End Game – Idle Monster TD: Evolved

End Game – Idle Monster TD: Evolved 1 - steamclue.com
End Game – Idle Monster TD: Evolved 1 - steamclue.com

Some help and information on what to expect as you reach high wave goals.
This guide is currently a work in progress. Please be patient with me as I continue to work on it.

Warning! Do Not Attempt

First, I would like to take a moment to warn you of the game’s anti-cheat system. If you attempt to modify the game in any way either by editing the data or process time faster using a tool such as Cheat Engine, you will be given a warning about your attempt to cheat. Your second attempt will remove your name from the online leaderboards and will no longer be able to participate in Tournaments by flagging your account with a DataEdit error message. You will still be able to play the game and unlock the rest of the achievements, so make sure you at least participate in 12 before attempting to modify your game information. You have been warned!

Getting Started (Read Before You Play)

As I’m sure you’re already aware, the game tries to exploit the player’s wallet by tempting them with lots of in game purchases that aren’t worth the asking price. I can list countless other TD games for less than $2 that provide a much more engaging form of entertainment that aren’t riddled with “micro-transactions.”
However, this guide is about Idle Monster TD: Evolved, so that’s what the focus of the content will be about.
In my own experiences playing this game legitimately for roughly 2 weeks (enough to play in 5 tournaments), I noticed several flaws in the mathematical algorithms making this game considerably frustrating given the soldiers and bosses power creep paired with the very slow starting game speed as an up-gradable mechanic alongside special towers having skills to boost it as well.
There are 3 aspects of time to consider: offline play time, active play time, and game speed time.
The game uses a mathematical equation to award you an amount of gold during the time you are away that only amounts to a fraction of the gold you would have earned if you had left the game idling in the background while doing other tasks like sleeping. The gold earned while offline is a fixed amount that’s multiplied by the time you are away. It doesn’t take into account the bonus gold dropped from the monsters you have on the board nor the multipliers given from 2x and 10x or bosses and resource haulers. It might not seem to matter in the early game, but will make a great deal difference in the late game.
Active play time is the amount of time you spend inside of the game in real time. I think it is worth nothing here that key increments of time will be spend here to call the mob, activate the tank swordsman, and prestige back to wave 1. I calculate that it should take the average person to accumulate 100 days worth of hours playing 24/7 to unlock all of the Steam achievements. The active play bonus and mini-game timers stick to this clock.
Game speed time is an increased adjusted speed based on percent(%) increases of real time starting at a 1:1 ratio. Boosting the speed by 100%, or doubling(2x), will adjust to 2:1 meaning for every 1 second to pa*s in real life, 2 seconds will pa*s in game. This might not seem like much as first, but as you unlock all of the game speed boosts it will make quite a bit of difference as you’re spending a large chunk of active play time trying to grind valuable resources. Timers such as skills and spells will be affected by this value.
10 second defeats pause all timers.
The Best time you can upgrade to reduce real time intervals is the Game Speed. The first thing you should save your gems up to buy is the Game Speed Doubler in the Premium Shop for 500 Gems. It’s also possible to upgrade your game speed with other upgrades and towers, but this purchase at the start will be pretty significant.
As you progress and make key markers, it will be possible to increase your bonuses from your online rank saving up resources to purchase Icons and earning titles. A maximum of
+500% DPS, +100% Gold Drop, and +100% Game Speed from Icons and +250% DPS, +50% Gold Drop, +25% Kill Exp, +100% Prestige Points, and +50% Game Speed from Titles.
Keep in mind that repeated waves don’t award energy or experience, but still award gold. That’s how you know which resources are most important by the difficulty and scarcity of them of the amount and ways you can acquire them.

Resource Order of Importance

First and foremost is Energy. Why? Because it is the most widely spent resource in the game. Most other are only meant for one purpose, but energy is meant for 4.
Energy will quickly be used to acquire the full arsenal of spells to use at your disposal. Then you’ll find yourself wanting to evolve your towers, and they cost an increasing amount of energy as well. When you’ve got some lying around to spare, some useful upgrades can be bought. When you finally reach wave 400 (I believe), you find yourself spending even more to summon the Necromancer.
The second most important resource is obtaining enough experience need for your towers to evolve. It is very slow going to grind, and are the most expensive cost to upgrade in any of the given upgrade tabs. It is probably the most effective way to increase the damage output of your monster towers.
While you’ll often find yourself spending a lot of time to prestige over and over again in the Enchanted Forest maximizing your efforts to quickly farm Prestige Points, with the right towers involved can also help with the grind for the previously mentioned resources. This is where you’ll learn to maximize your efforts of resource grinding in the Enchanted Forest as it’s the best map to quickly climb back up the waves.
When you finally hit wave 400 you’ll notice a new resource at your disposal. The Tech Points upgrades are harder to come by, but net a significant boost to all aspects of the game. With Tech Point upgrades installed, you’ll be able to snag 41 with every kill.
The Fifth resource to hunt is Gold. Gold is the only resource that doesn’t punish you for resetting the waves, and can even continue to farm after you’ve been defeated. Getting enough gold to level up towers in sets of 50 can add a significant boost to your damage output. I’ll go into detail later about maximizing the efficacy of your gold to focus on a single tower instead of all 10.
Next on the list are Gems. There are a number of ways they can be obtained, but are relatively slow going, but are faster and easier to acquire than tourney points. The best way to farm these puppies is to log in every day for the daily missions. On top of the 102, every rotation of 7 active play bonuses over 70 minutes will earn 5, every 4 hours (lowering it down to 2) spawning the tank swordsman can earn up to 25, and the log in bonus awards 40? based on your multiplier?
The last resource is tournament points. A new tournament starts every 3 days where you compete on a leaderboard for highest achieved wave over 24 hours. You’ll have to prestige to participate and probably won’t even earn enough for the cheapest upgrade after your first participation. This is the most stressful resource in the game to be able to afford to upgrade anything.

Active Play Bonuses

The active play bonuses award you for actively spending time inside the game. There are 7 of them that rotate around in the same order given to you every 10 active game time minutes.
Waves come in sets of 10. After the 10 wave in a set is beaten, it creates a save point for when you are defeated. Losing a wave on the 10th wave in the set will bump you back down to wave 1.

Active BonusNotes
Damage x2Save for wave 8 in a set
Gold x2Start on beginning of wave 5
Experience x2Start at beginning of wave 5
Game Speed x2Use right away / doesn’t matter
Gold+Use right away / doesn’t matter. if progressing highest achieved wave, wait if possible
Energy+Use right away / doesn’t matter. if progressing highest achieved wave, wait if possible
Gems +5Use right away / doesn’t matter

The Energy and Gold awarded from the Active Play Bonuses are based on the maximum achieved wave. Bosses and res haulers award more experience and gold when killed. Every 5 active bonuses claimed will award +10% damage. As far as I can tell, there is no maximum to the limit of active bonuses damage you can ama*s.

Monster Tower Placements

The early game doesn’t matter as much as you are just trying to work with the few selection of towers you’re given trying to make the best of it. It will become more of a burden in the late game when you are specifically trying to accomplish a goal of farming prestige and energy, or trying to maximize your damage output to get to higher waves.
I would like to remind you here that it is possible to adjust the range of every monster tower as you may find it useful in certain situations.
Eeire Cemetery with Dragon and supports placed as such in the picture to maximize damage output off supported bonuses. The maximizing efficiency of gold nets more output than a map filled with 10 damage dealers balancing their levels.
For example: The dragon at level 500 will full supports net a damage output of 241.97ay after virtual 100% crit chance. The amount of damage output by the support towers at level 500 added into the mix are negligible.
A full team of damage dealers at level 500 not only costs more gold, but the tower losing out on the buffs drastically reduces the damage output for the towers and still doesn’t even come close even adding up every towers cirt damage output that is only 30% effective? only totaling an output of 315.21ax but doesn’t have the 100% garuntee of the crit more than doubling the effect damage output from the single towers 826.15ax worth.
Supporting your Dragon Damage Tower the boosts become overpowering.
Attack Damage +370%
Attack Speed +46%
Crit Damage +363%
Crit Chance +74%
Increasing the monsters experience is beneficial in the sense of potentially increasing the damage and bonuses to their max at evolution 25:
Damage Over 9000
Attack Speed +40%
Crit Damage +150%
Crit Chance +20%
Range +50%
Skill Power +100%
Gold Drop Over 9000

Best Map Arrangement

List specific names of Monsters to place in areas of the Map depending on your current goal of farming energy and prestige in the Enchanted Forest, or trying to progress waves in the Eerie Cemetery.

Map NamePerk 1Perk 2PurposeRecommended Monsters
Enchanted Forest+15% Boss Rush+10% Prestige PointsGrinding energy and Prestige PointsSpecial Monsters that award bonus Energy and Increased game speed
Snowfall+10% DPS-10% Enemy Movement SpeedGaining waves in early gameDebuff Monsters that slow and freeze enemies, Monsters that do splash damage
Haunted Dungeon-5% Skill Cooldown-5% Spell CooldownQuickly obtaining daily missions requiring skill and spell usageAutocast spells with low cooldowns, Monster with required skill, increased game speed
Eerie Cemetery+10% Range+5% Cirt Hit ChanceBest Map Layout for late game wave climbingSingle Best Damage Dealer with all support monsters (explained above or below)
Desert Run+1% Kill Exp+10% Game SpeedGaining Monster LevelsMonster you want to level, Monsters awarding bonus Exp, increased game speed


Tower Levels

Managing your gold in this game is a chore. Gaining enough gold to make the damage bonus every 50 levels can be aggravating as it makes a huge difference while trying to climb waves. Here is a table of key level increments and the amount of gold it costs to buy the single next level.

Tower LevelGold Cost


Max Upgrades



Combat SpellMax LevelMax BoostActive TimeCool Down Time
Rain of Fire15x15Instant100 seconds
Death Awaits10+50%Instant136 seconds
Freeze108 seconds8 seconds205 seconds

Buff Spells


Buff SpellMax LevelMax BoostActive TimeCool Down Time
Strength Boost15+375%30 seconds170 seconds
Battle Roar10+50%30 seconds170 seconds
Heavy Weapons15150%30 seconds170 seconds
Eagle Eye15+45%30 seconds170 seconds

Resource Spells

The only spells worth auto-casting while equipped.

Resource SpellMax LevelMax BoostActive TimeCool Down Time
Rags to Riches15+375%30 seconds136 seconds
Power Source15+75%30 seconds136 seconds
Mastership15+375%30 seconds136 seconds
Time Warp15+375%30 seconds240 seconds



Tier I


ArtifactMax LevelMax Boost
Damage I13+130%
Kill Exp I10+13
Gold Drop I13+13
Prestige Points I20+200%
Enemy HP10-30%
Repeat Cards DPS10+100%

Tier II


ArtifactMax LevelMax Boost
Damage II10+200%
Skill Cooldown5-15%
Spell Cooldown10-30%
Gold Drop II10+50
Gold Drop (2x)10+30%
Res Hauler Gold10+100%
Mob Gold10+150%

Tier III


ArtifactMax LevelMax Boost
Damage III10+350%
Crit Hit Damage10100%
Gold Drop III10+100
Gold Drop (%)Over 9000Over 9000
Prestige Points10+250%
Tank Gold10+150%
Game Speed10+50%

Tier IV


ArtifactMax LevelMax Boost
Damage IV10+500%
Kill Exp II10+50
Gold Drop IV10+250
Gold Drop (10x)5+5%
Res Hauler Energy5+5
Tech Points10+10
Cards in Deck5+50%

Tier V


ArtifactMax LevelMax Boost
JackpotOver 9000Over 9000
Damage VOver 9000Over 9000
Kill Exp IIIOver 9000Over 9000
Gold Drop VOver 9000Over 9000
Prestige Points IIIOver 9000Over 9000


Max Upgrades (cont.)



Tier I


ResearchMax LevelMax Boost
DamageOver 9000Over 9000
Gold DropOver 9000Over 9000
Prestige PointsOver 9000Over 9000

Tier II


ResearchMax LevelMax Boost
Crit Hit Damage10+50%
Enemy HP10-20%
Kill ExpOver 9000Over 9000
Mid-Tier Heroes10+20%

Tier III


ResearchMax LevelMax Boost
Skill Cooldown10-20%
Boss Damage10+50%
Boss Gold10+50%
Game Speed5+25%



Combat Upgrades


UpgradeMax LevelMax Boost
DamageOver 9000Over 9000
Attack Speed5+5%
Crit Hit Chance5+5%
Spell Cooldown5-10%
Top-Tier Monsters5+5%
Repeat Cards10+100%

Resource Upgrades


UpgradeMax LevelMax Boost
Kill ExpOver 9000Over 9000
Kill Exp (2x)5+5%
Gold DropOver 9000Over 9000
Gold Drop (2x)10+20%
Boss Energy2+2
Res Hauler Gold10+50%

Minigame Upgrades


UpgradeMax LevelMax Boost
Mob Gold10+100%
Tank Gold10+100%
Tank Energy10+2000
Tech Points10+10



UpgradeMax LevelMax Boost
DamageOver 9000Over 9000
Gold DropOver 9000Over 9000
Prestige PtsOver 9000Over 9000
Attack Speed5+5%
Skill CD5-15%
Hauler Gold10+50%
Enemy HP10-30%
Mob Time15+15 Seconds
Boss Dmg10+50%
Tank CD10-50%
Boss Gold10+50%
Tank Gold10+150%
Mid-Tier Heroes10+20%
Repeat Cards10+100%
Kill Exp (2x)5+5%
Gold Drop (10x)5+5%
Cards In Deck5+100%
Spell Duration5+5 Seconds


Max Upgrades (cont.)



Tier I


UpgradeMax LevelMax Boost
DamageOver 9000Over 9000
Kill ExpOver 9000Over 9000
Gold DropOver 9000Over 9000
Prestige PointsOver 9000Over 9000
Mob Cooldown10-50%
Tank Energy102500

h2]Tier II[/h2]

UpgradeMax LevelMax Boost
Crit Hit Damage10+100%
Crit Hit Chance5+5%
Spell Duration5+10 Seconds
Spell Cooldown5-10%
Mob Gold10+150%
Game Speed5+25%

h2]Tier III[/h2]

UpgradeMax LevelMax Boost
Kill Exp (%)10+50%
Gold Drop (%)10+50%
Boss Energy3+3
Tank Gems5+15
Tech Points10+10
Top-Tier Heroes5+5%

Store Upgrades


Gem Shop


Gem UpgradeMax LevelMax Boost
DamageMax LevelMax Boost
Kill ExpMax LevelMax Boost
Kill Exp (%)Max LevelMax Boost
Gold DropMax LevelMax Boost
Gold Drop (%)Max LevelMax Boost
Gold Drop (10x)Max LevelMax Boost
Boss EnergyMax LevelMax Boost
Tournament PointsMax LevelMax Boost
Tech Points5+10
Top-Tier HeroesMax LevelMax Boost
Game SpeedMax LevelMax Boost



New Tower Cards


Card Pack# of CardsEnergy CostCard Chance
Starter Deck51050% Common, 50% Uncommon
Beginner Deck82020% Common, 65% Uncommon, 15% Rare
Regular Deck105020% Uncommon, 65% Rare, 15% Epic
Advanced Deck1212520% Rare, 65% Epic, 15% Legendary
Expert Deck1530020% Epic, 65% Legendary, 15% Mythic
Professional Deck1875020% Legendary, 65% Mythic, 15% Immortal
Champion Deck20200020% Mythic, 65% Immortal, 15% Divine
Master Deck25500035% Immortal, 65% Divine
Grand Master Deck50100000% Immortal, 100% Divine
High Roller Deck155200 GemsCard Chance
Moneybags Deck468500 GemsCard Chance


Wave 9000

A table of key wave numbers and the amount of HP the soldiers have

Wave #Enemy HP


Final Thoughts

Don’t waste your time and money. Go play a more note worthy game. Literally any other non-idle game will do.
If you happen to notice any flaws or have updated information about the game you would like for me to include in this guide, please let me know. I will do my best to answer any questions you have.

Written by Grimagin

I hope you enjoy the End Game – Idle Monster TD: Evolved guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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