Delete “Brake!” and Other Callouts in WRC 7 Gamefiles

Delete “Brake!” and Other Callouts in WRC 7 Gamefiles 1 -
Delete “Brake!” and Other Callouts in WRC 7 Gamefiles 1 -

Delete “Brake!” and Other Callouts in WRC 7 Gamefiles

I get it – some of those co-driver callouts in WRC 7 can be pretty distracting or just flat-out annoying when you’re trying to focus on driving fast. Like, you’ll be flying into a corner and suddenly hear “BRAKE!” blast through your headphones when you already know exactly when to hit the brakes. I feel you!

So here’s the deal – you can actually delete specific audio files to customize the pacenotes to your liking. Even if you have the co-driver detail set to a minimum, you’ll still hear stuff like “brake” calls. But with a few simple file deletions, you can get rid of the ones that bug you.

How to Delete Braking and Other Callouts

Deleting files is super easy. Just follow these steps:

1. Navigate to where WRC 7 is installed on your computer. For me on Windows, it was:

C:/Program Files(x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/WRC7/WIN32/Sounds/Voice/EN/PACENOTES

2. In there, you’ll see a bunch of audio files for the different co-driver callouts. Delete any you find distracting – for example “Brake!” or “Hard brake!”. You can even dump the “Short” callouts if you want a calmer run.

Pro tip: Use the Ctrl+F search in Windows Explorer to quickly find files with names like “BRAKE,” “HARDBRAKE,” or “SHORT.”

And that’s it! The game will run normally but without the calls you deleted. You can customize to your heart’s content. It’s super liberating to drive without certain callouts bugging you the whole time!

What If I Mess Up?

No worries if you accidentally delete something you didn’t mean to or want the original files back. You can always verify the Steam game files to redownload anything that got deleted incorrectly. Way easier than reinstalling the entire game!

So in summary, deleting pacenote audio is an awesome way to tailor WRC 7 to your personal driving preferences. No more annoying callouts, just the info you want and need. Happy racing!

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