Everything you need to know about the Game – SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer

Everything you need to know about the Game – SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer 1 - steamclue.com
Everything you need to know about the Game – SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer 1 - steamclue.com

This is a guide that gives you roughly everything you need to know about the game. It ranges from what the SCP’s do, tips on how to avoid them, and steps on how to escape the facility. I skipped SCP’s like 895 and 012 because you have the choice of whether to come in contact with them or not. I hope you guys find this guide useful 🙂

Words and places you need to know

LCZ: Light Containment Zone (basically the beginning stage of the game)
HCZ: Heavy Containment Zone (mid-game)
EZ: Entrance Zone (end game)
MTF:Mobile Task Force (armed guards that will shoot you on sight)
Checkpoint Doors:The doors that separate LCZ from HCZ and HCZ from EZ.
Tesla Gate: A wide area in a hallway that electrocutes anything that goes near it and will kill you instantly (to not be killed by it, you have to trigger it by standing on the caution sign, then stand back quickly then run through it while it’s cooling down)

Important SCP’s and Where They’re Found

SCP-173: Known as “The Statue”. Looks like a peach statue with a face on it. Cannot move while in line of sight. As a result, this line of sight must never be broken. If line of sight is broken, SCP-173 will move with incredible speed towards the player, instantly killing them most of the time. SCP-173 will appear throughout the entire game randomly and cannot be contained. This is unless MTF guards capture it at the end of the game, but this is not something to rely on.
SCP-106: Known as “The Old Man”. Looks like a man covered in all black. Moves slowly and can phase through solid objects. If he is chasing you, there is no chance of outrunning him. If he touches you, you will be sent to the pocket dimension. In the pocket dimension, you are given a series of paths and only one of them will lead to your freedom, the others will kill you. Upon escaping the pocket dimension, you will be teleported outside SCP-106’s containment chamber. SCP-106 will emerge from the ground randomly during the game until he is contained.
SCP-049:Known as “The Plague Doctor”. Looks to be a person covered in black robes wearing a bird mask similar to the attire of medieval plague doctors. Moves at moderate speed and can open any door except checkpoint doors. If he touches you, you will instantly die, unless you are wearing SCP-714. Appears near you randomly during the game after you have entered the surveillance room or SCP-049 tunnels.
SCP 096: Known as “The Shy Guy”. Looks to be a white humanoid with abnormal body proportions. Moves at high speed when agitated and will instantly kill you if he catches you. SCP-096 however remains in a docile state as long as you do not look at him. You do not need to be aware you’re looking at him for him to be triggered. If you have looked at SCP-096, you will die 100% of the time. SCP-096 randomly walks around after you have experienced his cutscene in HCZ.
SCP-966:Known as the “Sleep Killer”. Can only be seen through night-vision goggles and appears to be a white humanoid with contorted arms and legs. Moves at a very slow speed and requires many hits to kill you. Can block and open doors. Not really a big deal until other SCP’s are thrown into the mix. SCP-966 appears randomly after you have opened their containment chamber, or traveled through the maintenance tunnels.
SCP-939: Known as “With Many Voices”. Looks to be a red creature with incredibly sharp teeth, walking on all fours. Moves at slow speed until agitated, which then makes the SCP move relatively fast. SCP-939 only requires a couple of bites to kill you, and if you do get away successfully after being bitten, you will be bleeding which will kill you if not treated. Only appears in the tunnels through the elevator in LCZ. There are multiple SCP-939 in the SCP-939 tunnels.
SCP-066:Known as “Eric’s Toy”. Looks to be an amorphous ma*s of threads with eyes stuck between them. Moves relatively slow. After coming in contact with SCP-066 multiple times, the SCP will emit a deafening noise and deafen your character. Only appears in EZ.
SCP-860:Known as the “Blue Key”. Looks to be a blue key. Found in a room in LCZ locked behind level 3 clearance. Used to open the door to SCP-860-1 found in EZ.
SCP-714: Known as “The Jaded Ring”. Looks to be a green ring. Found in a room in LCZ along with SCP-860, locked behind level 3 clearance. Used to nullify the killing effects of SCP-049. However, prolonged contact with SCP-049 due to the ring will result in SCP-049 removing the ring from your character, killing you in the process. Also heavily lowers your stamina bar.
SCP-1499:Known as “The Gas Mask”. Looks to be a gas mask from World War 2. Found in a room in LCZ locked behind level 3 clearance. When worn, SCP-1499 will transfer you to another dimension. No other SCP can harm you while in this dimension. If you stay here too long, the creatures in the dimension, SCP-1499-1, will attack you.

Steps on how to beat the game

Step 1:Find a level 1 keycard, gas mask, and some batteries for the S-Nav 3000 and night vision goggles.
Step 2: Use the level 1 keycard to access a room with the sign “Light Testing Chamber 2B”
And grab the level 2 keycard in there as well as the S-Nav 3000 (a rectangular tablet). Take caution as SCP-173 is in this room.
Step 3:Use one of the two working elevators randomly found in LCZ to enter the SCP-939 tunnels and find the night vision goggles, and the black severed hand. It should be noted that SCP-939 will kill you if it sees you so you should try to hide from it.
Step 4: Locate SCP-914 and follow these steps. First put your level 2 keycard, gas mask and the first aid kit that’s in the room, into the input box. Then turn the dial to “Fine”. Then wait and grab what comes out in the output box. This will give you a level 3 keycard and a super gas mask. Next, put your S-Nav 3000, and any extra key cards you have in the input box and do the same except you want to turn the dial to “Very Fine” this time. This will give you the S-Nav Ultimate, along with a chance of getting an omni keycard which can open any door in the game. You can also upgrade the night vision goggles with this process, but turning the dial will change what it gives you. Putting the dial on “Fine” with the night vision goggles, will give you a version of the goggles that do not need batteries to be operated as well as giving them a red tint. Putting the dial on “Very Fine” gives the goggles the ability to let you see nearby SCP’s and MTF through walls with the downside of giving you an additional blink every 10 seconds, which makes you more vulnerable to SCP-173. It also gives the goggles a blue tint.
Step 5:With your level 3 keycard, locate the following items. SCP-860, SCP-714,SCP-1499, and SCP-372, a large gla*s container. Once inside SCP-372, grab the paper at the far right end of the room that contains a 4-digit pa*scode.
Step 6:Locate and enter the surveillance room and turn off the LCZ lockdown. It should also be noted that opening the door to this room brings SCP-049 into the game.
Step 7:Locate and go through a checkpoint door taking you to HCZ.
Step 8:Once in HCZ, locate and enter the elevator with the sign, SCP-049. Once there, put your night vision goggles on and turn all handles you see up. Then grab the level 4 keycard that is resting on a table. Once this is done you can leave through the elevator again, but SCP-049 will emerge from whichever elevator you choose when you come close to it. You can still leave by outrunning him to the other elevator.
Step 9:Locate and enter SCP-106’s containment chamber which holds a level 5 keycard. You can contain him if you want by turning the sound transmission on and ELO-IID off, then press the femur breaker button and once you hear SCP-106 coming through the ground (which sounds like the ground cracking) turn the ELO-IID back on and sound transmission off. If not done correctly, SCP-106 will come and kill you.
Step 10:Locate and contain SCP-008. This can be done by putting on the hazmat suit in the room and closing the cylindrical structure where the smoke is coming from. It should be noted that SCP-173 is on the other side of the gla*s window in the room and will break through the window if you blink. Also if you do not wear a hazmat suit and you’re in the room with SCP-173 when he breaks the window, you will become infected with SCP-008 and die.
Step 11:Locate and memorize where SCP-079 is as you’ll need to come back to it later.
Step 12: Locate and go through a checkpoint door that takes you to EZ. It also should be noted that upon opening the checkpoint door, MTF will spawn in from the exit gates and start walking around the facility.
Step 13: Locate and enter the room with the sign “Electrical Center” and deactivate the remote door control switch.
Step 14:Make your way back to SCP-079’s chamber and enter it.
Step 15: Go back to the electrical center room and reactivate the remote door control switch.
Step 16:Once all of this is done, you can start looking for the exit gates which are labelled “GATE A” and “GATE B” and escape through them. Depending on which gate you go through will determine which ending you get.
Extra Notes: The upgraded gas mask obtained through SCP-914, will give you unlimited stamina. The upgraded S-Nav 3000 obtained through SCP-914 will give you a display of the area around you also notifying you which SCP’s are in your vicinity. If you come across a blast door next to the maintenance tunnels in HCZ, you can use the pa*s code on the paper from SCP-372’s room to open it. Next to the SCP-049 elevator in HCZ, there is a door that can be opened by the black severed hand from the SCP-939 tunnels. In HCZ, you might come across a room that triggers the SCP-096 cutscene, to navigate through his chamber, activate all the switches in the room while looking down to avoid looking at him. In EZ, there is a wooden door that can be opened with SCP-860, and doing this will take you to another dimension. While in this dimension, you will be hunted by SCP-860-2. To safely navigate through the dimension, follow these tips. Stay on the path, DO NOT sprint or look behind you at all, and save your progress at any forks in the path. Soon you will reach another wooden door at the end of the path, which takes you to the other side of the first wooden door you entered. This process sometimes must be done if there is something you need that is on the other side of this door as there is no other way to get around it.

Danger levels and how to avoid each SCP

SCP-173 (H): Can be locked behind any door. You can also lure him to you by looking down, which will not kill you. Tip to keep in mind is to close every door you go through. This prevents SCP-173 from killing you across multiple hallways when you blink.
SCP-106 (H): You can easily make him disappear by simply putting on SCP-1499 and taking it back off after a few seconds. If you do not have SCP-1499, you can lure him through a tesla gate to make him disappear. This although is unconventional as there really aren’t many tesla gates in the map. You can later contain him in HCZ which completely gets rid of him when done correctly.
SCP-049 (H): Can be locked behind checkpoint doors only. There is no real way to get rid of him when he spawns, you can only slow him down by closing the doors behind you. You can put on SCP-714 to make you immune to his killing touch. Although using this lowers your stamina bar to 2 bars, making it essentially impossible to outrun anything. You can use this though to make it behind a closed door then taking off the ring to make distance from SCP-049.
MTF (H): Although this is not an SCP, they still pose a danger to you. You can avoid them by listening to their radio chatter or footsteps when they are near, and hiding in a locked room until you do not hear them anymore. Do not hide in a corner of a room they are entering as they will shoot you. If you are shot by them and survive, you can use a first aid kit to patch yourself up.
SCP-096 (M):Can easily be avoided by listening out for his crying ambience sounds that triggers when you come in proximity of him and looking down as you approach him. Make sure whatever you do, do not look up while you can still hear his crying to ensure your survival. Tip to keep in mind is to close doors behind you to prevent looking at him from across multiple hallways as you do not need to be aware you’re looking at him for him to be triggered. If you look at SCP-096, he will enter a state of rage and start chasing you. If he is chasing you, your death is guaranteed as outrunning him is impossible.
SCP-966 (M): Can be easily walked around as they are very slow and take a second to hit you. Although SCP-966 is invisible to the eye, you can see if you’re near him if you see text pop up on your screen that was not prompted by anything. You can use the night vision goggles to see SCP-966. It should be noted that SCP-966 can open any door and if chasing you, will open any doors you close in front of it, which may lead to complications with other SCP’s.
SCP-939 (M): Can be easily out maneuvered by turning as many corners as possible. They have a set path they walk on so you can wait for them to pa*s by if you want to get to an area they are blocking. It should be noted that there are multiple SCP-939’s and not just one.
SCP-066 (S): Can easily be walked around as it does not move much. Do not touch SCP-066 or let SCP-066 touch you at all as if he touches you multiple times it will emit an incredibly loud sound which deafens your character completely rendering your ability to hear useless.
SCP-049-1(S):SCP-049-1 are the zombies you find in the SCP-049 tunnels. They are very slow and take a long time to hit you which makes them incredibly easy to go around. They are only seen in the SCP-049 tunnels and do not appear anywhere else.
(H): This SCP is highly dangerous and should be dealt with carefully to ensure your survival.
(M): This SCP is moderately dangerous and you should keep their safety precautions in mind.
(S): This SCP is overall safe and does not pose any threats most of the time

Written by Ultrabot57392

Here we come to an end for the Everything you need to know about the Game – SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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