Engineering a Dynastic Master Race – strategies – Crusader Kings III

Engineering a Dynastic Master Race – strategies – Crusader Kings III 1 -
Engineering a Dynastic Master Race – strategies – Crusader Kings III 1 -

First create one genetically outstanding superhero qualified to unlock the ‘Strengthen Bloodline’ decision. This guide compares some of the strategies available to get you there. In my examples I’m using a male-inheritance polygamous dynasty.


  • Guide Focus
  • Strengthen Bloodline decision
  • Known Strategies:

    1. Marry well and let Nature take it’s course
    2. Hoovering up the world’s best Dynastic blood
    3. Inbreed and Damn the Consequences
    4. Breeder Families

    Marry well and let Nature take it’s course
    Hoovering up the world’s best Dynastic blood
    Inbreed and Damn the Consequences
    Breeder Families

  • Conclusion


This Guide’s Focus

This is a strategy guide, not a basic guide. So I’ve a*sumed you already know how to reinforce congenital traits, how they can be made to appear in offspring reliably, and the risks of in-breeding etc.
But if f you need a refresher on all that check out this wiki page: – [] .
Also Crimson Bolt’s guide: – [] 

The Strengthen Bloodline decision

This gives your entire Dynasty these permanent:bonuses:

  • +0.25 Health
  • +40% chance of inheriting good congenital traits
  • +400% chance of new good congenital traits

But first you need to breed a ruler qualified to unlock this decision:

  • He must be the Dynasty Head
  • Have no negative congenital traits
  • Have one of the 3rd tier positive congenital traits (Genius, Beautiful or Herculean/Amazonian)
  • Have one positive manifestation of “each” of the congenital traits above

Tricky to pull together but worth it. Combining it with 3rd level Dynasty Legacy perk in ‘Blood’ gives you another -30% Chance to inherit negative traits -30% Chance of new bad congenital traits. From then on you’re heading up a dynasty of megastars set to rival even Dame Edna’s.

Strategy 1: Marry well and let Nature take it’s course

I think you’ll need to be more pro-active than that breed your superhero with in a reasonable time frame

  • It a*sumes there’s often suitable genius/beautiful/amazonian wives to be found. There ain’t.
  • Doesn’t bring into the your Court any bonus available genetic talent – especially any males with this these qualities.


Strategy 2: Hoovering up all the world’s best Dynastic blood

By this I mean frequently scouring the marriage lists for the best mates to pair with genetically matching dynasty members. Seems obvious – you don’t want all that good sauce wasted on the other courts, right?
But it’s problematic:

  • This will eventually make it hard to find many good unrelated breeding wives for your King – posing the risk of inbreeding if you persist with the project.
  • Hold off on this strategy until after unlocking The Strengthen Bloodline decision


Strategy 3: Inbreed and Damn the Consequences

Once finding yourself stuck in the above situation, it’s tempting to risk your kings marrying with close relations anyway, just to keep the project going. And if any of your princes are born with handicaps then just callously eject them from the Court right?
Two faults with this strategy:

  • Recessive genetic traits can still form, yet remain unexpressed for a generation or two. So while you may think you’re purging your court of all the bad blood, this may well be an illusion.
  • Your kings will likely be your dynasty’s biggest breeders, so habitual close-relation marriages will eventually narrow the dynastic gene pool substantially . After several generations this will likely cause negative traits to popping up elsewhere within your Dynasty.


Strategy 4: Breeder Families

This one’s still a work in-progress. It aims to let you hoard genetic talent within your Court, but in a form still largely usable to your Ruler.

  • Create at least 3 non-dynastic ‘Breeder Families’ to provide a reserve source of unrelated breeder wives for your Kings to marry. (Three main Breeder Family types: Intelligence, Beauty and Strength)
  • Any genetic hoovering is now directed at strengthening the bloodline of these Breeder Families
  • Your polygamous King can have three secondary spouses..Reserve one slot for each trait.
  • Princes with the highest intelligence-line traits (e.g Genius) should be given preference to succeed the throne. I choose this trait because it gives the best all round benefits for my Rulers during the project (use ‘Disinherit’ or ‘take vows’ actions to displace any unsuitable Primary Heirs).
  • Embark on an early betrothal of you Heir to a Genius wife. That way you’ll have plenty of time to find the girl who’ll give you a litter of little Geniuses .His other marriages can wait until he succeeds to the throne.


  • Since inbreeding is still possible, secondary wives are still preferentially sought from outside the court. The creation of additional breeder families should also help matters.
  • A search for outside your Dynasty for secondary wives may come up with a very short list. This just because most of the girls in Europe have faiths forbidding polygamous marriage.
    The solution is to:
    a) Search for them as marriage partners for a close single relative. who you then marry them to. Now they’re in your Court.
    b) ‘Demand Conversion’ of their faith. Now they’re polygamous, just like your King.
    c) Order their Divorce, which they’ll always accept as a close family member.
    d) Arrange their marriage to the King. Cruel, but effective.



So that’s my thoughts on a lengthy process that I’m yet to bring to completion, I’d be interested to hear from anyone who’s pulled it off.

Written by Sputnik

Here we come to an end for the Engineering a Dynastic Master Race – strategies – Crusader Kings III guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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