Easy Gold Farm Methods (Up to 1milion+ per day!) – ELYON

Easy Gold Farm Methods (Up to 1milion+ per day!) – ELYON 1 - steamclue.com
Easy Gold Farm Methods (Up to 1milion+ per day!) – ELYON 1 - steamclue.com

Easy gold farming methods (1mil+ per day

Method #1

1. Farming Blue Sky Crystals. I have no idea why these are price capped so much higher than other gatherables but they are. I earn about 750k+ per day of doing this on its own.
It is super easy, just get on a ship go from island to island gathering crystals, you do have the enemies but most of the time you can avoid them, and even if you need to kill them they arnt hard to kill and you should only need like 250-300ilvl to solo them. The best way to get the AP for this is just AFK in ur house sitting in your AP chair when you are doing luminus battles. Every 2-3hrs you should be full on ap and for 10min of work 3 times a day you get 250k-300k+ each time.

Method #2

2. Other way I make gold is by running the 3rd transcendent dungeon.
It requires the poison? gem I believe(just farm odins for 4 gems, have enough rune powder to upgrade the gem to lvl 3 and get in there). Running this not only nets you a ma*sive about of XP (it has like 500+ mobs) They all drop 6-7k XP and 300 gold each. Running all the floors nets you like 5% of a level at 44 (with no boosts) and about 150k~ gold(honestly I think its more but haven’t really paid attention) for ~15-25min. Though this is limited to the 2 stones per day you can buy. It also has a bit higher requirement to get in, like 450 ilvl? or so. So stock up on stones if you can’t do it yet.

Additional Info

With these 2 things I have been easily making over 1mil a day. I have bought from the market 4 +10 pieces of gear and have over 5mil on hand from doing this for the past week or so. Get to it before the prices crash because I posted this.
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Written by Zanza

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