Dedicated servers (Windows) – Master Arena

Dedicated servers (Windows) – Master Arena 1 -
Dedicated servers (Windows) – Master Arena 1 -

This is a guide on how to create a dedicated server in Master Arena!


I am not the author of this guide! This guide is taken from the official website of the game developers! I just want to help developers make information more accessible!

Launched a Master Arena server

  • Unzip in an empty folder.
  • Run “UpdateServer.bat”:

Dedicated servers (Windows) - Master Arena - Launched a Master Arena server - 3BFB1B22A

  • Go to \YOUR_SteamCMD_FOLDER\masterarenaserver\Binaries\Redist and Run UE3Redist.exe

Dedicated servers (Windows) - Master Arena - Launched a Master Arena server - E98E13083

  • Go to \YOUR_SteamCMD_FOLDER\masterarenaserver and start StartServer.bat

Dedicated servers (Windows) - Master Arena - Launched a Master Arena server - 94229FF88
Dedicated servers (Windows) - Master Arena - Launched a Master Arena server - 5A1B78556
Congratulations, you just launched a Master Arena server!
Now you know how to start a server, go to the Server Settings page to learn how to define the game mode, the maps list, and the specific settings.

Server Settings

Welcome to the server setting page! Here, you will find some explanation about the server startup commands line.
Let’s take for example the following server command line:

 If you use the game client:
start .\Binaries\Win64\MasterArena.exe server DM-SpaceDock?game=MasterArena.MATeamGame?AdminPa*sword=MAFPSADMIN?MaxPlayers=6?TimeLimit=5?bIsLanMatch=0?steamsockets -Port=7777 -QueryPort=27015 -CONFIGSUBDIR=DedicatedServer1 


 If you use the dedicated server apps:
start .\Binaries\Win64\MasterArena-Server.exe DM-SpaceDock?game=MasterArena.MATeamGame?AdminPa*sword=MAFPSADMIN?MaxPlayers=6?TimeLimit=5?bIsLanMatch=0?steamsockets -Port=7777 -QueryPort=27015 -CONFIGSUBDIR=DedicatedServer1 

Where you have:

?game=MasterArena.MATeamGame : Set the default gametype as Team Deathmatch mode.
?AdminPa*sword=####### : Set admin pa*sword.
?MaxPlayers=X : Server Max Players.
?TimeLimit=5 : Game Time up to 5 minutes.
?bIsLanMatch=0 : Define LAN or WAN server.
-Port=7777 : Server port.
-QueryPort=27015 : Steam Master Servers port.
-CONFIGSUBDIR=DedicatedServer1 : Create a subfolder in \masterarenaserver\UDKGame\Config\ 



To set a game mode, the commands are the following:

?game=MasterArena.MADeathMatch : for Deathmatch mode.
?game=MasterArena.MACTFGame : for Capture the Flag mode.
?game=MasterArena.MATeamGame : for Team Deathmatch mode.
?game=MasterArena.MADuel : for the DUEL mode 




?GamePa*sword=##### : Game pa*sword.
?AdminPa*sword=##### : Admin pa*sword.
?WarmupTime=60 : Warmup Time in seconds.
?PlayersMustBeReady=0 : 0 or 1 : Should all players be ready before the start of the game ?
?GoalScore=0 : A goal score set to 0 = unlimited score.
?BalanceTeams=0 : 0 or 1.
?ForceRespawn=0 : 0 or 1.
?MinNetPlayers=2 : Minimum human players to start the game.
?NumPlay=4 : Minimum in game player, if Numplay < NumHumanPlayer, bots are added.
?MaxSpectators=2 : Spectators slots.
?EnableMapVote=1 : 0 or 1. 



The maps list file is located at \masterarenaserver\UDKGame\Config\DedicatedServerX and under the name UDKMAMapList.ini
You will have something like this:


This defines a simple map rotation on DeathMatch (DM). If you want to play a specific map in TDM (in this example DM-Fuse), you should write:


To add mutators, you can add them as follow:


If you want more mutators, you can add them one after another :


Mutators list:

  • MAMutator_Instagib
  • MAMutator_MeleeArena
  • MAMutator_RocketOnly
  • MAMutator_OverLoaded
  • MAMutator_SlomoCombo


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Written by KL1NE

This is all we can share for Dedicated servers (Windows) – Master Arena for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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