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COOP Guide – RAM Pressure 1 -
COOP Guide – RAM Pressure 1 -

A guide for COOP (hard and expert).

COOP Tactics Guide

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COOP tactics guide
This is a basic guide for COOP. It is not suitable for PVP or PVE ‘capture’ missions.
At the time of posting this:
Coop hard = $850 + green equipment and green ammo crate. 5-10mins.
Coop expert = $1500 and purple weapon, armor crate and 18 labware. 20 mins.
The basic premise of COOP is ‘defence’. The objective is to kill 4 waves of 4 enemies. The best way of doing this is by them coming to you. You can think of it as a kind of ‘tower defense’ objective.
1) In Coop you must work as a team. Never ever under most circumstances split your force. Normally the 1st person to act is the highest level. It is very important to get a good ‘base of fire’. This means a position where all 4 or 6 soldiers can be behind cover, good field of fire, and well away from any ‘traps’ (for example – some maps there are many cars/trucks – you can kill 1 wave but if you do not have visibility of what is around you then 5-10 squares away there could be another 4 enemies there).
1.1) It is very very important to concentrate your firepower. In PVE the support and pistoleer skills are very useful. You have 2 action points always make sure you go on overwatch.
2) ALWAYS use smoke on COOP experts. This is essential. In full team at least 3 smoke grenades are needed. Fire grenades are useful to ‘block off’ the enemy (99% of the time AI bots will not run through the fire). Take it in turns to use the smoke grenades (not fair that 1 player has to always use the smoke grenades…..)
3) If an enemy has 1 health and is bleeding or poisoned and there are more enemies around. Do NOT kill the 1 health enemy that is poisoned. It will die at the end of the turn (AI bots do not have the medic hypnosis skill…). Only shoot at enemies that you have a good % of hitting and that is ‘useful’.
4) Grenadiers are good in coop but the objective of grenadiers is to stun enemies thus you must always use EMP grenades. Good skills for grenadiers are direct fire and volley fire.
5) Reload often. Even if you only did 1 shot last turn and your 1st turn (Heavy) you can reload. Then go on overwatch.
6) Ill add more things to this COOP guide as and when i can think of them. Others can add also and ill edit it.
Screenshots for COOP guide. People who i played with the names have been removed.

Written by KISS_Barry

This is all we can share for COOP Guide – RAM Pressure for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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