Custom Ruleset – Slime Rancher

Custom Ruleset – Slime Rancher 1 -
Custom Ruleset – Slime Rancher 1 -

A collection of gameplay challenges to spice things up. Each has a name, general info and then some advice if someone decides to take on one of these rules.

Quick Info

These rules require you adhere to some type of honor system. Have fun and have fun with it! Let’s move on.

Rule #1: WalkLock

Custom Ruleset - Slime Rancher - Rule #1: WalkLock - 5CEDF95
There is no sprinting. It is very simple.
To save time walking around, plan your routes ahead of time.

Rule #2: Return to the Basics

Custom Ruleset - Slime Rancher - Rule #2: Back to the Basics - 0A942C7
The Vacpack is not eligible for upgrades.
As a result, water cannot be stored, there is no jetpack, pulse wave or health increase, and there are no power core and tank booster increases.
This means you are stuck with 100 health,100 energy (not that your will need it), 20 items per slot.
To follow the first tip, plan ahead to map out your route to avoid getting stuck and making sure that you get to where it is possible.

Rule #3: Famine

Custom Ruleset - Slime Rancher - Rule #3: The Famine - 12BB9AC
You cannot purchase or use plots of chicken coops or garden plots.
This means that food must be gathered from the outdoors, not from a coop or garden.
Silos can be used to store a lot of food and prevent you from having to go to the market every hour looking for food.

Rule #4: Crop Generalization

Custom Ruleset - Slime Rancher - Rule #4: Crop Generalization - F669C90
To gordos and slimes, only carrots, pogofruit, or regular hen-hens are allowed to be fed.
This means that slimes can’t eat their favorite food, which makes it much more difficult to make a profit.
Quantity is more important than quality. You can’t have your favorite food so give the slimes double.

Rule #5: Staying at Home

Custom Ruleset - Slime Rancher - Rule #5: Stayin' Home - CE29384
Ranch expansions can’t be bought or used.
This limits the player’s options to 8 plots. It also removes slime science.
Make the most of your space and plan your ranch layout before you start.

Rule #6 – Just ignore them

Custom Ruleset - Slime Rancher - Rule #6: Just Ignore Them... - 92ECE80
Tarrs are not able to be removed from this world in any capacity.
Tarr outbreaks must be prevented as soon as possible.

Rule #7: Endangered Gordos

Custom Ruleset - Slime Rancher - Rule #7: Endangered Gordos - CBA0DBB
Five gordos are allowed: the first Pink Gordo; the Phosphor Gordo; the Honey Gordo; the Hunter Gordo; and the Rad Gordo.
Use the five keys wisely. You don’t get anymore.

Rule #8 is Slime Purity

Custom Ruleset - Slime Rancher - Rule #8: Slime Purity - 32F8ADE
Only pure slimes are allowed in your ranch.
Quantity. You’ll need lots slimes.

Rule #9 – Manual Collection

Custom Ruleset - Slime Rancher - Rule #9: Manual Collection - BF2C0EF
You cannot use plortcollectors on any corrals on your ranch.
Use slimes which are safe for you to avoid accidental death.

Rule #10 – Limited Space

Custom Ruleset - Slime Rancher - Rule #10: Limited Space - 5781B58
A corral can only contain 2 slimes at one time.
You should choose your slimes carefully, and there are many corrals.

Rule #11

Custom Ruleset - Slime Rancher - Rule #11: Fully Domesticated - 198EF32
Only plorts derived from slimes in one of your corrals are allowed to be sold.
This means that you can’t collect plorts scattered all over the map.

Rule #12 Roaming Blind

Custom Ruleset - Slime Rancher - Rule #12: Roaming Blind - 0A7B3C0
It is impossible to activate map nosdes located all over the globe.
Before you start, take your own time and make sure that you have a good understanding of the map.

Rule #13 is Dependable Beatrix

Custom Ruleset - Slime Rancher - Rule #13: Dependable Beatrix - 14E6290
You must perform at least one range exchange trade per day, starting on day 2.
Keep a variety of items in your possession to prevent unnecessary travel.

Rule #14 – Money Management

Custom Ruleset - Slime Rancher - Rule #14: Money Management - 6E9B4A6
You can only have 1500 dollars to your name at any one time.
Make sure you plan when you receive money via trades or from plort.

Rule #15: Quick & Painless

Custom Ruleset - Slime Rancher - Rule #15: Quick and Painless - D055489
You may sustain injury from a slime. Then you can move on.
You need to be careful about where you’re going.

Rule #16: Insomnia

Custom Ruleset - Slime Rancher - Rule #16: Insomnia - 5B51DB3
You might not be able sleep enough to skip the day.
Make sure you use your time wisely.

Rule #17 – Market Overload

Custom Ruleset - Slime Rancher - Rule #17: Market Overload - 08DE90D
You may not sell more then 10 plorts in one day.
You can save plorts and sell them slowly over a few weeks.

Rule #18 – Locked Crates

Custom Ruleset - Slime Rancher - Rule #18: Locked Crates - 71B2F4E
Crates of all types cannot be opened, or broken.

Hardcore Mode

If you’re a seasoned slime rancher I would recommend taking on “Slime Rancher’s Extreme Mode”. All 18 rules are still in effect, with the added risk that you might die. You can’t even die. You will be punished by the honor system if you do.
I can only tell you that if one or more of these rules are being tried, have fun. If you’re trying the harder mode, good luck.
You will need it.


Written by Neon.

Here we come to an end for the Custom Ruleset – Slime Rancher guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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