European Achievement Guide – Wingspan

European Achievement Guide – Wingspan 1 -
European Achievement Guide – Wingspan 1 -

This (work in progress) guide provides tips on how to achieve the 11 new European Achievements.
Hope this helps.

The achivements

A Real Know-it-owl: Europe – Play all new EE birds (81)
Birdnado: Score 180 points
Doomsday Prepper: Cache 15 food w/ predator powers
Egg-instential crisis: End with 0 eggs
European Union: Play 5 EE birds in one habitat
Full Tuck!: Tuck 70 cards
Pa*senger 57: Play 16 birds
Rat bird: Use 3 cards to play a bird
Robin Crow: Steal 10 food from opponents
There’s always a bigger bid: Play a bigger bird on top of a smaller bir
Wait, one more thing: Trigger 3 end of round (blue) powers in a round
Note: None of these achievements state you have to win the game you satisfy the conditions of the achievement.

A Real Know-it-owl: Europe (Easy / long)

Play all 81 EE birds.
There is a button [BIRDS] on the main screen that brings up list the birds you have played. You can filter by just European Expansion with the controls on the bottom. To satisfy the condition, keep a list of the European Birds (Notepad, Word, Excel, etc) and keep marking off the ones played so that you know which ones to grab when they come up (or you draw them). This achievement isn’t difficult, just time consuming.
Here is the list of birds alphabetically:
Audouin’s Gull
Black Redstart
Black Woodpecker
Black-Headed Gull
Black-Tailed Godwit
Black-Throated Diver
Bornelli’s Eagle
Carrion Crow
Cetti’s Warbler
Coal Tit
Common Blackbird
Common Buzzard
Common Chaffinch
Common Chiffchaff
Common Cuckoo
Common GoldenEye
Common Kingfisher
Common Little Bittern
Common Moorhen
Common Nightingale
Common Starling
Common Swift
Corsican Nuthatch
Eastern Imperial Eagle
Eleonora’s Falcon
Eurasian Collared-Dove
Eurasian Golden Oriole
Eurasian Green Woodpecker
Eurasian Hobby
Eurasian Jay
Eurasian Magpie
Eurasian Nutcracker
Eurasian Nuthatch
Eurasian Sparrowhawk
Eurasian Tree Sparrow
European Bee-Eater
European Goldfinch
European Honey Buzzard
European Robin
European Roller
European Turtle Dove
Great Crested Grebe
Great Tit
Greater Flamingo
Grey Heron
Greylag Goose
Griffon Vulture
Hooded Crow
House Sparrow
Lesser Whitethroat
Little Bustard
Little Owl
Long-Tailed Tit
Moltoni’s Warbler
Montagu’s Harrier
Mute Swan
Northern Gannet
Northern Goshawk
Parrot Crossbill
Red Kite
Red Knot
Red-Backed Shrike
Red-Legged Partridge
Savi’s Warbler
Short-Toed Treecreeper
Snow Bunting
Snowy Owl
Squacco Heron
Thekla’s Lark
White Stork
White Wagtail
White-Backed Woodpecker
White-Throated Dipper
Wilson’s Storm Petrel

Birdnado (Hard)

Play a game in which you score 180 points.
This one requires a great deal of luck. The secret (as was the case with Beak Performance) is in getting the right bonus cards. I’ll update this when I get this achievement.

Doomsday Prepper (Medium)

Cache 15 food w/ predator powers.
I found the way to achieve this was through the forest, as food cube control made the difference.
First off, strive to fill up your forest with predate birds that cache a rat if the dice rolled outside the bird feeder come up rats.
My forest was
* Ruby-Crowned Kinglet (play an additional bird)
* American Redstart (get an extra food)
* Eastern Screech Owl (Roll all dice outside and cache a rat if any are rat)
* Barn Owl (See ESO above)
* Northern Mockingbird (repeat a brown power).
With my ability to pull up to 3 food (4 by spending a card) I could reduce the bird feeder to 1 cube and roll 4 dice each turn for 3 birds. Rolling at least one “6” on 4 dice is a 51.7% proposition – meaning given enough rolls, you should be able to get the necessary 15 food (50% of 30 rolls = 10 rounds @ 3 rolls per round). I am unsure if the Griffon Vulture (Round End: Cache 1 rat for each predate bird a player has) helps with this goal.
Note: You can cancel (skip) any further food gathering actions as soon as you have 1 food remaining in the bird feeder.

Eggs-instential crisis (Easy)

End the game with 0 eggs.
You don’t have to win the game, just finish the game. Spending eggs is easy – play birds, get extra birds in the wetlands, have birds that use eggs for other actions – heck, you could just play a game with 26 actions of getting food or birds.

European Union (Easy)

Play 5 EE Birds in one habitat.
Just pay attention to what is coming up in the tray and pick a habitat.
Through normal play you should be able to collect 5 EE birds that live in the forest, gra*slands or wetlands (quite a few can live in multiple habitats). I would suspect the wetlands would be the easiest as that helps you draw more birds and therefore increases your chances.

Full Tuck! (Hard)

Tuck 70 birds by the end of game.
I’ll let you know when I achieve this and how.

Pa*senger 57 (Medium)

Play 16 birds.
The key to this goal is the new mechanic “Play this bird on top of another bird for 0 cost”.
You are looking for one of the following:

  • Common Buzzard (123)
  • Eurasian Hobby (75)
  • Mantagu’s Harrier (113)
  • Red Kite (157)

You will also be on the look out for ways to play extra birds.

  • Some birds allow you to play an additional bird in a habitat at normal cost
  • Some birds have the (blue) power to play a bird at the end of each round if you played at least one cube in each action: Moultini’s Warbler; White wagtail; Yellowhammer
  • Some birds allow you to play an additional bird in a habitat for a resource
  • The Common Moorhen allows for an additional wetland bird to be played at the cost of a food
  • The Goldcrest allows you to play another bird in the forest for the cost of a card
  • The Short-Toed Treecreeper allows for another bird in the forest for the cost of an egg

The key is to focus on cheap birds and avoid the ‘play across two columns in a single habitat birds.
In the end you should be able to play one (or more) of the 4 ‘replacement birds’ on your filled out mat.

Rat bird (Easy)

Use 3 cards to pay for a bird.
Keep on the lookout for the Bonelli’s Eagle or Eastern Imperial Eagle.
Once you have one of these birds, accumulate 3 cards to sacrifice and play either Eagle substituting the birds for food.

Robin Crow (Easy)

Steal 10 food from opponents.
There are five birds that allow you to steal food from an opponent.
Start the game with 5 players (you and 4 robots will do) so that there is sufficient food outstanding to steal.
In the Forest there are the Eurasian Jay (grain) and Little Owl (rat).
In the Gra*slands there are the Little Owl (rat) and Red-Backed Shrike (worm)
In the Wetlands there are the Black-Headed Gull (any) and the Kingfisher (fish).
Of the 5 birds, the Black-Headed Gull is the most advantageous as it allows for a food of any type to be stolen.
Given enough food out there, 5 or so rounds of having 2 of these birds in any habitat should suffice in getting this achievement.

There’s always a bigger bird (Easy / buggy?)

Play a bird on top of a smaller bird.
I do not know if this is buggy or it requires a specific set of circumstances – such as replacing an EE bird (or an original bird).
On the surface, this should be achieved by playing one of the 4 replacement birds:

  • Common Buzzard (123)
  • Eurasian Hobby (75)
  • Mantagu’s Harrier (113)
  • Red Kite (157)

on top of a smaller bird. I tried to get this achievement 5 or 6 times until it finally triggered.

Wait, one more thing (Easy)

Trigger 3 end of round (blue) powers in a round.
Keep an eye out for blue power birds. Of especial interest are the play an extra bird if all 4 actions are taken birds (Multini’s Warbler, White wagtail, Yellowhammer) as these can each be triggered off the same event.
Carrion Crow (a rat for every predator bird a player has), Black Redstart (lay an egg for each bird in a habitat with no eggs), Common Goldeneye (Lay an egg for each box nest bird you have) are also good candidates with easy to achieve trigger conditions.

Written by skf_mikeweber

This is all we can share for European Achievement Guide – Wingspan for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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