Everything you need to know about paint! – Raft

Everything you need to know about paint! – Raft 1 - steamclue.com
Everything you need to know about paint! – Raft 1 - steamclue.com

This guide hs everything you will need to know about making and using paint on your raft!

What you can do with paint!

With paint you can paint any structure part on your raft or the details of other things you can place on your raft!
You can also craft certain things to!

What you need to make paint!

All you will need to make paint is a paint mill and a flower that is the color that you want!
To make a paint mill you will need….

  • 6 planks
  • 6 scrap
  • 3 rope
  • 2 rocks

Ounce you have made a paint mill just put it on a foundation next to an empty space!
Then put the flowers of the colors you want!
Then the paint will start being made ounce your raft is moving for a bit!
Ounce the blue part and the part in the water are spinning that means the paint is being made!
You can put up to five flours into a paint mill at a time!

What you need to use paint!

Ounce you have paint in order to use it you will need a paint brush!
To craft a paint brush you will need…..

  • 3 feathers
  • 4 planks
  • 2 rope

Ounce you have made a paint brush to use it just hold it while paint is in your inventory!
Wile holding the paint brush push the right mouse button to pull up the color change menu!
You need different colors and amount of paint to paint in certain colors!
Ounce you have selected a color it will show how much of what colors you will need to paint one thing with that color!
In the color selection menu you can push the button labelled secondary to activate or deactivate a second color!
One color of paint can stack up to 600!
There are 8 different patterns you can paint in!
You will need two different colors selected to paint in patterns!
There are 40 different color options!
Painting things only changes them visually!

Crafting with paint!

You can craft paintings using paint!
To craft any of them you will need….

  • 4 planks
  • 3 nails
  • 6 of any color paint except white

All of these paintings all look different from each other!
The differences of these paintings are…

  • Yellow is a tall island
  • Blue is some people together on a raft
  • Red is a shark destroying a raft
  • Black is a person by them self on a raft

These paintings are all different shapes, these shapes are black and red are landscape shots wile yellow is a perfect square and blue is a wide square!
Paintings can only be placed on walls on your raft!
Paintings don’t have much collision!


This is the end of this guide!
I have shared everything I know about painting and I hope it helped you decorate your raft!

Written by PinkPotatoe

This is all we can share for Everything you need to know about paint! – Raft for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check SteamClue.com for MORE!

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