Description and walkthrough – I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream

Description and walkthrough – I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream 1 -
Description and walkthrough – I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream 1 -

All about the plot and characters

About this guide and version of the game

The game was created based on the short story written by Harlan Ellison.
The Steam version of the game has a little difference from the original version, missing a few scenes.
Some descriptions of the characters in spoilers contain just my view on this and guesses.
In my walkthrough, I found only one bug – it’s in the plot of Nimdok and doesn’t allow you to finish his scenario, so it’s better to save the game before that.


For the peace and avoid war, America, Russia and China created three computers. These AI were supposed to an*lyze human behavior, predict events, and look for solutions. But the american computer is out of control. He began to have self-awareness and started to hate humanity, looking at people as they are imperfect organisms, who do low deeds and feel aggression towards each other. He preferred to call himself AM. AM destroyed all of humanity, saved only five lives. With the help of technology, he kept them alive for 109 years. All these years, AM experimented on them and tortured.
Spoiler: Over the years, the consciousness of AM has had an internal conflict, but he doesn’t understand this himself. His own parts of consciousness help the main characters get out of their nightmares and give them advice on how to end it all.


Five people chosen by AM.
Spoiler: Everyone has the special knowledge that AM uses to develop himself and keep prisoners alive.

  • Gorrister.

He was a driver. Gorrister suffers from feelings of guilt towards his wife, he showed aggression and sent wife to an asylum. His location looks like the airship where the unknown tragedy happen.
Spoiler: He and his wife were victims of the actions of his mother-in-law, who tried to break up their relationship. After the airship stops, Gorrister ends up in a bar, which shows that probably he liked alcohol before. With a good ending to his story, he forgives himself.

  • Benny.

Served in the army. He had a strong body, but AM made him weak, and turned more simian than human. His location is the jungle, where a wild tribe lives and they making sacrifices for AM.
Spoiler: While Benny serving in the army, his colleagues suffered because of him. In the jungle there are their graves and the opportunity to talk with their souls. For a good ending, they need to prove that Benny has changed and he is ready to help others. If the necessary actions are done, then Benny sacrifices himself instead of the boy.

  • Ellen.

Technical engineer. The only female prisoner. Suffering from panic attacks and fear of the yellow color. Her world, created by AM, is similar to an egyptian pyramid, consisting of technology, where a lot of yellow color.
Spoiler: She was raped in an elevator by a man in yellow work clothes. During the scenario, she struggles with her phobias and panic attacks. Ellen meets the man from elevator again and she is able to confront him. She also met one of the parts of AM, who wants to stop the AI. Ellen hacks the pyramid’s control system.

  • Ted.

The youngest prisoner. He has knowledge in literature. Teds story contains two opposite lines of behavior, which shows his uncertainty in life and goals. He ends up in a medieval castle where magic exists.
Spoiler 1: Probably, his dual personality has caused a similar conflict in AM.
Spoiler 2: In the castle, he meets Ellen, for whom he has romantic feelings. An angel and a demon appear next to her, and the line of behavior that the player chooses will determine who will take Ellen’s soul.

  • Nimdok.

Old man, scientist. AM makes him a doctor in a concentration camp, and hints that Nimdok really was such a doctor, and AM even talks about their similarities.
Spoiler 1: Exceptional character. The only one whose face during the opening cutscene doesn’t express fear, but disgust. Nimdok is also the only one who knows the pa*sword, which is needed at the end of the game. To everything AM does, perhaps due to his age and experience, he reacts more calmly than other characters.
Spoiler 2: He has the opportunity to help the people in the concentration camp. If all done right, he realizes that he himself is the same as these prisoners. Nimdok awakens an invention – a golem, and gives control to the prisoners.

Walkthrough and gameplay

If you want to see the end, you need to finish the scenario for each character. During the pa*sage, for each character you can find a certain thing that will be useful at the end.
In inventory there is a book with hints on what to do next, but each hint negatively affects the state of the character.
The state can be seen on the background where is the portrait. Good condition – bright green background. The best condition is white.
In the end, characters can take damage, and the state determines how much damage they can take. To improve the condition, you need to make the right decisions and not injure the character.
One action can be triggered by different options. For example, “use” and “push” when you need to open the door.
It’s worth saving the game before each scenario and before the finale.

Walkthrough – Gorrister

Read the note, in the rooms take two sheets and combine them. In one of the rooms, under the pillow, take the gun. In the kitchen, take the knife on the table and the fork from the floor. Use knife on the rats, take the bread and eat it. In the engine room, use the fork on the engine, then push the lever, take the key, take the milk and drink.
Go up the stairs and use the knife at the end of the corridor. Use sheets to reach to the heart. Cut the rope with a knife. Go back inside and cut three balloons with a knife, then go down the stairs. After the cutscene, go down through the hatch.
In the bar, take whiskey and use the jukebox, select the first and second options. Outside, talk to the jackal and give the heart, take the shovel next to the trashcan.
Talk to Harry at the bar. Pour him whiskey, when he doesn’t want to talk. In the restroom, examine the graffiti and take the magnifying gla*s.
On the airship, go to the dining room and use the magnifying gla*s on the debris on the floor. After that, talk to Harry again. In the restroom, use the toilet three times.
Talk to Glynis, then Edna. Agree when she asks you to take her down from the hook, but don’t give milk. When she loses the key, use the rope on her.
Use the key on the closed door on the airship. Look at the logbook. Return to Glynis and give her milk, talk to her. Use the magnifying gla*s on the meat and use the knife on it to get a heart. Give the heart of the animal to the jackal. Use the shovel to make a grave for Glynis. Talk to the jackal again.
Place Edna’s body to the right in the engine room. Go up the stairs and use the switch. In the room with the logbook, push the lever.
Go where you found the heart at the beginning and use the gun on the bar.

Walkthrough – Benny

Go straight past the caves to the tree with the one fruit. Try to eat it. At the caves, pull the rope, take the fruit, but don’t eat it. Find the cave where the boy and his mother, offer the fruit to the mother, then give it to the child. Take another fruit at the same place and give it to mother. Talk to the boy, go to bed.
In the morning, talk to the boy again. Find the place where the tribe makes a sacrifice and ask to watch. Go to the beginning and to the right, you will find the graves, inspect them and ask the souls what you can do.
Talk to the boy. In the cave where the leader of the tribe lives, look at the lottery bag. In the nearby cave, look at the monitor. There will be a moment when the leader is gone and you can take the lottery bag. Talk to the boy. Take the fruit next to the cave. Bring the bag to the graves, talk to them. Find a secret grave and talk to the spirit, bury the fruit there. Return to the cave and sleep.
Look at the monitors in the nearby caves and talk to the boy. Now he needs a doll to hide. Take fruit. Take the skull in the place where was the sacrifice. In the cave with guard, show him the fruit, take the piece of wood, and put the fruit in the basket. In another cave, take the wires from the wall. Talk about these things with the boy. Go to bed.
In the morning, go to the sacrifice and ask Benny to take the boy’s place.

Walkthrough – Ellen

Go to the room with monitors. Repair the wires at the first one. On the fourth, find an image with a secret corridor. Go there and push the wall. In the room where the yellow cloth on the floor, take it (need two attempts) and the pliers. In the monitor room, press the use option on the yellow cloth and Ellen will put it over her eyes. Go to the room on the right, Ellen will take the chalice herself. In the room with the fountain, drink some water using the chalice.
Go through the secret corridor, try using the keyboard next to Anubis, then talk to him. Use the chalice with water on him. Use pliers to remove the chip from him. Go to the room with the statues, use yellow cloth, and take the gem. In the room on the right, use the gem and the chip on one of the computers. Reprogram Anubis to serve Ellen.
Return to the sarcophagus and look at it. Use the chip on Anubis. Talk to him, find out the pa*sword, use it. Enter the sarcophagus. View all dates in the elevator. When the man in yellow appears, resist.
Enter the date of the elevator situation on one of the computers. Talk to AI. In the first room, take the speaker. Use it on vehicles in the hall with the bridge and talk to the AI. In the room with statues, take the disc. Use the disk on one of the computers, start the process. Talk to Anubis and enter the sarcophagus.

Walkthrough – Ted

Use the second monitor and you will appear next to the castle, inspect the paintings inside. Go to Ellen’s room and talk to her. She will ask you to find a mirror, examine the chest of drawers. Tell Ellen you can’t find a mirror and ask her to go to bed. In the church room, take the icon, use it on the main door of the castle, and then push the armor. Read the books in the two bedrooms and take the piece of gla*s from the floor.
Find a room with the maid and talk to her, refuse to sleep with her. Fix the oven, and again talk to the maid twice, inspect the closed door. In the church room, pull one of the torches. Examine the pentagram in the secret room. In the bedroom with ritual books, read the new book. Talk to Ellen. In the secret room, talk to the witch, refuse to sleep with her, ask about the mirror. In Ellen’s room, talk to the devil, then to Ellen.
Examine the books about magic again and read a new one. Return to the witch and say the spell Kalla Ingma Thacko. Take the chalk and use it in the center of the room. Ask the demon to open the door to the maid’s bedroom, give him a piece of gla*s. Examine the painting in the maid’s room. Talk to the devil, Ellen and the angel. Find the Divine Comedy book and take the mirror. Give the mirror to Ellen, then use it on the devil. Go to the secret room, break the mirror there.

Walkthrough – Nimdok

Go into the house, look at the poster with the date 1945. In the next room, talk to the doctor and refuse to do the operation. Take the scalpel from the table and use it on the doctor, after that go to the next room and push the wall in the middle, there will be a room. Examine the notes on the table, take the watch and the wire cutters. Talk to the boy in the next room:
– Do you know who I am?
– So, I am a legend for you.
– Why do you say the Regime will fail?
– How are you feeling?
– Get some rest.
In the operating room, take the ether, use it on the patient. Outside, talk to the prisoner who is standing and ask about the date 1945 and the clock. Use the ether on the hanging man, then the wire cutters.
In the operating room, take the jar with eyes. In the room, where the poster, use the eyes on the box. Outside, talk to the prisoner, say that you have materials, then ask why Nimdok is one of them.
Go to the room where the golem is standing. Turn off the device on the right, and use the take option on it, Nimbok will find a mirror at the bottom. Examine the mirror. Use the jar with eyes on the golem. After that, talk to him:
– The man caught in the barbed wire said to waken the sleeper, utter the truth and kiss him.
– Golem, wake up!
– Time is truth.
– The truth is that, for me, it shall always be 1945.
– [Kiss the golem.]
Leave the building with the golem and let the Lost Tribe control him.


Save the game before this.
You can choose any character, but you need a Nimdok.
The last location looks like a circle, in the center of which is a place for the ritual. To get to the middle you need to enter the pa*sword. You don’t have to go there immediately, just enter the pa*sword (1945) as Nimbok. If you don’t want to play as Nimdok further, after that you can go to any pillar and make him get electrocuted several times. This will not affect the ending.
Around the circle are special places for each of the five characters, as well as three parts of AM. The names of these parts: Superego, Ego and Id.
You don’t have to search for your character’s special place and use personal item on it, but you can do it, if you want to see more of the character’s history and solve additional puzzle.
Walk across the bridge and use Summoning in the middle. Totem of Entropy is what the demon and the russian and chinese computers want to get, but you need to deny them all. After that, you need to find three parts of AM.
When you find them, talk to them, but don’t ask for help and try to end the conversation, then use: Totem of Clarity on the Superego, Totem of Forgiveness on the Ego, Totem of Compa*sion on the Id. Get back to the middle of location, and use Totem of Entropy on the ritual place. If you did everything right, you will see a good ending for the chosen character.
The characters endings differ only in the words they say.
You can load the game before the final chapter and try other variations: give the Totem of Entropy to a demon or russian and chinese AI, do what the AI is asking, not use totems on all AM parts. This variations have a little difference, and the main difference will be that a colony of people on the Moon can survive or die, and the main character can turn into a disgusting beast without a mouth.

What I tried and it didn’t work

  • There is information that any character can know the pa*sword to the bridge in the final chapter if character make a mistake a few times. I tried all the characters and many times, in my case it didn’t work.
  • There might be a better ending where the character completely defeats the AI and don’t have to be a watchdog, and for this you need the background of the portraits to be white. Perhaps this ending exists, but I couldn’t get it and couldn’t find any video of it.


Written by 冷たい

Here we come to an end for the Description and walkthrough – I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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