destination (Hitchhikers are marked with a Green “Thumbs Up” Symbol). This will give you “Goodwill Bonus” Exp.

Job: Taxi

As a Taxi Driver you pick up Customers and drive them to their Desired Destination.
To Start as a Taxi Driver, you need to go to a “Cab Station” where you will also get a Cab.
(Cab Stations are marked with a Blue “Taxi” Symbol and do note, just like Trucking, your payout will be reduced)
Complete Guide - Motor Town: Behind The Wheel - Job: Taxi - 52B888301
As soon as you get into your Taxi, it will give you a Destination to a Customer that needs a Taxi. Pick up the Customer and Drive him to the Destination that he needs to go.
Some Customer have a Special Requirement:
Time Limit
Comfort: If this is required you will need to drive carefully. A little circle will be shown on the bottom of your screen the is referring to the “G-Force” that the Customer is experiencing. Dont hit the break to hart and dont full send it in the corners. If you fail to give the Customer not enough Comfort, it will have a negative outcome for your Payout.
Time Limit: Its what it says
Pro Tip
You can buy a Taxi License which will allow you to use your “Sport’s” Car for Taxi Driving (Cost’s 10.000 Coins and will only work for the Car that you put the Taxi sign on at the Tuning Shop)

Job: Bus

As a Bus driver you transport people from one Bus Station to another Bus Station.
To Start the Bus Driver Job, you will need to go to the Bus Stations. Bus Stations are not marked on the Map (Dont know why).
Here is one
Complete Guide - Motor Town: Behind The Wheel - Job: Bus - BC533C559
and here is the second one
Complete Guide - Motor Town: Behind The Wheel - Job: Bus - C615333C0
You first have to start with a “VW Bus”. As soon as you get into the Bus, a window will pop up which will display all the possible Bus Routes there are. Simply click the one you want to drive and of you go. The more you drive/transport People, the more exp you get and can drive better Vehicles. Every vehicle has its “Capacity” of People that it can Transport. Start with 8 all the way up to 44.
Pro Tip
The Bus Driver Job is in my opinion the best job to get Money. First you start with the VW Bus, choose the “Gang-Jung Town 1” route. Drive it until you reach Bus level 5 and then drive to “Jeju” get into the City Bus and do the “Jeju-1” route for fast Money.

Job: Trucker

As a Trucker you basiclly do what the job says “Trucking”. You start at an Cargo Site where you can get your vehicle ready. You dont need to own one, there are already some standing there which you can use.
Con: After you deliver your cargo, the “Car owner” takes half of the Payout
So its good if you get yourselfe a Pickup (Pickups Cost 10.000 Coins). After you got your Car just simply go to the “Cargo Spot” that is shown, pick a cargo you want to deliver and be on your way to the Destination.
After you’ve done some Cargo Deliverys and reached the next level you can use the next Truck there is. As soon the next Truck is Available for you to use (u have the required level to drive it) it will have a Blue symbol above it. If you dont know what requirements you need, you can check by just go next to it and Press “X” and try to drive it. A Window will pop up with the Requirements it needs.
You can also put a Small Trailer on your Pickup. It will allow you to put more Cargo on your Truck (Who would have thought).
Trucks can be Purchased either at the Car Dealer where you Start (Only the Regular Pickup)
Complete Guide - Motor Town: Behind The Wheel - Job: Trucker - 00C8AA07E
or on the top right of the map, where you can buy the big Trucks.
Complete Guide - Motor Town: Behind The Wheel - Job: Trucker - A59503225
Pro Tip
You can attach a “Hook” to your car to allow it to use Small Trailers. Simply go to the Tuning Shop with your car, go to parts under “Misc” and attach it. Use your Lambo to deliver Fresh Oranges.

Job: Racer

As a Racer you basiclly just drive on Race track without going out of the Track. Everytime you finish a Lap you will get Racer Exp.
Race Track are marked with a Blue “Helmet” Symbol.
Race Experience is required to drive faster cars like a lambo and to drive a Police Car.
Pro Tip
A fast way to get Racer Experience is to go to this Race Track
Complete Guide - Motor Town: Behind The Wheel - Job: Racer - D683D11AF
and use your Sport Car on the Bottom Track, the “Go kart Track”

Job: Police

Its not really a job where you get exp from, but you can drive as an Police Trooper and stop those that are driving Reckless.
For that you have to have atleast:
Racer Level: 2
Driver Level: 2
If you have is, just go to the neares Police Station and get into the “Impala” Looking Police Car.
After that just drive arround and wait until you see someone driving Reckless. As soon as you got one, light up your sirens with “6” and go hunt him until he stop/untill you make him stop.
In Multiplayer its more fun because there are more people that drive Reckless.

Job: Ambulance

Ambulance Driver is also not a Job where you get any special exp for. Its basiclly nothing else then a Taxi Driver.
Racer level 2
Taxi level 10

Tuning Shop

Tuning Shop
In the Tuning Shop you can modify your Vehicle.
Just drive right in the Tuning Shop and select what you want to do: Respray your car, Install Performance Parts, Change your Wheels etc.

Additional Tipps

Additional Tipps
Out of Fuel mid way?
You can either press “R” while standing and refuel it with the service provided (Costs alot more) or walk/run to the nearest Gas Station and get a Jerry Can. Just stand next to the pump and buy a Jerry can. One Jerry Can will not refuel your Tank all the way up, so keep that in mind when buying.
Is your Car flipped?
Just press “R” while in the car and “Tow your Vehicle to the nearest Road” which will cost you 1.000 Coins, but you will not have abandon your current Delivery/route.
If your doing a Cargo Delivery etc. you can always pickup some hitchhiker on the way to get some Bonus Driver Exp.
Tired of Driving?
If you have a Destination Set, you can always use your “Autopilot”. Just press “5” twice and it will drive you to your Destination.
Comfort, Sport, Drift
You can change your Driving mode with “Q”.
Comfort is better for your Radiator, meaning your Engine is more likely not to Overheat
Sport is, if you want to be the Fastest
Drift is, if you just want to reenact Tokyo Drift

Written by JupStep

Here we come to an end for the Complete Guide – Motor Town: Behind The Wheel guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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