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[Disclaimer] This guide were based on some credible sources and of course my own experience playing the game that will be seen on my tiktok videos
Cursed possessions are a group of six items that are used to interact with the ghost or cause it to appear, these items being the ouija board, summoning circle, yarot cards, Music box, haunted mirror and voodoo doll. This items adds spice to the game to a whole new level
Five of the six can be picked up and used at any time while inside the building, whereas the summoning circle is stuck to one spot on the map.
There is a guarantee that one of the items will spawn on the map, however it is spawn randomly in the map.
Taking a picture of the cursed possession with the photo camera will give photo rewards
Usage of the cursed possessions will generally have a positive effect, no matter how minor, usually followed by a negative effect afterwards.

Ouija Board

Cursed Possession List - Phasmophobia - Ouija Board - 4B7FAFE1E
The pioneer of cursed objects
It can be activated by left clicking on it. Once activated, the planchette will appear.
Questions then can be asked while holding the push-to-talk key (defaults to V), or asked directly if only one player is in the game.
These are the types of questions that can be asked:
Who did you kill?
Who is your victim?
What is the name of the person you killed?
What is the name of the person you murdered?
What is your victim?
Did you murder?
Who did you murder?
Who died?
How old are you?
What is your age?
Are you old?
Are you young?
How long have you been dead?
How many years ago did you die?
How long have you been here?
How long ago did you die?
When did you die?
How many are in this room?
How many people are in this room?
How many people are in here?
How many ghosts are in this room?
How many ghosts are in here?
Are you alone?
Are we alone?
Who is here?
Who is in this room?
Where are you?
What is your favourite room?
Where is your room?
What is your room?
Are you here?
Are you close?
Are there any spirits?
Are you near?
Are you around?
The player asking the question must be inside the investigation area, as well as be inside to ask questions. It should not have to be in the Ghost Room (nor the ghost’s current room) to respond. To deactivate the Ouija Board, the player must say “Goodbye”, which will make the planchette disappear.
If the player who activated the board walks away from an active Ouija Board, or has insufficient sanity to “pay” for the question that they ask, the board will break itself up and trigger a cursed hunt.
Players can no longer ask the ghost to play hide and seek with the Ouija board during a hunt (because of TROLL players 😊)
Demons have a unique weakness when using a Ouija Board where they will deduct a certain amount of sanity on answering. A slight tip, there are some ghost that are very vulnerable to ouija boards, such as the Demon, but almost all ghosts dislike this method as there’s a chance it will anger them and you will be hunted.
Once the ouija board is broken, it cannot be used again.
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Summoning Circle

Cursed Possession List - Phasmophobia - Summoning Circle - 7A173261A
It can be used by lighting all five red candles with a lighter.
Each candle deducts a certain amount of sanity.
Once all five candles are lit, the ghost will be summoned and fully materialized, and stay inside the circle for 5 seconds.
Taking a picture of the ghost inside the summoning circle is highly recommended
After 5 seconds, it will immediately initiate a hunt on the spot.
WARNING: If the circle is lit while a hunt is already ongoing, the ghost will be teleported to the middle of the circle, but the hunt will not be canceled, potentially killing players on the spot.
Once the summoning circle has been activated, it cannot be used again.
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Tarot Cards

Cursed Possession List - Phasmophobia - Tarot Cards - CF6F915C0
It contains 10 randomly generated cards. There are various possible cards the player can draw from the deck, each having a unique effect on either the player or the ghost if it is nearby. After being used, each card will vanish in a colored flame that is dependent on its type. The cards must be drawn inside the investigation area for them to work.
There are 10 possible cards that can be drawn. A single card type can appear more than once in the deck, and there are different percentages for each card to spawn.
Cursed Possession List - Phasmophobia - Tarot Cards - 13201F2D6
Card types:
Hanged Man – Will instantly kill you.
Sun – Will fully restore your sanity to 100%.
Moon – Will immediately bring down your sanity to 0%.
Devil – Will trigger a Ghost Event.
Death – Will cause a cursed hunt.
Wheel of Fortune – Will either give you + or – 25 sanity. Simply check if it burns green (+) or red (-).
Tower – Will bring out a ghost interaction.
High Priestess – Will bring a random dead teammate back to life. You can find them respawn exactly at the spot where their dead body was present.
Hermit – Will make the ghost inactive for some time, similar to smudge sticks.
Fool – Will show up as another card and then fool you as it reveals itself to be the Fool card. It’s a TROLL CARDs
TIPS: The player should not draw a card during a hunt, since all cards will turn into The Fool.
Once the tarot cards is consumed, it cannot be used again.
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Music Box

Cursed Possession List - Phasmophobia - Music Box - 6EBE9D45E
It can be activated by holding it in the hand and using the secondary use key to activate the device
It will make the ghost sing along while remaining invisible, broadcasting its location.
If the music box is 5 meters or less from the ghost, it will manifest and starts walking towards the box.
If the ghost touches it, walks for more than 5 seconds, or the player drops the box while the tune is playing, it will start a hunt.
Cursed Possession List - Phasmophobia - Music Box - 33EA25BA6
The sanity will drop only if the player can hear the song.
Once the music box is used, it cannot be used again.
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Haunted Mirror

Cursed Possession List - Phasmophobia - Haunted Mirror - 18B0D9BA9
It must be toggled while inside. When activated, it will show a view of a part of the ghost room as a sweeping panorama, allowing players to locate the room by cross-reference. The mirror’s view into the ghost room will now keep rotating instead of resetting on every use
Cursed Possession List - Phasmophobia - Haunted Mirror - 4C7DDDE24
Using the haunted mirror will rapidly drain the sanity of the player using it which includes the animation of raising and lowering the mirror.
If the user’s sanity reaches zero, the mirror will break and start a hunt near the user’s position. The mirror breaking is noted by the player as the front of the mirror smashing, and by others nearby by a cracking noise.
Once the haunted mirror is broken, it cannot be used again.
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Voodoo Doll

Cursed Possession List - Phasmophobia - Voodoo Doll - DE4F5F017
Interacting with the voodoo doll will cause one of the 10 pins stuck in the doll to be pushed into it at random.
This will cause the ghost to perform an interaction, and will drop the player’s sanity to a certain amount.
If the heart pin is pressed down, it will initiate a cursed hunt in the player’s immediate vicinity.
If the player’s sanity is less than 10%, all of the pins will get pushed in and a cursed hunt will occur as well.
Once the voodoo doll is used, it cannot be used again.
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