Default revolver (And arm variants) only P-ranks – ULTRAKILL

Default revolver (And arm variants) only P-ranks – ULTRAKILL 1 -
Default revolver (And arm variants) only P-ranks – ULTRAKILL 1 -

Ever dreamed of flexing to your ultrakill friends? Try this self induced mas*chi*tic challenge before its probably going to be impossible to do after the wrath update.

Rules of the run

In this run (that you can start off the fresh savefile in the settings) we’ll be skipping every weapon. We will still be getting all the arms (because the knuckleblaster is unskipable) and this challenge would be impossible without them anyway. So first off lets go over the skips of weapons as you get arms to start your P-runs proper

The skips

In 0-3, in the first room, there will be a gla*s ceiling you need to break with a charge shot and then slam-storage jump up there, which should take you straight to the boss. I advise looking up how slam storage works but the jist of it is you hold onto the wall, then slam and jump shortly after, the jumping again just as you touch the ground. Doing this correctly gives you a slam’s visual effect during your walljump.
Default revolver (And arm variants) only P-ranks - ULTRAKILL - The skips - 8D4026C48
What I also noticed is that, boss spawns a shotgun each time he switches into phase two, so if youre trying a battle multiple times you might end up with a minefield of shotguns, so just restart if it ends up being too overwhelming.
Default revolver (And arm variants) only P-ranks - ULTRAKILL - The skips - 243D44DAD
This one doesnt need any fancy tricks as you just need to NOT pick it up on accident as its chilling in this room under the malicious face in 1-1.
BE CAREFUL as it also spawns right infront of your spawn in 1-2 so dont slide into it by accident.
Default revolver (And arm variants) only P-ranks - ULTRAKILL - The skips - 58229635E
Default revolver (And arm variants) only P-ranks - ULTRAKILL - The skips - 5CEB7AA14
This one is in 2-2(?) where you need to go AROUND this path and jump into the unloaded part of the map via slam storage where you’ll load the rest of it by going through the door below.
Default revolver (And arm variants) only P-ranks - ULTRAKILL - The skips - DCD72837E
Default revolver (And arm variants) only P-ranks - ULTRAKILL - The skips - EAB37C194
After you fall to the door and enter it, kill enemies that are infront of you, and walking back should load the rest of the level.

Tech for poor man’s S-style

After you beat the game and get all the arms whilst skipping other gear you can start properly p-ranking levels as arms are your one survivability and style clutch that you WILL need.
Your main MEATY source of style. Filth hordes are your best friends. Slam near them(try to not kill too many with the slam itself) to send ’em into the air, jump immediately after then and knuckleBLAST them for instant ultrakill rank. Doing it at the correct time will get you even more points as you get a point modifier up to x3 during airtime.
Hop along the ground and slide around as MUCH as possible. Saves you time which is tight on some levels along with giving you more points overall which are even tighter.
Big enemies are your best source of healing. You can abuse your whiplash to keep yourself in their face, spamming charge shots and KNUCKLEblast hits, which also gives +BIG FISTKILL bonus on kill. Maurice (Malicious face) are least dangerous to handle this way along with mindflayers, while cerberus is more dangerous as its a bit harder to read their attacks and dash through them to avoid damage.
Small enemies are mostly a source of healing as you whiplash them towards yourself. Soldiers and strays are instakillable via the knuckleblaster like so, while schism take more of a beating and are quite annoying.
Streetcleaners are hard to catch due to their dodge ability, so save a chargeshot for them, or jump above them and try to hit their tank (which is quite difficult but nets you more points if youre chased by a group of melee enemies).
Drones can double as a ranged explosive weapon. Whiplash them towards yourself, aim your camera under you or wherever you wish to launch the drone and send it there via KNUCKLEblast.

Notable Levels

0-2: The Meatgrinder
Pretty straightforward filth abuse for point, EXCEPT the tunnel section.
Make sure you kill atleast a couple strays as they spawn in before they die to swordmachine, so you wouldn’t need to do a secret encounter (which is way too dangerous as you WILL grab a shotgun by accident in a small arena)
0-3: Double Down
As you have the knuckleblast, breakable walls should be destructable now, making you able to reach the fight without goofy skips, I suggest you do the bottom swordmachine first as to not have him drag the dropped shotgun of his on the fight above. Also, goes without saying, do not pick up the shotgun by accident
1-1 and 1-2
1-3: Halls of Sacred Remains
Relatively fine, but getting soap to kill hideous ma*s instantly works well. You can find it by taking a rgiht and finding it above this room.
Default revolver (And arm variants) only P-ranks - ULTRAKILL - Notable Levels - F26DE9279
Also you dont need to do swordmachine tundra and agony to get S in kills.
1-4: HELL de Lune
One of the two hardest levels in this challenge along with P-1, due to how little style you can get in this level. Pistol hits award you barely any points while getting hit burns your points a LOT. Personally, mostly bruteforced this level by whiplashing myself to his face and spamming feedbacker for parries and knuckleBLAST for parries in his face. Getting parries is unlikely but basically MANDATORY to get enough points for an S-rank. Using invincible slide also helps, which boils down to dashing and sliding immediately after, making you invincible during the slide, but the small arena makes it hard to utilize.
2-2: Death at 20,000 Volts
Can be both point and time sensitive. Rushing all electric panels might be benefitial to save time and kill larger groups with slam-to-air launches for more points. ALSO you’ll need to repeat the railgun skip each time.
2-4 Court of the Corpse King
During the corridor section, stay at the very back and do your best to not get hit to conserve points. During the boss battle, to reach S-rank in style you NEED to get 2-3 parries. Parrying a fist is kinda tough but does the trick, while eye parasites shots are quite slow, making them ideal for parries.
3-2: In the Flesh
Gabriel should be a chump provided youve done an S-rank with all weapons prior, as most of his attacks arent hard to dodge by backpettling, dashing through his spear hits and parrying his projectiles back at him. Spamming whiplash to get into his face is also benifitial to hurt him a lot and get you lots of points through +DISRESPECT.
Default revolver (And arm variants) only P-ranks - ULTRAKILL - Notable Levels - 00F4633BF
4-2: ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ THE SUN
Most giant enemies are now covered in sand, making you unable to heal off them, so be more careful. Shooting stalkers early so they dont sand as much enemies helps. Also, go for a cla*sic under 10 seconds insurrectionist kill by baiting him into a pit. Putting skulls on their pedistals via whiplash also saves a good bit of time.
4-3: A Shot in the Dark
The arena gauntlet might be a little overwhelming, make sure to focus down angels (?) with whiplash while pushing off smaller enemies off the platform via knuckleBLAST.
4-4: Clair de Soleil
Suprisingly WAY easier than the first encounter as its way more generous with points. V2’s minigun might burn your points easier, however getting a revolver chargeshot into V2’s coins gives you hella points, making you able to pa*s this without landing parries. Also, hitting V2 with a knuckleblast enrages the guy, which gives you points but making him more agressive. Isn’t worth it as you’ll likely burn more points through getting hit, but ends up being free points if you enrage him right at the end of his first phase. Also enraging him in phase 2 is relatively safe. If you make it out of the battle on A-rank points you can still make it to S by firework-killing 2 filths and big fistkilling a maurice. And theres also a single schism I guess.

P-1 (Oh no)

The second one of the hardest levels of this challenge. This level is both EXTREMELY point AND time-tight.
Default revolver (And arm variants) only P-ranks - ULTRAKILL - P-1 (Oh no) - E10436C38
Get to the bossroom quicker by jumping off the initial platform and doing 3-4 dashes as you fall, getting back on the walkway when you see it.
The CHAD Flesh Prison
The hard part of the fight (yes, really). Lack of coins makes this fight CONCIDERABLY harder. You need to both finish this phase fast and get as much points out of it as you can.
General idea is to open up with a whiplash and a couple of KNUCKLEblasts (faster than knuckleBLASTS btw). Each time it spawns the eyes make sure youre on the side of the spawn circle, the left side usually, where you can use a knuckleBLAST as they spawn to kill 2-3 simultaneously. Make sure you have the rage mode bar enabled for this as it makes it easier to read how soon the prison will start eating the eyes.
Slide around it and damage the prism until its about halfway moved through its rage meter, at which point you should whittle down the eyes so their numbers would be manageable when the prison starts eating them. Maurice eyes are a bit more sturdy, chargeshot helps quite a bit against them. MAKE SURE YOU SAVE ATLEAST ONE EYE! Eating makes the prison more resistant but gives you extra time to chill in the air near it with whiplash and bully it with melee attacks for +disrespect points.
The prison also has a homing orb attack, during which its RELATIVELY save to stay ontop of it and bully it with melee.
Default revolver (And arm variants) only P-ranks - ULTRAKILL - P-1 (Oh no) - 067CFD7EC
The prison also sometimes doesnt switch to the eating mode quite yet when its rage bar is empty and its using this attacking, also giving you a bigger oppurtunity (?) to bully it. Also, if the prison is in the process of dying and there are still a couple eyes still alive, killing them helps you out pretty well with extra points.
THIS PHASE IS THE MAIN DECIDING FACTOR IN BOTH TIME AND POINTS. Optimally, you should clear this part of the fight after 2-3 eating phases (meaning if it persisted for long you should probably just redo) and have about an A-ranking at points, fight with Minos will be enough to bump you to S.
The VIRGIN Minos Prime
Even though this phase is the easier part, dont choke here. You should try to practice this fight a good bit until you can do it consistently, but knowing how to handle each attack helps immensely.
During the battle, try to always stay close to Minos and constantly hit him in the phase with melee. If you see him launching snakes switching quickly to feedbacker and send them back, which helps both in points and damage, just dont forget to switch back to the knuckleblast. If he launches you into the air with an uppercut, slam back down to the ground and be ready for a “crush/die”. I personally like to jump as he does that attack and dash back, then dash back to him as he lands on the ground.
Judgement is easily dodgeable (as long as you get the timing down) by dodging INTO Minos as he’s about to do it.
“Prepare thyself/Your end is now” are both dodgeable by moving back+left. You can incorperate sliding into this for more points as well. The main difference is the “prepare thyself” needs you to parry the snake as his 3rd strike, and “Your end is now” is your best damage oppurtunity, and the more of this attack minos uses during his fight, typically the faster it’ll go.
The whole battle is quite the pain as you’ll be met with situations where you’re either sliver away in time or points.
Default revolver (And arm variants) only P-ranks - ULTRAKILL - P-1 (Oh no) - 32D999EF9
Default revolver (And arm variants) only P-ranks - ULTRAKILL - P-1 (Oh no) - 69BC5FFBA
With a couple (tens) of tries you should be able to finally get the P-rank with arms and default revolver only on all levels and flex to your friends.
Default revolver (And arm variants) only P-ranks - ULTRAKILL - P-1 (Oh no) - 24AEDFDB2
Default revolver (And arm variants) only P-ranks - ULTRAKILL - P-1 (Oh no) - A791FB0AB

The Elephant in the Room (WRATH UPDATE)

Just recently a twitter post went up with a couple of style system changes and whiplash nerf that’ll go live on the wrath update this summer. This update WILL make the runs way more points-tight as revolver will start netting you 0 style pointa eventually, HOWEVER the arms should still work the same points-wise (actually probably making knuckleBLAST the best point-based explosion tool for squishies).
Default revolver (And arm variants) only P-ranks - ULTRAKILL - The Elephant in the Room (WRATH UPDATE) - 945EE73CE
But at that point the runs might only be possible by using the coin revolver along with default. This guide was made with only default in mind though.
Hope this guide helps you on your path of self-masochism

Written by Dr.Doctor

Here we come to an end for the Default revolver (And arm variants) only P-ranks – ULTRAKILL guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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