Event IDs for Console – Hearts of Iron IV

Event IDs for Console – Hearts of Iron IV 1 - steamclue.com
Event IDs for Console – Hearts of Iron IV 1 - steamclue.com

A basic guide with many console commands
I will try to update it and make it complete till the new year.

How the command works

Event (Event ID)
Example: Event germany.4
If you copy the command is a change that the command will not work so if this happens just type it by yourself in the console.

German events

Name Event ID
Anschluss germany.4
Anti-Comintern Pact germany.5
The Tripartite Pact germany.6
The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact germany.11
Moscow Signs the Pact germany.12
Moscow Rejects the Pact germany.13
The Partitioning of Poland germany.14
Germany Honors the Pact germany.15
Germany Betrays the Pact germany.16
Second Vienna Award germany.20
Romania Rejects Our Verdict germany.21
Memel – Lithuania Folds germany.22
Memel – Lithuania Refuses Demand germany.23
German Military Mission to China germany.24
Military Advisors Recalled germany.25
China Detains Military Advisors germany.26
Fortifying the Westwall germany.27
Germans press for Anschluss germany.28
Austria refuses the Anschluss! germany.29
The Munich Conference germany.40
France leaves the Allies germany.43
The Munich Diktat germany.46
First Vienna Award germany.51
The Annexation of Zaolzie germany.52
The Fate of Czechoslovakia germany.53
The Czechs Resist germany.54
The Partition of Czechoslovakia germany.56
Hungary Rejects Our Offer germany.57
The Polish Question germany.58
The Remilitarization of the Rhineland germany.60
Britain Refuses War germany.63
Britain Supports Us germany.64
France and Britain Mobilize! germany.65
France Mobilizes! germany.66
France Backs Down germany.67
France Refuses to Back Down germany.68
The Oster Conspiracy germany.70
The Führer is Dead germany.71
The Conspiracy Fails germany.72
The Conspiracy Succeeds germany.73
Preparing the Ground germany.74
German-Soviet Treaty germany.75
Soviets Accept German-Soviet Treaty germany.76
Soviets Reject German-Soviet Treaty germany.77
German Joint Air Research germany.78
Ultimatum from Germany germany.79
Danzig for Slovakia germany.80
Danzig Ceded for Slovakia germany.81
Refuses to give up Danzig germany.82
Anti-Soviet Pact germany.83
Call Pact Members to War germany.84
Calls Pact Members to War germany.85
Danzig or War germany.86
Poland Cedes Danzig germany.87
Poland Refuses to Cede Danzig germany.88

Spanish and Italian events

Civil War! spain.1
Seek International Support? spain.2
Nationalist Spain Wants Our Help spain.4
Republican Spain Wants Our Help spain.5
Nationalist Spain Appreciates our Help spain.6
Republican Spain Appreciates our Help spain.7
Madrid Reclaimed spain.8
Spanish Election of 1936 spain.9
Albania Yields italy.1
Zog Rejects the Ultimatum italy.2
Italian Ultimatum italy.3
Extension of the Vallo Alpino italy.4
Italian-German Technology Treaty italy.5
Italian-German Technology Treaty – Accepted! italy.6
Italian-German Technology Treaty – Rejected! italy.7
Join the French faction. italy.8
Request Balearic Islands from Spain italy.9
Spain Gives Up Balearic Islands italy.10
Spain Refuses to Give Up Islands italy.11
London Conference italy.12
First Ljubljana Award italy.13
Germany Thwarts our Demands italy.14
Germany Supports our Demands italy.15
Germany Almost Supports Us italy.16

Finish and Japanese

The Russians Demand Karelia finland.1
Request Swedish Assistance in War finland.2
Finland Seeks Swedish Support finland.3
Sweden Rejects Request finland.4
Sweden Sends Volunteers finland.5
Sweden Joins Our War finland.6
[From.GetNameDef] Offers Concessions finland.8
[From.GetNameDef] Refuses finland.9
Border Skirmish: Soviet Victory japan.3
Border Skirmish: Japanese Victory japan.4
Soviet Withdrawal japan.5
The French Accept Our Demands japan.6
The French Refuse Our Demands japan.7
Germany Recalls Advisors japan.8
Germany Refuses Our Request japan.9
Issue Ultimatum to Siam japan.11
Japan Issues Ultimatum japan.12
Siam Accepts Ultimatum japan.13
Siam Rejects Ultimatum japan.14

Hungarian and Bulgarian events

German Arbitration hungary.1
Second Vienna Award hungary.2
First Ljubljana Award hungary.6
Treaty of Craiova – Romania Agrees bulgaria.1
Treaty of Craiova – Romania Refuses bulgaria.2
First Ljubljana Award bulgaria.3
Treaty Of Craiova bulgaria.4
Treaty Of Craiova bulgaria.5

Romanian and Baltic events

Soviet Union Demands Bessarabia romania.1
Second Vienna Award romania.2
Germany Mediates Dispute romania.4
Treaty of Craiova romania.5
A Hard Choice romania.6
Soviet Ultimatum baltic.1
Germany Demands Memel baltic.4
Communists In Control. baltic.5

USA events

Earhart Wants to Enlist usa.1
Manifest Destiny usa.2
American Fleet in Pearl Harbor usa.3
Destroyers for Bases Agreement usa.4
Britain refuses offer usa.5
Election of [GetYear] usa.6
Roosevelt vs Willkie usa.7
Landon vs Roosevelt usa.8
Roosevelt vs Dewey usa.9
[Root.GetLeader] vs Roosevelt usa.10
Roosevelt vs MacArthur usa.11
Campaign of Douglas MacArthur usa.12
Roosevelt Passes Away usa.13

Soviet events

Japanese Build-Up soviet.1
Successful Raid soviet.2
Failed Raid soviet.3
Romania Surrenders Bessarabia soviet.4
Romania Refuses Our Demands soviet.5
Estonia Submits soviet.6
Estonia Refuses Our Offer soviet.7
Latvia Submits soviet.8
Latvia Refuses Our Offer soviet.9
Lithuania Submits soviet.10
Lithuania Refuses Our Offer soviet.11
Finland Accepts Our Demands soviet.12
Finland Rejects Our Demands soviet.13
Membership in the USSR soviet.14
Tannu Tuva Refuses! soviet.15
The Annexation of Tannu Tuva soviet.16
Improving the Stalin Line soviet.17
The Partitioning of Poland soviet.60
Soviets honor the pact soviet.61
Soviets violate the pact soviet.62

French events

Japan Demands Indochina france.1
Extension of the Maginot Line france.2
Extension of the Alpine Line france.3
Defeat france.10
France Proposes Union france.11
Britain Agrees to Union france.12
Britain Refuses Union france.13
Triumph in France france.14
Germany Refuses Armistice! france.15
Stay Together, Stay Strong! france.16
Invitation to French Faction france.17
Resistance to the armistice france.20
Workers threaten with strikes france.21
Revisit Matignon Agreements france.22
Strikes Are Over france.23
The Communist Threat france.24
London Conference france.25
London Conference france.26
Germany Backs Italian Demands france.27
Syria Defects france.28
Britain accepts ally request france.29
Britain denies ally request france.30
France Extends Maginot Line low.1

Chinese events

The Marco Polo Bridge Incident china.1
Germany Withdraws Advisors china.2
Poor Sino – German Relations china.3
Military Advisors Detained china.4
Cornered No More china.5
Preparing Attack Against Communists china.6
Kuomintang Launch Offensive china.7
Communists Retreat china.8
Victory Against Communists china.9
Communists Repel Attack china.10
Defeat Against the Kuomintang china.11
Victory Against the Kuomintang china.12
Clash with Communist Guerrillas china.13
Clash with Nationalist Army china.18
China Comes Under Further Attack china.100
China Is Under Attack china.101
China Is Under Attack china.102
China Unites china.103
China Is Under Attack china.104
China Unites china.105
China Unites china.106
No Longer United china.107
Communism Advances china.108
Fight For China! china.109
No Longer United china.111
Joining the People’s Republic of China china.200
Communist Revolters Join the Republic china.201

Written by Gabi

I hope you enjoy the Event IDs for Console – Hearts of Iron IV guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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