Creating pass-through routes – Rail Route

Creating pass-through routes – Rail Route 1 -
Creating pass-through routes – Rail Route 1 -

A quick guide on routing so IC trains can pa*s through a station while commuter trains can stop there.

Small stations

You can use routing sensors to make through and stopping platforms at a station with four tracks.

  • Make a signal and routing sensor that works on its own (red circle)
  • Set up the routing sensor, so trains going to Soltysowice go through platform 4. (orange line)
  • Others should go to platform 2 (red line)

Anyone who wants to stop at Soltysowice will do so on the outside platform. IC trains, on the other hand, will keep going.

Creating pass-through routes - Rail Route - Small stations - 53F97FCD6

Large stations

If you have space, you can chain a routing sensor and arrival sensor together to allow IC trains to pa*s through while allowing commuter trains to head to their allocated platform.

  • Create an arrival sensor, routing into the stopping platforms. (The sensor at the start of the orange lines in the example, routing to platforms 6-8)
  • Create an auto signal and routing sensor. Set the station as a destination and route trains that want it to the arrival sensor. Set the ‘Others to’ to route IC trains through a platform.

You can create multiple pa*s through platforms. In this example, trains wanting Wroclaw Glowny will be sent to the arrival sensor (orange lines), trains for Smardzow and Brochow will be sent to the next routing sensor and then sent through either platform 5 or 10 (red lines).

Creating pass-through routes - Rail Route - Large stations - 69D7A05CB

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