Conversation Taxi Missions – Yakuza 5 Remastered

Conversation Taxi Missions – Yakuza 5 Remastered 1 -
Conversation Taxi Missions – Yakuza 5 Remastered 1 -

For these missions, you don’t need to control your taxi. Kiryu will do all the work and you’ll just have to respond to your customer. Respond well and you’re likely to get a greater tip than otherwise.

An Astute Woman

  • Wake the Passenger and Ask
  • Talk About Sports
  • Go and Get Change


Businessman in Distress

  • Speak Up
  • I disagree
  • You should be honest with her


Delinquent Double Duty

  • Forbid Them From Smoking
  • Apologize profusely

This ends in a fight with the two guys, regardless of how you handle it.

Door to the Future

  • You must be really tired
  • If you want to do something else, then leave
  • Yeah, it’s interesting


Finding Happiness

  • I was just thinking how lucky you both are
  • Yes, your girlfriend is cuter
  • I can’t do that


Flight of Fancy

  • You look and sound Japanese to me
  • What’s a princess doing in ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥?
  • Where is this Kingdom of Coutand?

After the conversation, a race happens. Stay ahead of your pursuers for 90 seconds. Best if you have a tricked out car before attempting this.

The Harrying Harpy

  • I’m sorry, but that’s not possible
  • Ask Her Preference
  • Calmly Persuade Her


International Taxi

  • Karashi Mentaiko
  • Very
  • A Phrase About Encounters


Just Like TV

  • No, I must have missed it.
  • Not a president, but I was a chairman
  • I’d prefer not to dwell on the past


Leaving Town

  • I see Hakata has a special place in your heart
  • You don’t look too happy about it
  • There’s still time to turn back and tell him


Life Ain’t Easy

  • It’s just as hard in every industry
  • I welcome any customer, even short fares
  • Couples making out in the back seat


Looking For Stories

  • A Freelance Writer
  • Your First Day on the Job
  • The taxi light also serves as a hazard light


Looking Forward to Love

  • I’ll ask what her plans are first
  • I’ll just point the rearview mirror at her


Man and Woman

  • A way of complimenting people
  • A kind of chanson
  • Apologize for lying to her


The Masked Man

  • Do you have a cold?
  • Misfortune can lead to new opportunities


On the Other Side

  • I’m sorry, but there are rules
  • I think fate plays a part of all encounters
  • Maybe some other time


The Scent of Danger

  • Are you two on a date?
  • Stay on Course

This ends in a fight with some yakuza.

A Scheduled Meeting

This is a scam. You’ll have a fight with four jerks.

Seduced by Beauty

  • I’m sorry, but I can’t do that.
  • Maybe I can cheer you up.

This one ends in a battle with some yakuza.

Shady Man

  • I’m very jealous!
  • What do you do for a living?

After the drive, a pursuit battle will take place.

Three Sheets to the Wind

  • Tell a Bad Pun
  • You should give her a good scolding
  • Perhaps you see yourself that way


Voice of the People

  • I only moved here six months ago
  • You should be listening to them
  • I don’t take tips like that


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