Every ghost abilities (v0.5.1.2) – Phasmophobia

Every ghost abilities (v0.5.1.2) – Phasmophobia 1 - steamclue.com
Every ghost abilities (v0.5.1.2) – Phasmophobia 1 - steamclue.com

Every ghost abilities in Phasmaphobia


Smudge stick stops all ghosts for 90 sec
Crucifixes has 3 meter radius
If a ghost throws a book it will write in it if able
Hunt threshold is normally 50%
Fingerprints has a 2 minute timer while they lasts
Ghost has 25 sec cooldown between hunts

Spirit: EMF5, Spirit Box, Ghost Writing

Stopped by smudge stick for 180 sec

Yokai: Spirit Box, Ghost Orb, DOTS

Talking near a yokai can trigger a hunt under 80% sanity
Much smaller radius to hear voices and sense electronic equipment though walls

Wraith: EMF5, Spirit Box, DOTS

It can teleport to any player on the map and roam/hunt from there. If teleports will emit EMF2
No footsteps from the salt when stomping

Hantu: Fingerprints, Ghost Orb, Freezing Temperatures

Its speed is purely based on the room temperature
On nightmare the freezing temperature is FORCED
During a hunt it has freezing breath in the ghost room

Phantom: Spirit Box, Fingerprints, DOTS

Can choose a player on the map and roam there and start doing stuff from that point
Blink much less frequently during hunt. (more than 1 sec instead <1 sec)
Dropping sanity faster when looking at it
If there is no ghost in the ghost photo, it is a phantom. (Not true the other way, if it is on the photo it still can be a Phantom)

Goryo: EMF5, Fingerprints, DOTS

Only shows DOTS through camera and only when alone in the room.
On nightmare DOTS is FORCED
Has very low roaming range, roam less.

Poltergeist: Spirit Box, Fingerprints, Ghost Writing

Can throw multiple objects at once. This produce a very short 0 to 10 spike. This drains sanity
Can do faster throws

Myling: EMF5, Fingerprints, Ghost Writing

During hunt the footstep noise range is smaller. Same range as the flashlight blinking. If you can hear the footsteps before the blinking, it shouldn’t be Myling
A bit frequent paranormal sounds with paramic but not reliable

Banshee: Fingerprints, Ghost Orb, DOTS

Crucifixes has 5 meter radius
During hunts always targets the same person if that person is in the building, ignores others
Has a unique screaming noise which can be heard with paramic
Has preference to the singing ghost events

Onryo: Spirit Box, Ghost Orb, Freezing Temperatures

If it blows out a candle has a chance to hunt any time. First 3 candle blow outs work as crucifixes after that it is 50/50 to hunt. Multiple candles cancel out this ability
If somebody dies the chance to hunt after blowing out a candle goes up (after 2 deaths 100%)
Blows out candles more frequently as other ghosts
If multiple candles are around they work as crucifixes
Prioritize candle blow outs as hunt preventions, so if it burns a crucifix under a burning candle it is not Onryo
It can start hunting under 60% sanity if there are no candles around

Jinn: EMF5, Fingerprints, Freezing Temperatures

Fast during chase if it is far away from the player, but has normal speed when it is just roaming during hunt
Never turns off a breaker, but still get turn on too many lights with pops the breaker
If you are close to it it has a chance to drop your sanity by 25%

Twins: EMF5, Spirit Box, Freezing Temperatures

There are two ghosts present on the map. One normal and one decoy. The decoy can only give EMF5 evidence but no Spirit Box nor Freezing Temperatures
They can do multiple interactions almost simultaneously in different areas. Can be seen as a slope change in the activity board
Decoy starts hunt right after a decoy interaction

Mare: Spirit Box, Ghost Orb, Ghost Writing

Never turns on the light
Can hunt under 60% sanity if there are no lights and under 40% sanity it they are on in the area
Roams further if the light is on around it
Has a chance to immediately turn off a light when you turn it on and emit EMF2 (exploitable by flicking the light on/off)
Has a greater chance to the exploding light event

Raiju: EMF5, Ghost Orb, DOTS

Effects equipment during hunt in a wider range like flashlight blinking. Starts blinking sooner than you can hear its footsteps
If there are electronic equipment around it can hunt under 60% sanity and it is faster even if it is not chasing a player

Revenant: Ghost Orb, Ghost Writing, Freezing Temperatures

Very fast when it sees a player but very slow if not. This can be heard via footsteps

Obake: EMF5, Fingerprints, Ghost Orb

Has a chance to not leave fingerprints
Has a chance to leave special fingerprints (6 fingers, double fingerprints on small areas)
Has a chance to half the timer on the fingerprints’ timers on the map

Shade: EMF5, Ghost Writing, Freezing Temperatures

Significantly more shy if there are more people around
Can only hunt under 35% sanity
Has preference for the air ball hissing (smoke-HEY) ghost events
Has preference for shadow form during events if appears

Demon: Fingerprints, Ghost Writing, Freezing Temperatures

Can hunt normally under 70% sanity
Can hunt on any sanity as ghost ability (even 100%)
Can initiate hunts more frequently (20 sec instead of 25 sec)
Lowered smudge timer from 90 sec to 60 sec

Yurei: Ghost Orb, Freezing Temperatures, DOTS

Has a chance to drop your sanity by 12.5% as a ghost event and a door will fully shut closed and the ghost won’t hiss at the end of the event
Can’t leave the room for 90 sec after smudging

Oni: EMF5, Freezing Temperatures, DOTS

Very active
Can move objects at great speed
Prefers the physical form during events
Never do the smoke-HEY sound event

The Mimic: Spirit Box, Fingerprints, Freezing Temperatures

Always has the Ghost Orb fake evidence
Can copy and became any ghost and do everything that ghost does with minimum a minute to swap

BIG Thank you

to Insym for the infos

Written by vaD.eR

Here we come to an end for the Every ghost abilities (v0.5.1.2) – Phasmophobia guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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