Criminal Mastermind – Everything You Need To Know – Grand Theft Auto V

Criminal Mastermind – Everything You Need To Know – Grand Theft Auto V 1 -
Criminal Mastermind – Everything You Need To Know – Grand Theft Auto V 1 -

This guide will share some tips and tricks to help with the Criminal Mastermind Challenge in cla*sic GTA Online Heists.


  • First, you need to be aware that the "Criminal Mastermind", All in Order, and Loyalty in-game awards can only ONCE per player account. You will not be able complete these awards once you have received your reward.
  • You must complete all five Heists, on Hard difficulty, with the same players and without losing any of your lives.
  • Your progress on these awards will not be reset if you fail the mission (without someone dying) or if somebody leaves in the middle.
  • Tip – If someone is about dying on the job, this little trick can be used. Make someone quit the job, destroy a vehicle, or alarm someone to fail.
  • You will not be able to restart the job after you have completed the checkpoint . This will not affect your statistics for Criminal Mastermind.



  • The "Criminal Mastermind", which will reward you with $10.000.000 GTA$ each, and the 2 awards "All in Order", and "Loyalty", which will give you $1.000.000 each, will reward you.
  • $12.000.000 is your total reward for the final heist.



  • It is recommended to be at the least rank 135 in order to complete this challenge. Once you reach this rank, you will be able to carry 10 different armors and have unlimited snacks.
  • Your inventory menu should be visible when you are in a vehicle. You can then use heavy armors and snacks if you need them.
  • Buy a heavy utility vest and bulletproof helmet from a clothing store and put them in your "Saved outfits" inventory. You must select the Heist Clothing from the "Player Saved Outfits" list before you start any Setup mission or Heist Finale. This allows all team members to use their heavy utility vests. This outfit will increase your protection but will slow you down. Tip. To run slightly faster, you can jump while moving.
  • Make sure at least one member on your team has an Armored Kuruma or a Insurgent. It is recommended that everyone on the team uses the same vehicle for each mission.


Additional Tips

  • Avoid vehicles that are about or about to explode.
  • To reduce your chance of being killed accidentally, you should not use RPG or any explosives.
  • To decrease the chance of being attacked by enemies, cover is essential.


The Fleeca Jobs

  • If you want all your team members to be awarded the Criminal Mastermind title, you can create two separate groups and complete the first three missions. You then join the group for the second mission. Player 1 and Player 2 each complete the Fleeca job, while Player 3 & 4 complete it. After that, the Prison Break Heist begins for all four players.
  • This heist requires only. Wear the Heavy Utility Vest available at "Player Selected Outfits" to follow the mission objectives.


The Prison Break Heist

  • Before getting in the bus, the Prisoner may stop at Ammu Nation and purchase a gun. The other player "Prison officer" can drop some weapons to him and let them collect them.
  • Use armors and snacks only when absolutely necessary.
  • The Demolition tasks and the Pilot are relatively simple. To avoid being shot, Pilot must remain behind Lazer and follow it. The demolition only needs to give air support and kill as many enemies as possible to the Prisoner/Prisoner.
  • After that, Rashkowsky needs to land the plane on the runway. Follow other objectives instead of following the cops.
  • NOTE: The Demolition crew with the buzzard must be careful not land on the marked spot. The rest of the team should parachute onto and off the beach first to avoid being hit by the chopper.


The Humane Labs Raid


    Series A funding

    • For the first setup "Series A" – Coke, you can use the Heavy Utility Vests. The chopper group should take off in a helicopter to kill as many enemy sailors as possible around the yacht. The Boat Team should instead go inside the boat and collect the coke. After that, you can just lose the cops.
    • For the second setup, "Series A" – Trash truck, you need to be careful as you can't wear the Heavy Utility Vests. To ensure that the collectors are less exposed, always park the trashmaster near the trash bag. Keep your trashmaster away from enemy cars and always keep your inventory open in case of emergency.
    • Use the Heavy Utility Vests to complete the third setup (Series A – Bikers). You can easily kill all your enemies using a suppressed firearm. After that, divide your team into 2 groups and take the vans. Keep your inventory open, as always. The pa*senger should use weapons in order to kill the incoming enemies. However, the driver must avoid them to get to the checkpoint.
    • For the fourth setup "Series A, Weed", use heavy utility vests with an Armored Kuruma. Simply kill everyone from within your car. Collect both the vans and technical. The Technical team should protect the vans with the minigun.
    • For the fifth setup, "Series A – Meth", you will need to use heavy utility vests as well as an Armored Kuruma. Then, kill everyone in your car. Once you have the tanker, simply follow the routepoint.

      Now for the Heist Finale

      As always, use "Player Saved Outfits", select the Heavy Utility vest and then go to Trevor. Kill all the enemies within the warehouse and use your RPG to control the incoming vehicles. Next, take the vans, the Technical, and make sure to have your inventory open just for the occasion. This mission is quite simple if you have the Heavy Utility Vest as well as the armors in your inventory.


    The Pacific Standard

    • For the first setup, "Pacific Standard Vans", follow the instructions.
    • For the second setup, "Pacific Standard Signal", you can use the Heavy Utility Vests. Keep your inventory open. Your armored, kuruma should be abandoned once you reach the beach. You should get to the island and kill the enemies and the helicopter police officer. After that, take Avi to a beach in your parked car kuruma.
    • For the third setup "Pacific Standard Hack", as usual, use the Heavy Utility Vests to kill all those in your path and take the white van. While taking care the incoming enemies, the Decoys crew on the black van must keep their inventory open.
    • For the fourth setup use the heavy utility vests. To take down the Savage helicopter, use the heavy-sniper. Detonate the sticky Bombs as soon the convoy is near enough. One teammate should rob the Barracks while the other three take over the Insurgent pickup. Three guys should guard the Barracks with Insurgent. You should also keep your inventory open, just in case.
    • For the fifth setup, simply use the heavy utility Vests and an armored Kuruma to take out all the enemies. Next, you can take the Lectro Bike. Keep your inventory open. Also, be careful not to drive on the sidewalks with incoming enemies.

      Now for the Heist Finale

      You can save the Heist Clothing and all players should use Heavy Utility vests. Go to the bank. Make sure you don't kill any hostages.


      This will make it even more difficult for you to escape. Crowd Control should ensure that one member is always ready to kill the guards who are coming from upstairs. If the team wishes to save as much money as possible, only one person can take the money: the Hacker and the Demolition. The team member with the most money will have to remain behind and let his buddies clear the streets before moving ahead. Kill everyone in this alleyway and get on the bikes.
      Here are some tips. It is not necessary to use the Lectro Bikes.
    • Steal the Police Cruiser which is parked next to the nearest Ammu Nation. This is not the most safest, but it will allow you to complete your mission.
    • Another alternative is to use the bikes and then find a Police Riot behind a roadblock. Then, you can steal it. This van is bulletproof and will enable you to safely cross other roadblocks.
    • Follow the GPS route. Stay off the roads as much as you can and head directly to the Dinghy located in the Raton Canyon.
    • To avoid being arrested, the person who received the money should duck in their car (HOLDX BY DEAULT).
      After that, just get in the boat and sail out to sea.



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    Written by Neazzy

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