Complete Walkthrough – Crypchania

Complete Walkthrough – Crypchania 1 -
Complete Walkthrough – Crypchania 1 -

Complete guide for Crypchania,
-main story
-side quests
-Gear set completion
-Pompadin flowers
-Musical instruments


Crypchania walkthrough.
The walkthrough is written in chapter format. You can follow this guide to find the end of the game. Side quests are noticed, which are most of the time not necessary to do but should be done to receive experience for faster leveling up.
Throughout the walkthrough most side quest are being tracked with the quest manual. For some side quests you need to have items or switched some switches which is explained in the main story. So better follow the main story and also do the side quests if you pa*s through them. If not, you could lose the possibility to do the side quests. I will always follow the path that lets you receive the most bang for your buck, so most scenes will be played and secrets will be reveiled.
Tablets and phones: Tab with one finger to select and walk and tab with two fingers to cancel. Mouse: west click to select and walk and east click to cancel.
Keyboard: arrows to move, hit enter to select and X or esc to cancel.
gamepad: D-pad A to enter B to cancel
Basic setup of the game:
You walk, talk and fight and level up your character with basic rpg elements. Side quests are mostly: bring x, get x, escort x, fight amount x monsters, defeat x, investigate x and sometimes it is just a story to follow.
Option menu:
In the menu you have an option to turn off the lights. This will lose some effects of the game but it won’t lag / drain any resources on some older devices.
Make sure the adult content is turned on this way you won’t miss anything.
You can reconfigure the game-pad and keyboard if you don’t play with a mobile device.
Change the Volume, colors, message speed, battle speeds etc.-
Turn auto battle on, will give you a huge disadvantage better not use it.
Battle systems:
Most of the battles are turn based where you use your attack for a melee attack and magix on the enemies.
When you are at a certain level the enemies of that area are attacked straight away without entering the turn-based battle system. This is explained in the game for players to speed things up. These battles will let you receive experience and the loss of HP (keep an eye on the Hud) to heal yourself but won’t give you items. Boss battles or special battles are always turn based.
On some occasions you will enter a battle scene where you are on a small map and you fight enemies without entering the battle system. You can’t heal yourself with potions so you need to catch the butterflies for your hp to recover.
Magix needs MP to cast.
You can flee normal battles, except boss fights, you can defend before a powerful strike hit you.
When you die in battle, you return to the inn of the corresponding area and most of the time you lose your package at the same place where you have died except when fighting a boss, you keep the package with you. If you die again without retrieving the package you are transported to the inn and you have lost 10 levels but lucky you, your package is back.
Also Keep in mind to when you die, without an anti-ko, your character will also lose 5 levels. So always walk with a few anti-ko and the package before you are going to battle. If not, all the hard leveling was for nothing. Even There is no game over, but it is something pretty challenging. Your game is saved when you get defeated, so there is no point of restarting the game.
Saving is only allowed at some points mostly at an inn by the tetrastream machine, using save-crystals to do so. Your game data will be uploaded to the tetrastream, so the next time you login on a different device, your character is ready to continue where he saved. With problems, you should clear all the data and cash from your browser for Crypchania. As explained earlier when you get defeated, the game is saved without the use of a save crystal.
It is your job to deliver a package which contains a secret. You need to deliver the package but before you can come to that point you need to fulfill some stories and quests first. The world map is divided by area’s where you only allowed to go to when you have reached a certain level. This is meant for not skipping to much battles and limiting the open map. To enter a new area, you need a permit with the corresponding level. The permit guy is mostly in the inns on the world map. When ready for a new area, go to the inn and ask for the permit guy. He mostly has some cheap wares so be sure to check him out when you are received the permit.
Scotty Beam:
If you have received some codes from somewhere (in the game or outside the game), you can enter codes to receive items and visits special places (also available through the menu).
There are mirrors on some locations, this is where you can change skin (mostly cosmetic) but sometimes you need to change to enter the next area (like a rat for small holes or a dragon for big gaps). When you are transferred to the mirror land. You can also change your name if you want to. Switching between girls and boys will get different results from the characters and conversations and even songs to be performed at the Dragons inn. The further you progress the more mirrors are available at the mirror world depending on the permits you got, so check it out from time to time. Because you see other players walking around, it’s always nice to have some diversity.
The Game starts with random title screen and sounds and will display the controls. Use the controls available for you and get ready for the adventure of your life to go the login / register screen.
Login / register:
The first time you need to register an account. Keep in mind that the pa*sword cannot be retrieved or changes at any moment so make sure you remember it well together with your account name. Now you can login and if you have saved your game, you take off from this point with all the items and SQUARES.
Shuffle puzzles:
Throughout the game you talk to characters that asks you to do a tetrastream shuffle puzzle for them. See a complete list with these characters and their locations. You can talk to these characters at random, the shuffle puzzle difficulty will increase with every try. After the six puzzle you should talk to Mia for the Ultimate puzzle, so she will become a summon (see the list of all the summon characters). Also, the gear you get with the prizes shouldn’t be sold or discarded. After completing all the puzzles, equipping all the gear at once grands you the puzzled state which increase your stats drastically.
Making deliveries:
As a courier your job is to deliver packages, items and the such to people from people. Make sure to talk to everyone to earn quick money and receive items upon delivery. It is a fast way to get some experience to.

Chapter 1

First you must register a username with a pa*sword and some random characters, to create a tetrastream key. Then login with your credentials to start playing. As it seems you and a girl are on the edge of death but you were saved by some unknown group who can’t reveal them self’s by following some sort of code. After the small intro, you will see a black screen with some credits rolling up. You wake-up inside a tent. Talk to girl (Eveey) on the south. She will join your party.
If you want to change your skin you have limited options in the mirror land when clicking the mirror. After that go to the south where the entrance to the tent is located. Eveey starts a conversation. Hit yes, when you are ready.
She explains some stuff about the game and opens up the menu for you. Equip your character with some equipment and exit the menu. When outside the conversation continues and she gave you some save crystals. Because you are logged in, the save crystals allows you to save your game to the tetrastream. If you want to skip the tutorial scene, open the menu and select Scottie beam or through the items, key items, Scotties beam. Enter 55555. This will get you straight to her uncle’s house. But you miss some stuff that is highly recommended getting it to help you progress further along the way, so better not to skip.
Tip: If you are starting ask a friend or two right away to join you on your quest, this way you can easily get some good gear with the pvp puzzles along the way. If you don’t have any friends; Save you game at the nearest point for the pvp, and login twice on different systems (browser / desktop app) so you can co-op with yourself and always win.
When you are outside the tent: the first obstacle is a rock that needs to be pushed into the water. No big deal, but it is a way to get you familiar with pushing objects with puzzles. If you want to know about the traffic light, hit it. In short: the traffic light controls the boat.
Before you go any further make sure to visit the fishing pond, for some free items (rods and hooks, see the Chapter 1 sidequest for more information
No go down to the bridge and enter it. A little scene will pop-up Try to avoid any explanation, it is way too long. After the bridge, go inside the house on the north. Check by the window and Eveey asks you to sneak in. Answer no for a small cutscene. When you are inside the house. Don’t touch anything because you get to much explanation. Now go to the east book case and a switch is flipped. Now go outside and there is a hole with a rope in the ground. Enter the small dungeon, walk to the west there is a stone blocking your path. On the east is an ice slide that will lead you further down. At the next room you and Eveey are separated. You need to figure out the puzzle on your own. You see two switched and two statues. First is to push the south statue to the south, and then to the east. Now the north statue you need to push to the east and then to the south (it will hit the south statue). Now push the east statue to the west and then north and west again so it’s hitting the switch. Now for the south statue push it north, then west, and then south and west again to hit the other switch. A bridge is magically formed and you can now reach to Eveey. But first make sur that you find the XL-potion from the north east corner to help her. A conversation begins and she feel sorry that it goes so wrong. Now go to the pentagon and you are transported back to the room where you started. Hit the stone and the screen shakes. Now go back outside. It is all very snowy and there is no way for you to leave the area anymore. Get back inside the house, get the skull out from the fireplace. Walk back to the hole and walk to the west again. Get the skull on the stone, the screen shakes and everything returns back to normal. The builder in front of the cave is gone now.
Tip: Some lightning use a lot of computer resources and it could lag on some mobile devices. Best way is to use a desktop / laptop for this kind of dungeons. Or switch of the lightning off through the menu.
Now go back the world map. You notice the rock in front of the cave has been moved so you can enter it. Inside it’s pitch black, be sure to grab the candles and use them when you need to. Hit the three statues for some clues. Now take the path on the east and follow it to the north. You notice a lava wall. Walk to the west and eventually you see a different piece of path. Now hit the lava wall. and you enter some other dimension room. Walk north and a little conversation starts. Touch the grave on the east side (no other or you can start over again). You will be transported back to the entrance and you noticed that the hatch is now open. Go through the hatch and go outside.
North of the map you will see a path to the mountains. Eveey asked you to be sure to go this way, hit yes… Enter the church area and go through the hole of the opened grave. Avoid getting hit by the cannon balls till you hit the blue switch to open the church door. Make your way back. When you are hit by the dark balls you are transported to the level below. Here is a simple pvp challenge if you have a friend or other player with you.
TIP: Sometimes you can hit another online player to open the chat window. Although the chat window is for everyone to use, through whole Crypchania.
When you make it back outside the church you notice that the door is open. Go inside and watch some green men sing a song. The green men are called yokan’s which will come back later in the game. Go to the north east and hit the angel statue, on the north south the statue moves created a hole in the ground. Walk to the west and hit the altar (book), you learn some magix spells. Now go to the hole and again don’t let Eveey explain the battle it is not necessary. Now fight your first enemy a weak dragon. No big deal cast some magix on it and he’s gone. No go to the swirl to transport outside the church or save before you go.
To the north east there is the house of her uncle. Go inside the yard and talk to the uncle and read the conversation. Walk to the east and hit the trunk of the Lamborghini for a master rod, one of the two wooden crates to get a lockpick and get all the flowers from the front of the house (that comes in handy later in the game).
When ready, go outside the yard back to the world map and in the north, there is a gate to the cave that is locked and more to the west there is a museum (see the side quest Chapter 1). But you can skip the museum and just use the lockpick for the gate to the lava cave.
Enter the lava cave through the gate. There is a chest left for you by one of the sponsors (small advertis*ment). Walk to the iron fences. Eveey will leave your party and leaves you 50 potions, 50 medicine, 50 anti-ko’s. But first she asks you a question about adult content (except when you are playing the steam demo or steam full game). Say “Yes” if you are older than 18 or “No” if you are not, you can always change your choice through the options menu. You will need the potions as it as a low-level character and because the floor will hurt you. So be sure to use them before you hit a fire spider, but for now try to avoid the spiders, they are pretty strong. Be careful of the shooting flame, there is pa*sage to the south for a chest with five anti-ko’s. More to the north you will see a plant that will get you out to the desert oasis. There is a dog -Rover- standing next to the entrance. You can talk to him to join your party, or not that is up to you, but he will be a good help with the upcoming battles. To the north east is a tent for a save point. Defeat some scorpions at least till you are level 5. when you Move to the west to exit the oasis and into the world map, which is pretty huge but also small because it is divided by gates.

Chapter 1 – Sidequests – Secrets and PVP

—-Side quest fishing pound—–

Reward: Fishing hooks and rods.
East on the starting map there is a little island with a bridge. A conversation pop-up saying that you see an old couple. Hit yes for some explanation- or let’s fish to enter straight into the fishing pound. Be sure to open the chest for some fishing supplies. If you want you can fish for 10 fishes so you can get a lvl 5 rod from the little girl if you accept her challenge. The elderly couple talks only about your stats.

—–Secret – sewer jackpot —–

Reward: Magix key for the gate outside, 100 Squares.
Call the boat and enter it float to the waterfall and hit it. You enter a small room with a ladder and a light. Go out of the boat, hit the ladder and go north and then straight west. There are some cracks on the wall. One of those cracks will get you to the jack-pot room. There is a chest with 100 SQUARES inside, to help you start the game. More to the north is also a chest containing a magix key for the gate outside. Go back to the world map.

————- PVP Challenge – Church ——

Random reward: 200 SQUARES or a sword or an Armor.
Both players need to hit the switches at the same time and run to the west to cross the bridge. When you have crossed it, there is a chest which gives you a random item: 200 SQUARES, a sword or an armor.

—- Side quest museum—-

Reward: 510 SQUARES, code for the gate and some potions.
To the north east of the second map there is a museum with some paintings and a weapons room. In the museum walk to the east. There is a room with statues. And a note on the floor. You need to break down the last angel for a code. Now go to the weapons room on the south west corner. A conversation starts, and you can pick-up the two hammers. Now go back to the angel room and hit the angel for a note. With this code you can enter the gate to the lava cave which is outside to the east.
The room on the west side of the room with the angel statue is a chest. Good for 10 Squares and some potions.
On the north-east side there is a room with just a Chest. You can’t brute force it (tried), and it’s a random number. What you need to do is to look at all 9 paintings and adding up the numbers (use a calculator). Then go to the chest insert the answer and open it up to get 500 squares.

Chapter 2

First thing to do is to make sure you are at least level 5. Go to the inn (north east from the lava cave and ask around to get your lvl 5 permit from the with long hair and a beard. If you talk to him again after he gives you the permit, he shows you one time only some cheap wears that are really good for buying if you have enough Squares. If you have –Rover- in your party you see a reward for a lost dog on the counter which is a nice touch.
Tip: If you are strong enough and rover is in your party around lvl 8 go to the fireplace at the inn to see a hidden pa*sage to a part of the bat cave. Defeat Yuffi and her crew, which has a code to unlock the chest.
With the permit open the fence to another part of the world. After opening the gate your characters say something to check on Eveey. Go back to the oasis, through the lava cave, and to the small world map and Eveey will follow you saying: to go to her uncle’s house. As it seems the uncles is sick of some infection. Go inside the house of the uncle and there is a small scene. Eveey gets also infected and you need to battle her. The choices you make for this battle will have consequences for the development of the rest of the game:

  • [1] The best economical choice is to battle her and let her die.
  • [2] Escape when you are in battle and find a cure
  • [3] Escape and not find a cure.

The best way is to fight her and let her die by defeating her. After that there is a small scene and you will shut down the lava cave with a rock so the infection won’t spread to the rest of Crypchania. This way it’s also impossible to go to this area of the map. When you are transported to the lava cave, go to the north and then to the east side of the cave. There is now access to a stair which lets you go down. Walk around on the island and a large spider appears. Try to defeat it. If not, you are transported back to the level 5 inn. Heal up before you go outside If you have defeated it, you get your first trophy item: big spider leg and you can open the chest. The leg is one of the things needed much later in the game for the desert pit fight but is also optional.
Tip: You can do all kinds of side quests before you go through the lvl 5 permit gate. The first few hours are just for exploring the area and the towns to collect items, weapons, armor and squares before you take off to the next area which is much more difficult as you give -rover- back to his owner, you have lost a party member, which heals you in battle.
Now walk back to the gate so you can move more to the west to go to the western isles. Or if you want do some more exploration and side quests it’s up to you. When ready go to the permit gate level 5 again and If -Rover- is in your party, there is a girl waiting and she tells you, that you have her dog. You give -Rover- back and in return you get 50 SQUARES. It is recommended to do some side questing to leveling up, or not you can go straight to chapter III when you have the lvl 5 permit.

Chapter 2 – Side Quests

——– Side quest fairy coins – Cure for Eveey——–

If you want a cure for Eveey, you need to get five nak*d fairy coins.
This will also lead you to a fight with your main enemy “Yoka”.
Go back to the world map, when you exit the cave go to the Abbondand tower and hit the stone which says you need 5 coins. go back to the oasis (with the scorpions) and to the east you see a tent. Enter the tent and a nak*d fairy will appear. After the battle she explains that you need 5 coins which is for opening a portal inside the Abbondand tower, this is only needed when you want to save Eveey (see chapter III).
Around the world the nak*d fairies appear randomly like yellow shine if you go through the walkthrough, you should come across them all. When you leave the tent, you see a twinkling fairy right away (look careful as the sand will blend it.)

— All Mountain town SIDE QUESTS —

Mountain town is located to the north. You need to go through the bat-cave which has two entrances. One is located at the lvl 5 inn. From there go north east. The exit for the mountain town is a path with some pillars and two statues. When you are at the mountain town be sure to buy some mountain town scrolls at the gift shop to return there quickly. There are also some people that need your help: Talk to them for the quests. You need to be a VIP courier for any of the buildings be opened. It is not necessary right now to go to mountain town, unless you are still not the required level for the permit. If you are, you can go to the next chapter.
Mountain town pub, there is a guy in a suite named Guido sitting at the bar. You should talk to him he gives you a co-op quest to defeat 100 bats at the bat cave. If another player defeats a bat at the same time as you it will be added to the count. If you have a total of 100 report back to Guido and he will stumble out of the bar. Because the bouncer is glad that he left he will let you go to the bas*ment where there is a casino. Later you find Juna at the slots for another quest (when you receive the level 15 permit].
-The little girl that has felt down and needs an anti-KO. If you have it you are done. If not, she will steal your money and hides inside the store. Find her again and she gives you some soup in return.
-if you don’t have wind magix skill talk to the green pointy hat near the felt down girl. She teaches you Wind.
-In the middle of the path there is a girl named Vivian, she will ask you to solve a tetrastream shuffle puzzle for you.
-North at mountain town you will see a girl with brown hair, doing the laundry her brother has gone to the ice cave to the east but has not returned. You will accept this quest to look for him. In the middle of the ice cave the brother has felt down into a big hole. You need to bring him a anti-KO so he lives. Then take the letter back to his siter at the mountain town.
-North East there is a small girl who have lost her doll. It has been taken by a bat. Go to the Batcave and defeat some bats. Go south the encounter the right bat. The doll for the girl will appear at some moment. But You need to defeat the right BAT. Don’t worry if you don’t find the doll straight away. But be sure to defeat all the bats you came across to level up. Return it to her for some basic items.
Now go to the east and enter the ice cave. North west at the end of the path you find nak*d fairy. Now go back to the east there is a rope hanging on the edge. Go down and the brother will ask for some items. If you don’t have it, the brother dies. Leaving you a letter of his death. When he lives, he gives also a letter with good news. Go back and again to the north to exit the cave. You came to the cold lands. as for now, go inside the igloo. An old couple are here and a mirror to change, if you want to. The old woman needs some wood. and the old men says he lost his gla*ses and a scorpion got it.
No go back outside, south east of the cold lands there is a fishing pond. Enter it to activate the fishing mining game. If you have the east pound a chest will appear on the bottom. Use the master rod and a XL hook to get the chest which contains a flute. Go back through the cave or use the fast travel if you want to the abandoned tower. Go back to the oasis and a boat appears. Go inside the boat and to the north east, there is a small part with a chest containing a lvl1 shield and 5x wood. Hit the chest and the scorpion for the gla*ses. Go back to the world map, straight north to the bat cave. Take the path to the west if you think you are strong enough. There are some signs like ‘keep out’ on the wall. And there is a single bat flying around. Try to hit him and when you do A battle appears. The screen goes dark and a big dad bat appears. Try to defeat him, if not you die, lose some SQUARES and are in the inn. If you do defeat him, you will get a key item bid bat wing. Hold on to it.
Now try your way through the cave from the east hopefully you will defeat a bat which holds the doll. of not, no worries. Go back to the mountain town to complete the quests. Go to the north to deliver the letter. If the brother had died, you get some less experience if the brother lives. The girl is happy which gives you some more items and experience. Now if you have found the doll in the bat cave, go to the girl on the east.

-=-=- Side quest – PVP trial path-=-=-

Needed: save crystal (for every try). Award: 500 Squares – pvp lvl 5 trail trophy.
Visit the abandoned tower with a friend. Go to the south-west corner of the tower. Here you will find two gateways. You and your friend need to stand on both of them. Then you are transferred to the pvp trail. Here you need to hit some switches and push some rocks to help each other’s. Be careful of the black canon-balls at the beginning and at the end, when one of you is hit by one, you are transferred both back.

Chapter 3

As you go inside the inn, for your permit you will notice that the permit guy is not there. So, if you want to go to the western isles you need to be level 15 to get the permit. As you ask around the inn you notice that the permit guy is arrested. You need to free him first from the North castle prison. After the permit 5 gate go north, pa*s the mansion, and you see a bridge with the north castle behind it. Enter the bridge and talk to the soldier. He says you need to find the carpenter to fix the bridge. Go back to the world map and walk east to see an apple tree between the trees and the mountains. Enter it for the apple curse story. Enter the big door and go to the west. Take the climbing plant and go down the hole. There is a puzzle room with a clock counter. Try to find your way out (it won’t go wrong if you take the time). Get up the stairs and open the locked door to be save. Now go back down the stairs and open the chest. Go back up the stairs and other stairs to get you outside. Walk west to go into in the apple waterfall area. There is a soldier by the water, he won’t let you pa*s because of a curse. But you need to pa*s there to go to the market where the carpenter is. first go down south east cave. You notice some blobs you need to fight. The treasure is hidden behind the pilar. Go back and go to the most west cave and enter it. Now you find an apple key. Then go back to the map and go to the south-west entrance. You are in a room with six pillars fight the blobs and go to the east, in the corner there is a chest for the square key. Now go back to the map and enter the north east cave. there is a room with 2 pillars. Go east and you will see your first gate you can unlock with the SQUARE key. Go further and you notice barrels at the wall. The cracked barrel contains a pentagon key. Now go back to the map and back into the south-west cave with the six pillars. Now go to the east where you found the square key and to the north for another gate. You use the pentagon key to open it. Now move further to the north and you notice two rocks and a chest. The chest contains the circle key. Now go back to the map, and go to the north east cave again, the room with the two pillars. Now continue your path till you hit another gate where you use the circle key. Move further and you will come to a room with an empty box. The next gate you use the apple key on it. And then you have to fight a skeleton boss. IF you win, you get a triangle key. use it on the chest to open it to get a key with a skull. Now go back to the map and enter the north east gate. There is one blob and further a chest with just a flower. Now use the skull key on the gate and go further your path. Now you are in another boring cave, walk to the west and you see a Non or some sort by the water. Hit her for some scene. Now go the north when there is a T in the path go east. And at the next T, go east again. Zigzag your way through and when you are at the middle T-section again go north. and go west or east and then north, the next T-section go east and you see a ladder. Now you are in the royal apple kitchen. Hit the maid for a conversation, she says you need to go to the librarian. Go out the kitchen, go to the stairs in the middle which brings you to the second floor. On the east side there is the librarian. Although, there is a book that is moving around hence the apple curse. you can ask the book some question. the most important to trigger the quest is the “how can I help?”. If you want you can ask some other stuff. After that you know enough to end the conversation. Now go another floor up you are in the throne room. The queen has become a statue, because of the curse. Go to the south and another soldier is blocking your path. Give him some flowers and he will let you through. Now hit the king, and he gives you a certificate. Also, when you are beneath level 20? He makes another note for you so you can get the legendary apple sword. If not, you are on your own. Now go two levels down where the kitchen is. On the east-west side there is the weapons room. Go there if you are lower than level 20. The guard is telling you; “you are a WIMP” and he gives the apple sword to you that allows you to use the ultimo spell, which is pretty strong. Now if you want, you can level up your character if you want to with easy, because of the sword. When you have the sword go to the west again to use the main entrance to go outside the apple castle. In the garden, there is a barrel, hit it to have a secret pa*sage to the bas*ment (where the Non let the grave float). Take the east side back to the cave and follow the path back to the map. Now go to the soldier who is standing on the bridge. Show him the king’s certificate and he let you pa*s. Now you are in the waterfall Area, go east and climb some hills and fight some skeletons to the north. Then go west across the bridge and go east you see a house. go inside the house and you notice a witch, fight her and if you win you have the apple-cure. now go outside on the east there is a wooden board you can use to float across. And try your way back into the castle. First go to the librarian and use the apple cure on him. He turns back to normal. Now go to the throne room and use the apple-cure on the queen. She turns from statue to normal. A scene appears and she slaps you lol, and walks to the king. Follow her for another scene. Here comes the witch that turns the queen to monster you need to fight. When you win, all is explained. You return the apple-sword to the formal king and the which takes you outside the castle. here you can follow a link to Crypchania and let all your social media friends know you have lifted the apple curse. And you get a Scotties beam code 316773 for returning when you want.
You are transferred to the house of the witch. She says that she opens shop soon for some magix and stuff. Now go south and when you are on the map hit the chest. Go west to some sort of forest. Walk the path to go the market. When you are on the market go to the weapon shop. On the west side you the carpenter. Although he is asleep and you can’t wake him up without wake-up salt. Ask the shop keeper and buy some weapons / armor when you want to. Now it is your turn to figure out where to get the wake-up salt. So, start asking around for some clues. But the best clue comes from the Liberian at the apple castle. use the Scotties beam code 316773 to return to apple castle. Go to the Liberian and He says you need him to give the Squareders.1 book. Now you should ask around some people but the book will be found with the old couple in the cold-lands. Go there and be sure to bring some wood for the fire and at least 5 SQUARES. Now hit the old woman to start a fire and again for getting the Sqaureders.1 book. Now go to the old guy to give him back his gla*ses (you got from the scorpion remember?) He will give you an item in return. Use again the Scottie beam code 316773 to return to the castle or walk and defeat bandits and monsters to level yourself up. Go back to the librarian and he will give you a random code (write it down or remember it). Go from the castle back to the world map. there you need to follow the river to the south and you will see a cave with a gate and to the west the INN for this area. if you are level 15 or above, go inside the inn and asked around for where the permit guy is. He has been arrested. Now go back outside, and use the code the Liberian gave you in to unlock the gate. Enter the salt cave, up north you see some tracks. When you follow the track through the wall you get in a small room with a chest. Open the chest to get a key. go back to the entrance and this time take the west path. And when you cross some bars go south and then west, here you can unlock the gate and follow the path to a room where you find Yuffi. Fight the avalanche crew. If you defeat them a conversation happens. and Yuffi disappears to the cave entrance. Hit

Chapter 3 – Sidequests

——-Secret clownly riddles—–

Needed: Bridge fixed to the northern castle.
Reward: Altier sword (a*sa*sination set)
Solve three riddles from the clown in the throne room to get the Altier sword. You need this sword to complete the a*sa*sin set, with this set you can kill some enemies from behind for exp. But it will cost you a poison Injection each time you a*sa*sinate an enemy.
For the riddles:
These are random but the first letter is shown so choose one answers with each batch.
First batch are the answers: ‘it’ ‘joke’ ‘shadow’
second batch are the answers: ‘dice’ ‘nothing’ ‘smoke’
third batch are the answers: ”darkness’ ‘memories’ ‘gloves’
The fourth batch are the answers: ‘mirror’ ‘footsteps’ ‘Sunday’
If you have answered one incorrectly return to batch one.

Chapter 4

Go To the desert gate where you need the lvl 15 permit and walk south west where you see another gate. Enter it to enter the forgotten forest. It is easily to get overwhelmed by the path but don’t worry, never go through the routes where the walls are just one character high, it is empty and you won’t find anything there. Walk to the west side where a wooden board lies into the water. Here you see some scrolls which tells you how to build a raft. Now walk through the whole map to find all the material for the raft which is scrambled amongst the map. Some of the items are not suitable for the raft like a rotten chair, table, cracked pot etc., let them be. Where you find the rope, you need to fish for a chest. when you have all the 9 pieces, go back to the wooden board in the water (which is also a piece) then a scene will appear where you create the raft (sort of). When the raft is done, it will dive of without you. But don’t panic, follow the river if you can to the south where the raft is lying. Now enter the raft and drive off to the south for a chest. And follow the river until you find a gap. If you have the secret forest map, use it. To the north is the area where you can enter the secret forest. Use the map to follow the exact path. If you, did it correctly you are in a new area where you get a new skill. To the east there is another path that leads to the chest with 100 Squares in it. When you leave you are back at the forest? Use the Raft to drift all the way back to the north for a chest and next to exit the forest and be back into the world map. When you are at the beach get out of the raft and enter the light house. However, on the beach you have a lot of people lying in the sun [ask them for some simple quests]. The children who are playing with the beach-ball are an easy one to archive. The first time you need to click the boy on the west 50 times so the ball bounces west and east between the two. You will receive an old tablet (needed to get to the Western Isles). The second time you need to click him 500 times. You receive 20 save-crystals and 20 anti-ko. If you want you can give it another go for 5.000 times, which is absurd for what you get. Which to receive 99 save-crystals and 99 anti-ko. You could set a macro up so that you can leave the computer for the night.
If you talked to Katsumi at the Wootang village she is also on the beach fishing. Give her a better hook [M] and a better rod. She will fish up a chest with an a*sa*sin ring in it. You need the ring to complete the a*sa*sins set. Make sure that you do this before you enter the fishing contest later at the game.
With the old tablet you need to go back to the desert as you see a ship which stranded the middle of the desert. Hit it and you’ll see that the water is gone beneath the ship. Ask the red dressed captain, better known as Captain Morgane And ask her what has happened. You tell her you go find a solution. With the old tablet you got from the beach children: You need to have it translate it in order to enter the ice temple. Go to the apple castle and talk to the guy outside the castle. He got the final translation, you can sell the tablet if you want, you don’t need it anymore. If you have fully translated and sold the old tablet, you are good to go. Go inside the ice cave east of the world map. Walk to the north east corner, there is a temple. Try open the door and a voice speaks to you: what does scars do. your answer (using the letters to spell the word:) going. Doing it east, the temple door will open.
Go inside and there should be portal to a secret town Snowvänia. Snowvänia seems abandoned, but the houses have lights in them. Go straight up. There is a house on the west you need to enter. On the first floor there is a guy who is tells you about the pirates and the ice fairy. Now go back outside and walk to the east there are some trees where you can walk through and up the hill there is a door where a key is needed. Snow has the key obviously, so walk back and you figure out he is no longer at the house on the west. Instead walk to the platform where you entered the town. Snow tells you that he west the key under some bed. Now as this is a random quest, the key could be anywhere. Start searching the beds of all the houses till you find the key. When you have it, go back to the door and enter it. Inside the castle wall there is not much, so walk straight north and enter another door. Now this is the road to the ice-Fairy. Just defeat the monsters, and when half way there is a cave where you can rest-up and save your process. When ready go further north where a throne stands on top of the hill. touch the crystal and there is a trap that let you fall inside a new cave. Here a conversation starts with the Ice fairy. And then a fight. If you win the fight, you are transferred back to the ice cave with a frost magix crystal and the snowballs in the desert are melted.
However, if you lose, snow comes to the rescue. He tells you that the fight with the fairy has decreased her powers so that the ice-balls are melted. So, either way you can’t lose this fight. But you don’t have the magix-frost crystal if you lost the fight to her. Don’t go back to the fairy, because you can’t fight her anymore. Now that the water has returned under Captain Morgane’s ship you can go to the western isles. go back to the desert and hit the ship or use the sb: 685963.
The water has been raised. Jump across to get to the chest, with almost nothing in it. Morgane tells you about Jhonny, and she gives you his leg, you can equip it as a bat, if the stats are higher than your own weapon. When ready talk to Morgane and she takes you to the ship, now walk around doing nothing but pay attention to the items that floating by, you need to remember them /write it down as they are randomly generated, box, beach ball, kwab and a boat. Times go by and she yells there is something up. A giant kwab shows up. If you win this battle, you receive a big ooze crystal. If not, nothing is the matter you can fight it when you are returned to the desert, the scene continues and the ship is being attacked by a man-o-war or something.
Canon balls fly over you and Morgane yells that you need to fire back. Be careful not to get hit by any cannon balls. Hit the two middle canons 25 times to fire them, and after that the enemy ship is gone. Now watch the birds fly by and a storm is coming. Morgane falls overboard and you are pa*sed out by the lightning that struck you. A scene appear with it seems the same guys that rescued you earlier on the beginning of the game. After that you wake up on the beach of the western isles with Morgane in the party. There is a volcano that is about the erupt etc.
The first thing you want to go is go inside the mansion. Morgane falls through the floor and you need to find her. The first room have four candles that needs to be put on or off in the east order for the west door to open. The candles are marked as follow: [A] [C] [D]

  • hit the B candle off, then on, then off.
  • hit the C candle off, then on.
  • hit the A candle off.
  • hit the D candle off and on.

When done correctly, a hidden pa*sage on the west opens. Go to the pa*sage and you see a chest, which has a combination lock. Now, check the mirror and turn yourself into a rat. Go back to the main hall and in the middle, you see a fireplace, where you can crawl through. Go north and then east to see a carton-box, with a note in it. Write down the combination / remember it. Because it is a randomly created number, nobody can help you further if you lose it. Now go back to the room with the mirror, change yourself back to the main skin without the hat and apply the number combination on the chest. Here is the key for the east door on the hall way. Now go to the next room into the bas*ment. Here is another obstacle for you to overcome. Remember the stuff that floated inside the water on the way over

Chapter 4 -Sidequests

-=-=- Side QUEST Deserto banditos -=-=-

Needed: Nothing
Reward: Assa*sin’s hood
south east to the desert Area, in the middle of the desert lays the Sands Inn. The inn-keeper Sandy wants you to defeat some bandits in the desert area, because they keep robbing her.
You need to defeat 20 bandits in the desert area and report back to the inn keeper. She will reward you with an a*sa*sin’s hood. This is needed to complete the a*sa*sins set, which allows you to kill enemies from behind.

-=-=-PVP Side QUEST Shadows of light-=-=-

Needed: Another online player.
Reward: magix Lantarno
East to the desert Area Is a small town called ‘El banditos’ this is where the bandits of the desert used to live but they have abandoned the village because of the heat and to seek opportunity. However, there is a shop still open that is normally a magix shop. Inside there are two quests available. This one and the ‘la musica sambreno’ quest. for this Quest you need a friend that is playing with you. One of you gets the job to find the darkness stone and the other needs to find the light stone. Skeleton wants to combine them into a powerful magix. However, he can’t go to the divine place and he needs two souls (you and your friend) to get the stones for him.
So, the left tile will bring you to the darkness, here you need to stay on the shadow path.
The right tile will bring you to the light, here you need to stay on the light path.
You need to light up a candle to reveal the path. When you hit the shadow / light depending on what stone you seek, the chest is hidden and you need to walk back to the beginning and touch the vortex to reset the chest. You get five candles from the skeleton dog, that has also sought the stone long time ago.
When you have the stone return to the beginning and stand on the tile it will bring you back to the middle of the desert. Now you and your friend need to go back to the magix shop of Skullitan with the stones and stand on the tile without the star, depending if you have a light stone or a dark stone. Then a scene will happen when he combines the two stones and wipes away a slime instantly. Then he gives you the magix Lantarno, which allows you to see hidden objects on the map.
After this quest you get a new quest to let you fill the magix lanterno with more fluids so the unhidden objects are touchable.

——SIDE QUEST La Musica Sambreno ———

Needed: four instruments (ocarina, flute, harp, guitar)
Reward: Drum
East to the desert Area Is a small town called ‘El banditos’ this is where the bandits of the desert lives but they have abandoned the village because of the heat and to seek opportunity. However, there is a shop still open that is normally a magix shop. Inside there are two quests available. This one and the ‘Shadows of light’ pvp quest. for this Quest you need to find four instrument that are lost in the world of Crypchania. See the complete instruments list finding guide. When you have all the instruments return to the Michael J. for a small concert. When all are released, you will get a drum.

-=-=-SIDE QUEST Desert pit fights-=-=-

Walk to the north east side for finding the desert pit area. -before you enter the desert area, go to the east, beneath the valley where the demo of Crypchania is started. There you will find some rocks / mountains with tents in the middle. On the east side is a builder you can move so there is a shortcut back from where you begin. Walk back and enter the desert fighting pit. Go to the west, climb up the leaf, then go down through the mountain path and to the ride cross the little bridge, and go up. Beneath the cliffs, you are in the public fighting pit place. Talk to everyone, see some scenes, like the clown with puke on the floor is great. GO back to from where you came and go down. if you didn’t already go to the cave where the bats and scorpions are and let you fall through the floor. You fall in a water source and in the middle, you see a red basket of eggs. Touch it to begin the fight with a mother scorpion, to get the scorpion tale. back to the fighting pit. Now you are on the cliff with the tent. Enter it and ask the hosted (bunny girl Tanya). Ask the girl to start the conversation, when finished and you have proof that you are made up for it hence the big spider leg, or the bat wing. Ask the girl again Some random text is displayed and she walks to the east to get some sign in forms on the table. Then go to the table, start another confirmation and enter your name (this is your change to edit it). When you lose you can sign up again with a different name, so don’t worry. After the signing the hostess says the competition is starting shortly. Now it took me a long time to figure out when it is starting but it seems to happen, when you level up your character between 1 and 3 levels, before the competition is started. Go back to the world and fight some monsters and doing some random quests, to lvl up your character, after some leveling up, go back to the desert fighting pit tent and ask the hosted.

-=-=-SIDE QUEST Desert pit fights cla*s I -=-=-

Needed to complete: Big dad bat wing (bat cave mountain town)
or Big spider leg (lava cave at Eveey’s house) or big scorpion tale e and a lvl 15 tm 25 permit.
Reward: 200 Squares,
She says a few fights have started and you’re up next, when you ready hit yes, when not, the menu will open. Edit your gear to have lots of fighting power. after this you are transferred to the pit. You fight 4 characters at random: Yuffie, carpenter, The undressed girl from the cloth shop and? When you defeat them, you are champion of cla*s I desert fighting pit. Share it with your friends. If you lose however, you need to sign up again, lvl up some more and start all over. So be sure to be healthy enough with enough potions, etc. You will be fine.

-=-=-SIDE QUEST Desert pit fights cla*s II -=-=-

Needed to complete: Harp or flute or ocarina (fishing in Wootang village) and a lvl 15 tm 25 permit. Reward: 500 squares
Yuffie, came back for revenge and brings the avalanche VII crew with her. You first fight Yuffie herself, after you won, you fight at random: Tifa, Vincent, Cid, and Aeris. When you defeated them Yuffie says she brings out the strongest for last, which happens to be Cloud. If you win from cloud, you will be brought back to the tent and the pit cla*s I will be swapped for the pit cla*s II. However, if you lose two times this tournament, you will lose your cla*s I certificate which happened to be very annoying. You have to start all over again with the fighting cla*s I.
-=-=-SIDE QUEST Desert pit fights cla*s III -=-=-
Needed to complete: Five pompadin-flowers. And a lvl 15 tm 25 permit.
Reward: 1000 Squares.
When you first want to participate with the cla*s III tournament. The hostess is annoyed because you returned. Anyway, she made up some tasks for you to bring her five pompadin flowers. Maybe you came across them earlier, but you weren’t able to pluck them until now. The exact locations are found in the ITEM chase section later in the walkthrough. As for short: they are found in:
The map you walk before the desert pit.
Front of the forgotten castle
vegetables yard in the Wootang village.
The apple castle market.
The secret forest (completing the ghost hunt).
The bat cave from the most north side walk to the east.
The oasis, where the nak*d fairy is and the lave cave.
The yard of Eveey’s / uncles house.
The lost forest east side of the market path.
Now go back to the hostess, sign up and start fighting some random characters.

-=-=- Side QUEST The devil’s choice -=-=-

Needed: Nothing
Reward: Videla as an Summon. Darkness axe and Heavenly shield
At the sand inn, there is a young priests named Videla. She claims that the tetrastream will be corrupted by evil. So, she is looking for someone. Instead, you found her and she wants you to take her back to her pub to find her mother.

Chapter 5

As you have your permit level 25 go through the gate at the desert region to head more south. Walk pa*s the castle and hit the gate (which is locked). Go inside the castle and walk in the church. Now ask the guardian and he tell you no one will pa*s. Go outside and hit the barrel to alarm the guard and let him go outside. This scene is automatic, there is nothing you have to do. Inside you notice the treasure room of the church is empty. Walk to it and you notice that Morgane is there. She is happy to see you again and gives you the key and joins your party for a small walk. No go outside the castle, Morgane takes off again and you can go through the gate to the south. Walk through the forest and enter the station. As you notice the station is closed by laser beams. Ask the hill Billy girl outside and she says something about a permit. Now go back through the woods and to the north there is Neon city. A scene appears where a brother and a sister have an argument. You ask about the train station and they don’t seem to help you. As an older guy named Hershell walks by he is going to the south castle to discuss why they are letting people through. Before you follow him back to the south castle, go north east there is a guy named Stan in red that has a side quest for you. Ask him before you go, for the ufo chasing side quest which lays on your path and come in handy when you have the camera. Also, there is a store to stock up on potions. But as it seems you can’t enter it right away. Go to the building east and enter it. On the west side there is a hole in the wall. You can enter it and you are in a ventilation shaft. Follow the path and you are in the store. The store owner walks there. Talk to him (or not) at the front of the store there is a wooden crate. Hit it and receive some random items. The store owner is now behind the counter and you can walk through the front door in and out as you please.
Now go to the south castle and ask around, as it turns out there is an alien hanging on a rope. Hershell thinks it’s sad. Ask around some people and cap’n Morgane. As it appears she steals your package and some scrolls without you noticing it (check your inventory). When you hit all the people go speak to Hershell again who is now standing with the crowd to let the king appear. He speaks to the people, about the strange things that went on lately. Then the queen of the north shows up to stand by his side. After this you got kidnapped by Agent X Because he is after the package. When you wake up you are in a cell. Listen to the conversation till it ends. Take the pick axe and remove the planks from the ground to escape through the hole. You are in the water tunnels beneath the well. Move north east to get the key to the water forest house. then use the rope to climb up and exit through the well. Go to the small house and open the door to open the treasure (Which caved some random stuff.) Now go outside and move to the east. Before you can go to the world map, Morgane bounced at you. She gives all your stuff back, but you are rather mad on her. With the boat go to the lighthouse beach if you have activated the ufo chasing side quest. Now go back to the water house and walk up to the north there is a bush with roses. Select it and burn it for a Bikini Battle. Or not return to Neon city. Talk to Stan the photo guy to let him know about the ufo you saw. Walk north east of the city to talk to Hershell. He tells you some stuff about an upcoming war with the star children.
Now go inside the church of neon city and a scene happens where you see Yoka stealing a book, which sets the alarm off. After the conversation Yoka is gone. And finally, the sister and her brothers know where they are coming from and where they want to go. So, they need the research centrum to be opened again. Go to the research centrum and ask the girl at the reception. Walk around some time and she calls you when the permit level 35 is ready. But You only get it if you are actually level 35 of course. Make sure to do some quests and some battles, the secret forest is your best bet if you are lvl 30 and want to quick level up to 35. Also, the next side quest will help you to level up very fast. With the Camera, you can select a lot of stuff around the world which gives you small portions of exp. Be sure to stock up on a lot of batteries before you do.

Chapter 5 – Side quests

-=-=-Side quest – U.F.O chasing:-=-=-

Needed to complete: Access to the dragon mountain.
Reward: 5000 experience, Camera (for photo missions), 1500 SQUARES.
Go to the Neon city, it is south of the south castle. Here you find a dude that thinks he is an artist. He has no time to spot a ufo, because of some seminar. But you could trace the lead. So go to the lighthouse beach. At the end of the fishing spot you see a large ufo in the water. Now go back to the Neon city, and talk to the artists. He is a little vague to what to believe but he wants proof and gives you a camera. Go back to beach, but there is no ufo. Now ask around. The restaurant holder is the trigger for this one. She says she saw a ufo taken away by some light. go back to the artist and tell him that the UFO is gone. He is not amused and disappointed. So, you give the camera back. When you leave town, the artist is gone. Walk out to the world map and go to the desert lagoon (between the mountains and the water) where captain Morgane’s ship was earlier. If you haven’t defeated the big kwab then you need to fight it again. If you did already kill it then you are good to go. Ask the artist again and he has some lead to some mountain and gives you once again the camera. Now go to the dragon mountain on the right side you see an alien and a ufo. As soon as the alien noticed you, he jumps in the ufo and takes off. This time you take pictures. And you can return to the desert lagoon. Here you show him the pictures but they are all black because of the lens cap was still on. He gives you the camera and then you need to go to the apple castle. Ask the boy by the window on the third floor and he says that there is a disc flying around. So, you pushed him away and snaps some photos from the window and voila you have completed the mission.
Now when you go back to the lagoon, you notice that the guy is no longer there. This is when you need to go to the northern castle where he will be that he has a ufo picture, the mission is done and you get your reward. This will open up the snapshots side quests.

-=-=-Side quest – Squid game (mini game): -=-=-

Needed: to have 0 Squares
Reward: 20.000 SQUARES
At the south west station there is a guy in a purple suite that asks if you want to play a game.
If you agree, a squid game soldier pop-ups and he makes you asleep. As you wake-up by the sound of a horn. As a referent and somewhat of an easter-egg you can talk to the people in the room with the beds. Or you can go through the room right away. This mini game is based on some luck as you need to walk through the horde of people to reach the end before the time ends. Also, you do need to stand still if the room turns to red. People are randomly eliminated, so sometimes there is no room for you to go through and you are eliminated as the timers ends. If you succeed you win the mini game.

-=-=-Side quest – Chicken run part 1 :-=-=-

Needed at least 10 levels to spare.
Another player to open the PVP door.
Reward: 20.000 SQUARES
Because it is taking away a few levels your best does this quest at the end of the game. At the south castle north east corner there is A guy named Charlie with a purple suite. He is sad that he has lost his chicken. He couldn’t find it anywhere. Neither did we as through the whole world chickens are starting to pop-up. But after some digging around, we found out that the farmer girl at the milky bread farm (later in the game) knows Charlie as well. She said that he had sold his soul to the devil. We know that the lost forest ruin / castle. There is a devil (you need another player to open the door). Also be careful because you could lose all your levels as well if you make the wrong choice. It is the devil after all. So, make the conversation with the devil and he asks you to sell him your soul so he tells you where the chicken is. if you sell 5 levels to the devil, he tells you: ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall.’ Nothing more. Now after the argument the Devils tells you to go away. If not, he takes all your levels. So better get away. So, we figure out that it has have to do with the mirrors where you can change skin. Going through a random mirror finds the chicken indeed as she walks around at the mirror land. Talk to the chicken and bring her back to Charlie. He will reward you with 20.000 SQUARES.

-=-=-Side quest – Chicken run part 2: -=-=-

Reward: 10555 exp. Bonus: get Guido as a summon and open up the Snowvänia castle.
Ask Charlie again about the chicken. He says that it was once a princess. Because the reward was so big, you offer to help once again. Go to the apple which house, because she knows about changing people to different things. She tells you she did not turn the chicken but if someone did, al the changings spells are more or less the same. You always need some ‘long lost memory’ from the person who has been changed. As you still have some drops of Apple-curse you go back to Charlie and ask about the princess long lost memory. He tells you that he just brought it from a guy named Guido. Go find Guido which is now at the old mansion (south from the north castle). He is there with some chickens trying to sell them to people. You have an argument with him about the fake chicken that isn’t a princess. He tells you where he found the chicken. Also, if you have rescued Guido earlier from Yoka, he will become available as a summon. Go back to Charlie and tell him the news or go straight to the Castle wall at the snow town (through the ice cave). In the castle wall there are chickens. Between the broken wooden wall there is a picture lying on the ground. Take it with you to go back to the south castle and let the chicken see the picture. She jumps up, Charlie asks to give him the apple-cure. The chicken turns into a princess and the two are transported to the Snowvänia ice castle.


-=-=-Side quest – Lilians for a girl :-=-=-

Reward: 24560 exp, if you do it right another 25.000 exp bonus and a Lilian Helmet. (Bring Eveey back to life)
At the south castle there is a young boy who likes the shop keeper. He wants to give her some Lilian’s so he asked you to go find them in a cave. Head to the graveyard north-east of the South castle. You see a flower-pot at some grave. Select it and you are transported to a cave where it seems to be a world with souls that are stuck there and everyone is cursed. Talk to the first skeleton you see there; he will open the gate for you to explore the cave some more. Grab the three Lilian’s that are in his room and move all the way south. In the middle of the cave, you see a character without a face that is called Morpheus. In order to get out of this cave you need to find all the 10 Lilian’s. And if you figure out who has been lying to you. You can even get some bonus exp. So, there are two rooms, one to the west and one to the east. Head first to the east, and pick up two Lilian’s and talk to the skeleton and pay attention what he has to say. Then walk to the west to a different skeleton and pay attention what he has to say. Now walk back to the north east and asks MR Bones, and again pay attention what he is telling you. Now go to the west and up north and talk to Miss Ribs, don’t forget to pick up all the Lilian’s. Now when you have taken notes to what says who about who etc., you could come to the conclusion that one of them is telling the truth. Before you go, make sure to catch 10 lapricorns (see the lapricorn side mission.), and if you have killed Eveey you could bring her with you from the death.
With all the Lilian’s in hand, and the 10 lapricorns caught, now the information that is given from the skeletons you must make a choice who was telling the truth. As this is a random outcome, depending on who was saying what… You need to choose one from the list. If you chose right, you get some bonus exp, if not then not you are sent back anyway, go back to the south-castle and give the boy the

Chapter 6

When you have reached lvl35 make sure to have the permit corresponding. With it walk to the east from the castle to the train station. Buy a ticket at the machine for 50 SQUARES and ask the conductor to take the train. Once you are at the dragon castle go straight into the castle, a scene appears with some guy and a dragon. Both of you run away to the village that is attached to the castle. Now another conversation appears and the guy flees away and you need to return to the king to talk to him about the package. Another conversation appears and it seems the guy making a scene is the owner of the package. You walk outside and another scene appears with Yoka threatening the king and destroying his dragon Xeena to goo. The king takes off to find Yoka apparently.
You on the other hand must search for the guy who now wants sanctuary by the church. Nobodies there so it seems. Before you start a conversation with him. Be sure to save, because the next scenes will be slow on most mobile devices.
After save and switch to desktop 🙂 talk to the guy at the church. He hits your light out and it seems that Yoka kidnap you and the other guy to his castle. Hit the little light on the right for a scene. After the conversation hit the left light for another scene as it turns out, Morgane is also a prisoner. Now go back to the right light and ask about the materials needed. Now go back to the left side, and explain it to Morgane, as it turns out you just have to wait, you can still talk to the both of them, for some random conversations. After a few seconds you are being called by the dragon king who found you in search of Yoka. Walk to the south to talk to him. A conversation starts and Morgane appears, she had a lockpick all the time and freed herself. She frees you and walks to the east to release Brandon (the guy where the package belongs to. Then the king (David) uses a teleport crystal to teleport everyone back to the throne room of dragon castle for another conversation on what to do next. You have decided to go the Yoka’s castle, but the only way to get there is by under the sea. You need a dragon tear that is hidden by the king on the dragon-mountain. The rest of the party stays at the king.
Make sure that you visit the Yokan camp (you see a tent surrounded by trees) to catch up some story. Also, when you heave defeated Yoka go back to the village, you are allowed to shop to stock up some magix and masks to complete some sets you have and you can talk to the Yokan princes who has a guest for you. She explains about her father Yoka. Also visit the village before you defeated agent X. After agent X defeat, the village has a festivity (see side quest The Last Yokan story). Leave her tent on the north side to find a, which is needed to complete the sing song set.
Now go outside the throne room and walk to the west, you notice that the train has stopped because a builder in that lays on the tracks. Go to the north to go outside the castle as the gates are now open. The first you came across is the Dragon-inn. Make sure to have a conversation with the inn-keeper which looks like a fox. When you ask her why she is a fox, hit her again and you see that the items she sells are different. Buy some dragon castle scrolls and the cruel sword / shield is nice to have. Walk to the north east and you will see a windmill. The windmill is the milky bread farm and they have also a dragon problem. Go to the guy on the east by the fence. He tells you that there is something going on dragon mountain and you need to investigate. After that you can go to the dragon mountain (or talk some more for some more quests.) From the windmill go north through the forest area and you see a dragon statue at the mountain. On the right side where you can enter it. Go north and save if you like, then go east, up and back west again. Head up until you see some sort of bridge before the lavafall. From there go to the east again and you see two stairs, climb the one up and then the other down. No go to north and you see an area made out of stone and chains on the wall. Walk through it and you see a red book on a small island. You need to climb dragon mountain some more till you see a builder on the edge. You can push it so the builder falls into the lave. now walk back and jump the little stones to get by the book. The book tells you that dragons are friendly and only stressed when a mother does not return to their eggs. So, it seems that Dragon Xeena was destroyed by Yoka… As hard as it seems you need to destroy the eggs at the north east side of the mountain. Here is another builder that needs to be pushed into the lava to get a pa*sage to a cave where the dragon tear lays. When you destroy the big green egg, surprises the big daddy dragon comes to scare you off. Fight it! If you win you go further with destroying the egg. As you notice there is a little dragon inside that fled away. (See the pet dragon side quest). When the egg is destroyed the farmers, problem is done. Don’t forget to walk back to walk back down and enter the cave for the dragon tear. Then go back to the windmill, to let them know about the dragons. You get 10 milky breads and some experience. No go back to the Dragon castle. The king is waiting on the north side of the throne room. Talk to him and he will open up the gate to the underwater world.

Chapter 6 – Sidequests

-=-=-=- Side Quest – Little pet Dragon:-=-=-

Needed: Destroyed egg at the dragon mountain.
Reward: David as a summon, available to take the dragon out.
If you destroyed the egg at the dragon mountain for the farmers problem. You need to walk to the water forest house (the little house where you hold prisoned by Yoka, on the other side of the water by the beach. There is a small dragon hidden at the fountain. As you talk to the dragon, she comes along with you. Now the dragon is weak as it is just a baby. So, it’s just cool to show off to other online players, and doubles the money when you are in combat. When you have the pet dragon and you want to get rid of it, go to dragon castle throne room and make a conversation with David the dragon king. Don’t lie to him for 10.000 exp. Lie to him and then tell the truth gets you 2000 exp, and lying the whole times gives you nothing. So best tell the truth of course. He will take the pet dragon under his wing and he let you decide a name for the dragon. Xeena is the standard name so; I think just let it be. If you want take the dragon out for a walk, talk to the David the dragon king and you can take him out and bring her back whenever you want. David also becomes available as a summon.

-=-=-=- Side Quest – The secret sheep cave:-=-=-

Needed: kettle return trophy – sheep kings’ wool.
Go to the milky bread farm with the wind mill spinning, here you have a quest to find the lost kettle. If you have done that you need to go to the lost fortress with another online player. See the hidden sheep level for this. If you enter the sheep level with the wool in your inventory, you are turned into a sheep. Now with your wool coat on, go to the farm and talk to the farmer. He places you over the fence with the other Kettle. Now you can enter the secret sheep cave.

-=-=-=- Side Quest – Poison Spidy:-=-=-

Reward: Master Axe, 1900 Exp.
Needed: 1 Medixine, TNT,
In front of the dragon castle is a girl with fox ears on her head. Talk a few times with her till she mentions that her husband has gone to the spider cave. You say to look for him. Bring a medixene with you, or when you find the husband, you could return to the girl and she gives you a medixine. But it’s faster to just take the medixine with you right away. The husband is located in the spider cave at random, so make sure to look for every corner. When you find him, give him the medixine and he walks away to his wife. When you have the time, you could visit dragon castle and talks to the girl she gives you an axe and a few exp as a thank you.

-=-=-=- Side Quest – Dragoboom!-=-=-

Reward: Fira cape (needed for the lava cave), fire helmet, fire br*ast plate.
Needed: TNT, flashlight / candles,
At the graveyard at the dragon castle there is a dark cave. Enter it and walk to the north west side where you can’t go any further on the north west side of the wall you should see a stone sticking out. Place some TNT and there is secret entrance to a hidden room. Here you find the Fire cape needed to enter a very big lava cave at the end of the game.

-=-=-=-=- PVP Challenge – Shuffle tango -=-=-=-=-

Needed: Another online player
Reward: Puzzle earing (part of a set)
At the Dragon castle church bas*ment there is someone waiting at the altar. When you talk to the person, she says you need another player for the pvp challenge. So, two of you need to stand on the blue or green pentagram tile. You are transferred to the puzzle challenge. Which is a 3X3 shuffle puzzle that is needed to be completed in 5 minutes (timer count down). If you are the first that has the puzzle complete you get a price. Note that sometimes the puzzle is already going on with other players. In that case you need to co-operate to complete the puzzle.

-=-=-=- Unbrave Ice Warrior. -=-==-=

Needed: to completed the chicken run quest part 2, TNT.
Reward: Icy Master gun and 12000 exp.
At the Snow town gift shop there is a warrior waiting at the table (behind the bald guy with a Barret). When you talk to Him they are having a conversation about that he is the most strongest warrior and the bravest. Although the bald guy argues with him that he is not. Because he can’t talk with girls which is a problem because he still isn’t married. The bald guy gives him a tip that he needs a: Libidokodiumentues. 0f course the warrior can’t get it on his own because the magixgate is locked until the next hunt. The only lead you got is to go to the hidden ruins (forgotten forest).
Make sure you have a few TNT with you before you go there (Could be bought at the old which house at the Miracle Forest (near the slumbs). At the hidden ruins, check on one of the grey rocks (at the outside wall of the ruin). Blow it up and there is a secret entrance. Walk through it over the bridge which gets you back outside again, here you will find the libidokodiumentues for the warrior at the show town gift shop. Return to him when you want to. Talk the warrior when have the Libidokodiumtues and the old guy behind him tells you to smash him on his head. You do it and you knocked him out. Now go to Elsa to get an Anti-KO from her and return to the warrior. When you use the anti-ko on him, it won’t work. The old guy leaves the crime scene. After this the richest girl from the villages shows up and heals him with her powers. As it turns out he can now talk to the girl. They starting a conversation and the warrior asks for a last favor of you to get some drinks. Talk to Elsa, she gives you some hot coco and return to the girl. Serve the girl first because the warrior tells you so otherwise. Then serve the warrior, he will give you an ice master gun of []. After that you leave the store and wonder where the old guy has gone.

—— Walk the wall – Mini game —–

Location; Eastt side from the south castle
Needed: SQUARES to participate
Reward: experience.
You need to climb the mountain. There are several ropes to choose from.
Some of them are snapped where you fall down and loosing HP.
When all of your HP is below 1 it’s over and he need to pay again
It is up to you to figure out the correct path to reach the top.

Chapter 7

Be very careful here because there is a little timer running. So hit the bubbles before the timer hits Zero. There is a mermaid swimming behind you. He brings you to the surface if you are out of air If you let the timer hit zero, you are transported back to the castle and you are losing a lot of experience. When you first enter the underwater world, go to the south west to enter Oceania. This is a mermaid village deep under the sea. You can’t talk just yet because you are underwater… Go to the north east side where you can enter a castle. Here are some puzzles and cannon balls you need to dodge, which aren’t that difficult. If you don’t have enough time to dodge the cannon balls just let them hit you, but be careful not to drop your HP beneath 1.
When you entered the throne room of King Neptune, he says that he is all out of necklaces and you need to find a moonstone to create one. Because all the moonstones are used it will hard to find one. But if you have a walkthrough there is no problem of course. Go to Neo city – rainbow church. If you notice there is a key lying at the balcony of the facility center, grab it a go to the building with the residences. Check the elevator and select the story that says {you are here}. You enter a point and click puzzle; it must be obvious you should enter the key into the hole. Now walk to the East and at the intersection go to the west and walk between the pillars to get you back at the church. Now go to the research center. Here you notice that the 1st and second floor are no longer occupied by star people. But there is a bas*ment build for you to check out. As you drop down one level there is a large hangar with a space shuttle and a star child tells you they are leaving soon. He gives you a floppy disk with test results to bring back tot he pa*sed and a keycard to enter the second bas*ment levels. And also, a code for the safe. You need to write this one down because this is a random number. Now take the elevator again and you can go through the laser fence. Go down the stairs and be very careful here are some weird monsters. At the end of the commadore there is a safe. You need to enter the pa*scode. and you find a mermaid necklace. A neckless that allows you to breathe underwater (like all mermaids need to breath underwater). Because the path that leads you to Yoka’s castle, it is to long for you to walk, so you suffocate before you are at the end. This is why you also need the neckless. There is also a box at the wall. You can push against it so there is a switch display. Hit the switch if you want. Now walk back and there is a stairway (if you did find the switch)
The stairs lead you through another part of the bas*ment into a small room. There is some kind of statue, but if you read it you notice that it’s the grave of Hershell. You take a picture from it if you have the camera. If now you can return to here later if you want. Now go back to the rainbow church, and hit the table with the crystal ball again to go back to the past. If you want, you can go inside the research Centre again and show the guy the floppy from the future and show Hershell the picture of his grave. Both gives you about 5000 exp.
Now with the moonstone go back to the Oceania and to the throne room. Neptune will create a neckless for you called Ariel’s neckless. As the neckless power was gone after his daughter was going to the surface to marry a prince. To get the neckless you need just one lvl up. The fastest way is to fight some dragons at dragon mountain.
As soon as possible you should equip the neckless and you are free to walk and talk to the mermaids for some quests and conversations. If you are ready you can go to the south of the Oceania village and you can walk to the east. Notice there is another ship sinks there which could be the same ship you have bombed with the canons (with the Morgane mission). At the end there is another portal which lead you to a small cave. Here you need the level 45 permit to continue. If you don’t have one, return to the dragon kingdom and retrieve the permit from the permit guy.

CHapter 7 – Sidequests

—————-Salty soup for two———-

Needed: Finished the fighting pit (With Eveey).
Reward: 10.000 Exp and some Squares. And Eveey summon .
At the Dragon castle village there is a house. When you enter it there is Eveey standing if you took her to diner after the pit-fight at the desert. She says that diner is on her, but she forgot the unions. Now go to the market (apple castle) and ask the Francoise. She gives you 10 unions. Don’t use any of them because they are hard to find after that. Return to Eveey’s house and choose Yes. Dinner is served. And you have your reward. After you are send away, go back to her and she became available for summon.

—————-Side Quest: concert for none ———-

Needed: Ariel’s neckless. (If not strong enough 5000 Squares.)
Reward: A total of about 37000 exp.
At the Dragon castle the pup should be opened by now. Go inside the pub and sit next to Elsa. She says to sit still till the concert starts. June walk on stage and starts singing, you need to wait a few minutes till the song is completed, you can’t leave if the timer is still on. So make sure to bring in some money for the mini game higher lower in the mean time you listen to the music or talk to the people inside the bar.
After the song you receive some exp. Now walk out of the pub and straight back in for another song. After three songs your ear drums are destroyed as some of the crowd would tell you. Walk out and in again. The fourth time you sit next to Elsa the crowd is getting nervous because no performer is coming. Instead Tania comes running on the stage shouting that she is not there, she has been kidnapped. Now as the hero you jump up and ask how to help. From now you can go backstage. Now talk to Tania (the bunny girl) and she shows you a note that the kidnappers wants 5000 Squares ransom. There is also a dressing room for a bikini for Mikey Select it and you are slapped on stage. Walk your way to the end of the stage and to start a song. The best way is to hold the mouse button down to let the crowd jump. The more jumps, the better the item Above 400 jumps will get you a singsong sword, that is part of the sing a song set.
Go to the spider cave which is north outside of the dragons castle. When you enter the spider cave go straight north. If you have been here before you notice that the builder is gone. In the shadows you will see one of the kidnappers. You can talk to him and pay or fight or if you want to fight either way don’t talk to him yet. Walk a little further there is a prison door with Esmeralda behind it. Try to help her with use a lockpick (if you want for 1000 extra exp.) but it won’t do you any good. So, the battle starts. If you win the prison door is opened and you can release Esmeralda from the prison. She walks away from you and you can follow her up to the pub for the last concert. To complete the quest.
Easter eggs Dragons Pub:
If you have completed the concert for one side quest, you can do these easter eggs: Talk the which lady she asks you who you want to listen to. Choose Yoka and he will come on stage and sings his song.
Also you go back stage and walk on the podium to sing a song. It depends on your girl / boy skin what song you will sing. There is a mirror backstage for a quick change.
When you are pa*sed the kidnapping scene, you notice that Elsa is no longer at the pub. She is moved to the mountain town and is waiting outside the mountain town pub. Talk to her a few times for a duet that you just can’t “let it go.”


—————-Side Quest: Cold nappers———-

Needed: completed the side quest concert for none
reward: Reine summon .
When you have defeated or pay the kidnappers in the spider cave. Walk back to the entrance. Here stands the girl with the blue/green hair. You let her confess that she is one of the kidnappers. Now she runs away into the spider cave. Try to find her (as this is random) location, you need to search for her.
talk to her again, she tells you that she needed the money for her to go back to her brother at Snowvänia She will join you. Go to the Wester-Isles and push the stone if you didn’t already to go across. Then go to the cave and walk your way through it. At the forgotten castle garden, a conversation starts. If you want you can go through the door of the forgotten castle for some information about the hidden sheep level, if you want, else move along don’t go through the Wootang village because she can’t be seen. So make your way through the forest to the north side and from there go to the east at the world map.
Take her to the Shnaps Inn, you have to because you can’t go any further. A scene appears where she talks with her brother. He asked if she already have looted him / her. After the conversation you are both returned to the world map. Go to the east through the lvl 5 gate there is another conversation about this event. Then go to the ice-cave. You are getting straight to the ice temple where the entrance is to Snowvänia. A conversation happens again. And Reine becomes a summon to get your trust back.

—————-Side Quest: Cold grandma———-


Needed: Reine summoned 25 times.
reward: 35000 Exp + Photo neckless.
When you have summoned Reine 25 times (keep track of the counting) return to Snowvänia. There is a house on the east side of town that was closed for now. If you have enough summoned Reine the door is open.
Enter the house and a conversation begins with the brother of Reine. After that you were told about your mother and you should see her grave at the top of icy road. There you can interact with the grave. Reine has run to the Fairy chambers and you need to follow her. You have to fight the fairy for your mother’s honor. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose. From there you return to the orphanage to figure out that Reine’s grandma has left this world.
And when the conversation begins, there has been a knock on the door and when you go look there is a baby standing in the door way.

—————-Side Quest: compa*s for a lady———-

Needed: Compa*s
Reward: 12500 exp.
At Oceania, there you find a compa*s near the sunken ship the la Morgane. If you find the compa*s Morgane is gone from the castle. Now you need to investigate where she is. As it seems she is at the mountain town. Bring the compa*s back to her so she is happy again. This will also unlocks the sky pirate mission on the train to the slumbs, later in the game.

Chapter 8

From the underwater world cave, you need to go west to find yoka’s castle. Before you enter make sure you save outside of the castle and Switch to desktop because of the lag on some mobile devices. The room is filled with monsters so be very careful, because some of them will revive after you hit some switches. Which is pretty annoying. First you need to walk to the north. On the westside there is a stone wall which doesn’t allow you to go west. Follow the commodore to the east and you walk buy a broken stone. This will be activated later. Now when you see a fence hit the stone so it is turned blue. Now walk back to where you came from as you notice the rocks are gone. Move further west and follow the commodore. There is another stone that you must hit! Now you can walk all the way back to the broken stone which looks like fixed. Hit it so it turns blue. Now go back south walk all the way west and up. Hit the first stone that is blue and switch it of. Now walk back to the entrance and from there walk west. Hit the stone so it is turned blue. If you want you can take the ladder to find a chest on the roof. Then go east past the entrance and hit the tile so that it turns blue. Walk back to the north east and you are good to go. You can check if the south west tile is turned blue and the ladder is not showing. Then you can go up to stairs. Save your game to heal up. Now walk to the commodore and here you will notice all the people you have spoken and helped before.
Not that if Eveey is not alive, she will be there as a green form and she takes 10 levels from you away. Make sure that you have healed her or revived her through the ghost story before you continue. After this Yoka awaits. Talk to him and a battle begin.
If you are strong enough but I doubt that you are the first time. You are defeated. The screen turns black and you are between life and death. The Former Apple Queen starts to speak to you she tells you that you need to go to the librarian and say the word ‘Junami’ which is an apple species. After that you are getting several shocks. As it seems you are being saved by the same group as in the beginning of the game. And you wake-up inside a container in Neon-city.
Go to the librarian of the apple castle and enter the word Junami exactly like this.
The librarian then believes you and tells you that the neckless of endings is guarded by the south castle. But if you remember Morgane raided the church so she must have the neckless. Try to find morgana at the mountain town pub. If she is not there then she maid be at the dragon castle. She tells you that the neckless has been swallowed by the kraken. You need a special fish to lure him.
Make sure that you have a master rod and a few M size fishing hooks. Now go to Yoka’s castle and walk south on the world map to see a fishing spot. From time to time there is a weird looking fish with a lot of colors. Catch it. Then go to the abandoned tower and walk all the way to the back. There is some water. Now you are asked to throw something in the water. Select the special fish. And the screen shakes and a giant octopus comes for a fight. Although it’s not a regular fight… You need to find the neckless that is laying somewhere in his belly. Because it is random, make sure to check every corner. Try to avoid the crabs, seahorses and jelly fish. If you almost out of HP there find the potion that is randomly placed. Grab the neckless and you are transferred back to the abandoned tower. Now equip the new found neckless which will learn you the magix spell ‘the end’.
With ‘The end’ skill, challenge Yoka again. If you have the neckless it does not matter if you win or die. You will always win. But it seems that you lose some of your levels if you lose. The best way is to cast ‘The end’ right away on him. He will make a last move before he falls on the ground. The screen flashes turning Yoka into a skeleton. When the screens turn back to normal, Brandon walks up to you and starts a small conversation. As it seems the package is no longer here. So, you decide to go once again back to the future to see if there are any information about the ware abouts of the agent, while Brandon goes back to his old mention that has burned down.
Go to Neon city and go to the bas*ment of the residents building. Walk between the pillars and you are transported to the future. You go to the room where the spaceship should be, only to notice that it is empty. A letter from Joshua is on the ground. With just a poem. Continue reading the poem to receive some Exp. Also, if you did not yet already, you could go to the bas*ment and fight some aliens and enter the tomb of Hershell to make a picture if you have the camera.
Now go to the western isles and enter the Mansion. Brandon is searching for clues but couldn’t find any. But he tells you that there are two devices. One in the mansion that has been burned, the other was with the guardian when he escaped with the package. As you know, the guardian has fled to the house of Eveey’s uncle. So go there and go inside the house of the uncle. You notice that there are some spiderwebs and a note on the table. Read the note for the combination to the bas*ment. If you want you can go inside Eveey’s house if you please. There is a lot of gold stored there. But you are not allowed to take any. Go into the bas*ment and take the device from the chest. No go back to the western-isles. The fastest way is through the Wootang village, the lost forest and walk to the west. Jump down the edge (with the switch for opening the ruin door) and enter the cave. Now go to the north, don’t bother the mirror anymore, if you have won from Yoka you won’t change into a rat or dragon anymore. No go to the north and make your way to the western Isles. Brandon stands outside and approaches you to ask if you have found the device. As you have it, make sure that you have some batteries with you. If not, walk to the south at the INN the girl will sell batteries. After some conversation about the device. He joins your party and you need to go to the dragon king.
With Brandon in your party, you best walk straight back to the Dragon castle and ask the king who’s sitting on his throne. The dragon king tells you that you now can take the train to the west because the builders have been removed.
Go to the conductor of the train he is to the east of the dragon kingdom town. Make sure you have delivered the compa*s (you have found on the ocean floor) back to Morgane (at the mountain town pub). Talk to conductor to get you and Brandon on board the train. When you are at the train you could do some small quests or walk to the west of the train and talk to Brandon from the other side of the table. A ‘long’ conversation starts. If you have returned the compa*s then sky pirate mission begins shortly.
If not, the conversation ends sooner or later and the conductor announced that the train is almost there. Which gets you to the Slumbs.

Chapter 8 – Sidequest

———- side quest (not optional): sky pirate mission ——–

Needed: returned the compa*s to Morgane.
Reward, 16043 experience and a Pirate sword, cruel sword
This is a side quest that is only happening once and only when you have met the right criteria. If you haven’t then you can’t do this quest and the story progresses. Thus, make sure when you walk at Oceania, there is a sunken ship on the south with a chest. The chest contains the Compa*s of Morgane’s farther, return the compa*s to her at the mountain town pub. Now you can take the train from Dragon castle to the west and talk to Brandon (like you should normal would to follow the story). At some point the captain who is guarding the treasures is yelling to the guard that he is a wimp. Then the Guard runs of as the captain comes by you ask him what is wrong. He tells you that they are under attack of some sky pirates. You need to go to the east side of the train where the gold is stored. You can’t go any further because a pirate is trying to lock pick the fence. You caught him red handed, so he puts up a fight. If you lose you are tossed besides Yoshi inside his cage, so make sure to open the chest. If you win you can walk further. Climb the ladder which will get you on the roof. Walk to the west to see an airship floating. A pirate jumps down and another fight is happening. If you win and haven’t already, walk further west and you see a ladder. Here is the cage of Yoshi if you won the last battle make sure to get there for a chest and a cruel sword. Go back inside the train and walk all the wat to the east at the pa*senger coupé. Defeat another pirate. If you fight him, you will let him walk away and you demand that he leaves you, his sword. Brandon walks up to you and the train arrived at the Slumbs village.

———- side quest: Luna Tuna fishing contesta fiësta ——–

Needed: 5000 SQUARES, Patients / luck.
Reward, 12438 experience Tuna sword, 10 Full potions.
From the milky bread farm head south till you see a small island with a wooden bridge. Enter it and walk to the east where Tania is waiting by the fence. She tells you that a fishing contest is going on. Enter the contest when you can miss 5000 SQUARES.
Don’t forget a few chests that are on the island and start fishing. Keep fishing Tuna till you are out of Tuna hooks then walk to Tania. She tells you what your heaviest catch is and if it is higher than the fish someone else you go to the tent and wait for the results. Keep in mind that catching a fish around 72 Pounds is sufficient to win this one, but you need to have some luck if you can catch any. Also make sure to equip the right hooks and rod, or else they won’t bite and are very hard to reel in. Make sure to only reel in when a fish swims your way, else don’t touch any buttons.

Chapter 9

After the train you are arrived at the Slumbs station. The Slumbs seems to be a poor market city where everyone lost their jobs. Most of them worked at the facilities at the forest. As you walk through town make sure to buy some cheap save crystals, potions, anti-Ko, magix water, and the best weapons, armor, accessories you come across, before you head into the magical woods.
Leave the town on the north side. If you are at the world map you see a satellite at the mountains north-east. Walk towards it to enter the forest. Here are some strong monsters, if you can defeat them with easy you are ready for the final battle, if not try to level up some more.
No walk to the north you see a portal. Enter it and you are zapped to a other location of the forest. Walk to the south to see another portal by the water. Notice the red portal on the west side, this will get you to the side quest ‘Apple from yesterday’. If you want you can follow it, if not enter the portal and you are zapped again to a different area. Now you need to walk through the north, you walk through a portal that does not work. After you have pa*sed the portal, walk back and you are zapped again. Now walk North and you notice a stone path that will lead to the facility center.
Before you can enter the facilities you need the find a hidden switch on the short pillar on the west side. This will also let you use a save point if you want to.

This is one the last buildings you come across before you complete Crypchania. When you are at the lobby, walk towards the stairs. Here is a small scene with Agent X and a lady doctor who just got killed in an instant. The elevator is not a smart move because you get noticed right away. First walk all the way north to the rest room, you see a ventilation hatch on the floor. Hit it and you enter the shaft. Walk east, north and west to get to the 1st floor. Here you can get the key pa*s lvl 2. Now head back the way you come and in the lobby on the south east there is the stairs. In front of the stairs is the pa*s to level 1 you can’t miss it. Enter the stairs and go to level 1 to find a chest with a: Cruel Sword in it. Now get to the level 2 floor to get the roof key from the desk. At the stairs you see the card for lvl 3. Go to level 5 which is opened and you don’t need a key card for it. Get inside the first hole you see in the ground (the one that is the closest to the stairs.) Enter it and you are stuck at a cabinet. Hit the safe and it falls down on the guard revealing another keycard for the bas*ment. Go back to level 5 and enter the second hole. Here you are at a room full of alien capsules. You need to make your way across. If you got the wrong way you get hurt, but it is random so I can’t help you. Make sure you heal enough so you don’t get thrown all the way back to the inn, make your way to the hole at the end of the room. To get you at level 3. From here walk to the west and you notice some cla*s rooms. The cla*s room that contains a telephone and hit the telephone so the guard moves away. Now you can sneak up behind her and hit er on the head (or not) is up to you. Now east is another guard sneak up from behind and hit the guard on the back so you can get to the lvl 4 key pa*s that lies on the table. Walk all the way down to the bas*ment. Here you need to find some ropes and some supplies. Now go all the way up to the roof. Here you see some poles at the ground. Touch the pole that is aligned with the broken window and hit yes to drop the rope. Now you can use the rope to climb down to level five. If you have all the key’s all the laser fences are down. If not, find the missing keys to proceed further into the last room. Here awaits Agent X. When you enter the room, a conversation starts and a battle. If you lose this battle, you are thrown out of the window and wake you up on the porch of the facilities. You can try again to defeat him. If you have defeat Agent X, the brother of Yoka and his children walks up to you. A conversation starts with you Yoka an Agent X. Out of the blue, you jump on Agent X and The Yokan’s are doing an attack which will throw you the tetrastream stream.
Here you need to watch out for the circled particles as they throw you back. The squared one are fine to touch and to use for some small puzzles. On the tetrastream, walk to the east and watch out for the particles. As you walk you encounter Eveey to the west. Talk to her, as she can’t hear you. You are sucked into a portal and are again at the Tetrastream. Here you need to move all the way to the end. Be patient when the particles are floating by. And also read the credits along the way. After that you are at an area with a fountain. Touch the fountain and you are teleported to a white room, where the creator of the game awaits you. He thanks you for playing and have a few stats about your battle history. Now you come for a choice. I suggest you choose the Side Questing first as you are allowed to return later to this room by a portal located at the mirror lands.
The side questing will throw you back at the facilities where you just defeated Agent-X. There are for different endings, but it is just the visual.

  • You are a girl and Eveey is alive the dragon king comes.
  • You are a girl and Eveey is dead Brandon comes.
  • You are a boy and Eveey is alive Eveey comes.
  • You are a boy and Eveey is dead Morgane comes.
  • After the scene you are thrown to the first portal you encou

nter in the forest. From here you can do side quests that you have missed. When you think you have all the stuff done, go to the Mirror lands by going through a mirror at an inn. Here you find a new portal which sends you to the white room.
Again talk to Martin And choose for the Game+ You are thrown to the forest for another Cutscene to see what has happened before you wake up in the tent and the whole story begins.

Chapter 9 – Sidequest

-=-=-=-=-= An Apple from yesterday -=-=-=-=-

Reward: Apple sword +
Go to the past apple kingdom. As you go through the portal from the magical woods you are traveled back in time. The first thing you come across is the apple queen who tries to return the former apple king from the dead. Second: You can take the apple sword from the weapons room Which is pretty powerful. Third you should also talk to some people like the librarian on the 1st floor. On the 3th floor the girl who’s farther is the old tablet translator is just a baby. The guard that yells that you are a wimp are being yelled at the whole time that he is a wimp by his captain. As it seems the captain is corrupt so the which gives some of her powers to the soldier. Now after the captain speaks about his mother, the soldier snaps and almost destroys the whole castle. He let the captain vanish and he seems to lost his mind when he walks away.

-=-=-=-=-= Shine a burning light-=-=-=-=-

Reward: Magix lanterno fluid
needed: Witch club pa*s and Magix lanterno.
at the Miracle Forest there is an old house with a water mill in front. You need a Witch Club pa*s to enter the house. There is a guy where you need to sit on the table. He sells you potions in all kind of sizes. You If you have a Magix lanterno with you (which you can get from the dark vs light quest) he says that he worked with skullitan and that he has some fluid for you. He will refill your magix lanterno with a max of 20. So after using your magix lanterno 20 times you need to return to the guy so he can will it up again.
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Sheep herder location guide -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
At the milky bread farm near Dragon Mountain.
At the Slumbs after the children destroy the fence with the canon ball.
At the spider cave North east side.
At the south castle Square
At the grave yard (south castle)
At the beach
Desert pa*sage to the fighting pit.
Forgotten forest (secret pa*sage, east side of the river by raft).
Apple woods at the waterfall and the caves.
Old Mansion 1st floor east room.
Salty cave North east where you had a fight with Yuffie
Abandoned tower north east corner
Mountain town item shop
Bat cave somewhere in the middle
Snowvänia house on the left, first floor
Icy Road in the cave
Old couple igloo North east of the world map.
World map Near Yoka’s castle
World map south of the desert region
Oasis (where you found rover).

-=-=-=-=-= A Coin for tomorrow -=-=-=-=-

Needed: Which club pa*s.
Reward: Neckless of faith and 15.000 exp.
Go to the past apple kingdom. As you go through the portal from the magical woods you are traveled back in time. Go to the witch’s house. As it seems it is cleaned and there is a young girl named Tovah who live there. If you have a which members club pa*s, you should talk to the girl. You have a conversation and she also opens the bas*ment door for you. If you want, you can buy some magix.
She also mentioned that she needs an item called grandma’s coin. If you ask some times, she will mention that the coin is on the bottom of the ocean. Now that you have a small hint. You need to go to the Castle of Neptune. Outside on the north east corner (behind the castle) you see something twinkling. Now you can go back to the past witches’ house to only notice that Tovah is no longer there. Or you can go straight to the witches’ house, smash the box and check the bas*ment for a skeleton, who only says ‘Help me’ Now that you have the grandmother’s coin, talk the skeleton again that response differently. Give back the coin and you’re done.

—————-Side Quest: Trumby Meds ———-

Reward: 50000 exp.
Needed: Fira cape (from the dragon castle grave cave)
At the Slumbs there is a house with a water tank on the roof. Enter the house and walk to the east. To the bedroom. You overheard Mr Trumby and Miss Trumby about her child that is very sick and can pa*s away any moment. As you walk away because you can’t dare the face a child who is almost at the end of her life. You decide to look for the medicine .As you heard in the conversation there is a cave where it must have been. Find the cave by exiting the Slumbs walk north and then east. In front of the level 65 gate is the cave with a lot of lava. Make your way through the cave to the north south side where a pool of water lies. When you walk on the scaffolding you find the fire water. Return to the house of the Trumby’s and leave walk up to the bedroom.

—————-Side Quest: Returning the Asiania villagers———-

Needed: Masamune, Fira cape (from the dragon castle grave cave)
If did not found the Masamune already at the salty cave, go there before you go any further. At the point where you have defeated Yuffie earlier to get it from the chest. If you have lost your Masamune then not all is lost. Make sure you have a permit level 65 and go to the salty cave. The chest is respawned.
First you need to find the village and make sure to have the Masamune equipped. The village is located from the Slumbs inn to the north east then make your way south you see a cave (it is where the level 65 gate is (the cave with a lot of lava) make your long way to the cave, the exit is on the south west end. Then back on the world map walk south you see a bridge and an island with tents. Enter it and walk through the village and on some moment, you say that it is quiet. Now walk to the north and try to leave the village. Sephiroth comes out of nowhere and attacks you. After the conversation you give him his Masamune back. In return he gives you 20 Asiana town scrolls to let you return all the Asiana town folk. He leaves to chaise of some ‘clouds’. On that same moment one of the villagers returns and open up a shop. Now to find all the Asiana villagers, you can follow the location guide for the Asiana villagers.

—————-Side Quest: Return of the tortois ———-

Reward: 50000 exp.
Needed: Fira cape (from the dragon castle grave cave)
At the Slumbs there is a little girl standing by the water at the south east. Talk to her and she says that she trained her pet: Tortois to swim. Once she sets him into the water, he swims away leaving the girl behind. She is pretty upset that she didn’t train him that well so you feel sad for her and say that maybe you find him on your travels.
No go to the Shnaps Inn near the bat cave. Before you go make sure you save your game somewhere else then this in to make the fireplace out. When ready go to the inn and examine the fireplace for a secret pa*sage. Here you find the Tortois swimming. Take him with you and he will join your party.
Return to slum city for your reward. If you want Tortois with you again, you can ask the girl.

—————-Side Quest: Lighthouse Curse ———-

Reward: TNT and exp.
Needed: LVL 55 Permit
At the Beach town, you met with Lagartha, who you seem to know from earlier. After the conversation you noticed about her concern about the lighthouse curse which dried up the ships trading routes to the village. She tried to blast her way in, but has not succeeded to lift the curse.
First you need to go to the lighthouse beach. Because of the tnt that she uses there is now a cave.
Enter the cave and do the puzzles [puzzles].
Then when you are at the bas*ment you see a white shiny sprite in the torture room. Talk to her and you get two options. 1 to fight her (she is pretty strong but get a lot of experience) and if you lose you can try again. If you win you need to talk to the husband, he is at the water forest cabin (where you were abducted by Agent X) When you tell him what happened he is at peace. Now you can return to Lagartha and tell her that the curse is lifted and you receive 3 times TNT.
Else you can take the remaining’s of her and bring that to her husband. If you let him with the remaining’s and step outside, the ghost shreds the husband apart. After the screen you can enter th

Additional stuff to find

—————- Asiana villagers guide ———-

At the old mansion (after receiving the old tablet from the beach ball kids).
At the ice temple, through the ice cave.
At the market
At Snowvänia, near the INN.
At the tailor shop at mountain town.
At the north castle outside on the east side of the castle.
At the lighthouse beach.
At the apple castle 3th floor east side at the table.
At the desert fighting pit
At the water forest near the house.
At the forgotten forest (hard to find in the small path in the middle of the map.)
At the forgotten forest outside the ruin near the water.
At the south castle south west by the toilets?
At Neon city by the truck on the north west side of town.
At the dragon mountain near south west.
At the spider cave (dragon area)
At the dragon mountain pub on the west side at the bar.
At the Slumbs house.
At the Slumbs near the train wagon.

—————-All Pompadin flowers———-

The map you walk before the desert pit.
The Front of the forgotten castle
The vegetable yard in the Wootang village.
The apple castle market.
The secret forest (completing the ghost hunt).
The bat cave from the most north side walk to the east.
The oasis, where the nak*d fairy is and the lave cave.
The yard of Eveey’s / uncles house.
The lost forest east side of the market path.
The sea cost, north when you complete the raft in the forgotten forest.

———— All 7 tetrastream shuffle puzzle locations———

Crystal in Snowvänia.
Vivian in mountain town (Random)
Lance at the weapon store apple market (random)
Victoria at the Lighthouse beach.
Avagail at Neon city
Astricks, the train station (Before you take the train).
Oona at the Oceanië village.
Vivian at the train to the Slumbs.
Irvine at the Beach town.
Mia (any inn) only if you did six shuffle puzzles.

————All musical instruments——–

Ocarina: West side of the apple market
Flute: North east on the world map from the igloo.
Harp: forgotten forest, north east (little puddle on the stairs).
Guitar: You got from a performance on the dragon pub.

—————-All skill locations———-

The bat cave somewhere in the middle
Mountain town Cave (only with Halloween)
The salty cave (after some puzzles that is in the full game solvable)
The secret woods (hidden area by the river)
The spider cave – dragon area
Cave to Yoka’s castle
Futured Neon City – Research Center
The Miracle forest, north east of the old which house.
Northern Fire Cave in the middle

——— All red / blue pirate random event locations ——–

Mountain town gift shop.
A builder that has come down front of the apple garden (world map).
Weapon shop at the apple garden market (after the bridge is fixed).
Salt Cave trough the world entrance.
House at El Banditos village.
Graveyard north east of the south castle.
Yokan witch shop.
Windmill at the Dragon mountain
Lagartha house (forest).
House at the Slumps with a big tube in the middle of the room.
Cave to Asiana village (flames)

———–All delivery people and locations ————

Wupong Slumbs
Rhyse Neon City
Cody Moutain town
Master Ping Beach Town
Colt Dragon castle
Tim Desert village
Kalvin Snowvänia
Tira Apple castle
Daphne Oceania
Lou South castle
Dawn Forgotten Castle garden
Hanna Slumbs Inn
Evangeline Station South west
Yhonoa Yokan camp
Genevieve Bear Inn
Cherie North Castle
Norah Desert Inn
Granny Arttheeth Beach
Squall Litterbox Inn
Phillip Old witches house

All summons locations

Eveey –
Make sure that she is alive. Defeat her at the desert pit fight and take her to diner.
At the dragon castle house you need to follow the soup for two quest. After the hot soup for two quest, Return to her she will become a summon.
After you have met her at the salty cave she left a note at the entrance. When you talk to her at the Mountain Town she become available as a summon.
Mountain café make sure he is gone. And make sure that you rescue him from the nurse / agent X and Yoka at the hidden cave at the lost forest. Then follow the Chicken princes side quest he is at the old mansion.
Do the bat quest for Guido so he will leave. Now talk to the Brace bouncer. He will be available as a bouncer.
comes Available if you follow the side quest Juna and jane. Make sure you take June to the beach.
At the inn to the north of the Slumbs. Just talk to him.
David (dragon king)-
He will join when you return the little pet dragon to him.
After you have defeated the Ice fairy, return to the cold-lands and talk to snow at the inn (1st floor).
After returning her father’s compa*s or if you are defeated by Yoka (last battle).
At the spider cave after the kidnap performer mission. Walk her to the Ice-cave temple.
Also use her a couple of times as a summon to earn her trust to visit the orphanage at Snowvänia.
Alien captain-
At future of neon-city at the research center is a hidden room when you walk south under the conveying belt. Fight the alien boss if you defeated him, check the hotel with the room and the altar. Talk to him and he will join you.
Apple knight-
He’s at the mountain café, when the carpenter fixed the bridge to the north castle.
After all the 7 shuffling puzzles, see the shuffle puzzle location guide.
Shaun the Sheep god-
At the hidden sheep cave at milky bread farm. Follow the Hidden sheep level guide.
After the Sidequest A devil’s choise.

All weapon / gear sets

All weapon / armor sets:
Courier set Couried:
Courier sword Eveey tutorial
Courier shirt Eveey tutorial
Courier ring Random chests / enemies
Courier mask Buy at the Yokan camp
Courier earring Random chests / enemies
Courier shield Eveey tutorial
Courier hat start of the game
Lambo set Lambo’d:
Lambo sword Random chests / enemies
Lambo cloak Random chests / enemies
Courier ring Random chests / enemies
Courier mask Buy at the Yokan camp
Lambo earring Random chests / enemies
Lambo shield Random chests / enemies
Lambo Crown Random chests / enemies
Pirate set Pirated:
Pirate sword / Jhonny wood’n leg Train to the west / Captain Morgane
Captains coat Random chests / enemies
Pirate ring Random chests / enemies
Pirate mask / eye patch Buy at the Yoka Camp / Captain Morgane
Pirate earring Random chests / enemies
Pirate Bracelet Random chests / enemies
Headband Random chests / enemies
Dragon set Dragonized:
Dragon sword Random chests / enemies
Dragon cape / Dragon tunic Crypt at dragon castle / random
Dragon ring Random chests / enemies
Dragon mask Buy at the Yoka Camp
Dragon earring Random chests / enemies
Dragon shield Random chests / enemies
Dragon Helmet Random chests / enemies
Puzzle set Puzzled
puzzle sword Tetrastream Shuffle puzzle
Puzzle tunic Tetrastream Shuffle puzzle
Puzzle ring Tetrastream Shuffle puzzle
Puzzle mask Tetrastream Shuffle puzzle
Puzzle earring Shuffle puzzle pvp challenge Dragon church
puzzle shield Tetrastream Shuffle puzzle
puzzle Helmet Tetrastream Shuffle puzzle
Assasins set Assasinated (need item)
Alttier sword Apple market weapons shop
Assasin dress – Mansion underneath statue
Assasin cloak shortcut (east) at the forgotten forest
Assasin ring Katsumi on the beach.
Assasin goggles Water forest blue fountain.
Assasin earring chest before boarding Morgane’s ship
Assasin bracelet see Side quest Clownly riddles
Assasin hood Defeating desert bandits mission
Rainbow set Colored.
Rainbow wand side quest 10 times lucky or mountain magix shop
Rainbow bikini- Rainbow harness See side quest 10 times lucky
Rainbow ring See side quest 10 times lucky
Rainbow skull mask Yoka mask store
Rainbow earring Raindow side quest 10 times lucky
Rainbow shield Rainbow church After completed 10 times lucky
Rainbow helmet – rainbow tiara Mountain town tailor – Slumbs market stand
Sing a Song set Musixal
sing song sword Let the crowd jump more then 400 times when you on stage
Sing Song Shirt See side quest 10 times lucky
Sing Song Ring See side quest 10 times lucky
Sing Song Microphone Behind Princes Yokans tent at Yokan Camp
Sing Song Stud Raindow side quest 10 times lucky
Sing Song Shield Dragon kingdom Weapon/armor shop
Sing Song Head band Mountain town tailor – Slumbs market stand

Written by Squareware

This is all we can share for Complete Walkthrough – Crypchania for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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