Evil Play Through- So you want to be a villain – Hush Hush – Only Your Love Can Save Them

Evil Play Through- So you want to be a villain – Hush Hush – Only Your Love Can Save Them 1 - steamclue.com
Evil Play Through- So you want to be a villain – Hush Hush – Only Your Love Can Save Them 1 - steamclue.com

This guide can help you achieve some achievements, have a playthrough that allows you to get more gallery shots, or just to play as a manipulative hackers. You don't need all this to beat the game. But, if you are interested in trying it this way, here are some tips. This isn't the perfect run. This guy is trying to give some insight to help others avoid making the same mistakes.

Introduction and statistics to aim at

Evil Playthrough-Spoilers in our day by daily guide
If you are looking to earn achievements, I recommend playing the game on an easier difficulty. The minimum stats required to play the final "test” (Rival's region) of this game are the following:
Violence 20 – for achievement
Use Ruthless 10- instead of light skill
Manipulation 15 can be used as an alternative to light skills
Deception 15-can also be used as a substitute for light skills
Hacking 15 – For Achievement
(and virtual novel) have 31 days. The tutorial is meant to help you understand the game but does not affect your stats.

Where I ended my life

If you're looking for a detailed guide, I've outlined the choices that I made in my playthrough. These two are part of bad karma decisions in the final rival region. I wish that you have a flawless run, with enough light and darkness karma choices to reach all achievements. To make it easier, feel free to use any bits I've provided in my walkthrough. These are the ranks I added after the dates to show how high I was able reach using dark karma. I spent most time avoiding any light karma choice, except where is mentioned.
To avoid game-overs), it is recommended that you play in the end game at the last dates (. Only the number, not the actual value of the stats, counts towards the end.
My evil stats were 29-18-24-18-17-17 at (. This is 7 extra ruthlessness, 8 additional hacking, 3 more violence, and 14 more manipulation points. My light stats stood at 56-22-35-51-34.

You can do an unblinded run. Here are some tips/tricks/hints

Try a blind-run for yourself.
This playthrough isn’t perfect. I think you could try it on its own without spoilers. The first violence option gets you -what the fearful terror achievement- in the rival region. Pushing the opponent is what gets to -the worst timeline achievement-. You can go into the park on Day 3. By taking the coins, you get +1 for all evil stats. Pushing your rival earns you +25 for all evil stats. (is the end of the game.) is the end of the game. To get through the (end game dates, you will need light Karma stat choices. I used motivation and lucky). You can complete a main girldate with a D rank and not always win a game over (. But, keep a few saves that you made a few days ago, especially around 24th. Fumi can be a bit evil, but she is still able to help you. The 30th can choose to go to a warehouse that allows you to access the 31st-rival area. All the mystic tips were paid for by me, so if you are interested in trying this run, it is possible.
Finally, if Axeman is looking to be the perfect gentleman hero to emulate, he wrote an A+ guide for a flawless playthrough.

So here are some spoilers. And how to read my daily walkthrough


Now for the days:

You will have a choice of a morning location, then an afternoon, then an evening, then a time at night when you can either work or raise dark-karma skills (. I have not been successful in getting A+ rankings on dates with dark karma. Learning dark karma skills will prevent you from achieving the -Summa Laude" achievement. I list the day starting with the number, and then the area you will be visiting at the given time. I then listed the skill I had at night and the job that was done during the day. Some days may have events that skip the night. I then list the dark karma techniques I used during that date. When I say signal 1, I mean during the signal options. Pick the first option at the top.
Finally, the dark choice can both raise and lower the affection or mood of the girls.
Spoilers after that point:
Dorian is the enemy, but rival is a stretch. In reality, he is just a pawn of the goddesses. And accepting his money hasn’t made any difference to anything I could find. You can get all the secrets and beat Dorian to keep one waifu. (I haven’t done this with dark and karma yet), as you’d need balance the light and darker karma choices. This playthrough was just about dark karma.

Finally, every day in simple Notation

1- Beach
Bakery- Elle intro
Arcade- Mio intro
Hacking, Solar Tech
Mall-Ca*sie intro
Arcade –Mio Date 1, all 3 hack options end on a B ranking
Manipulation, Solar Tech
3-Park-Iro End Date 1 at the first stop in D ranking
Park-Take all of the coins +1 all evil stats. (This is the moment when you're choosing evil)).
Cafe-+1 to light stats signal 2,3,3,3,1
Lucky or Violence
4-Beach-Lucky Option
Mall-Ca*sie Day 1-Violence after shoplifting. Punish kid in face
Cafe- Bonnibel Day
Deception, Solar Tech
5-Arcade Unplug the Guy
Park-Whistle – Why not?
Town-Alpha intro
Solar Tech, Ruthlessness
6-Cafe+1 Light Stats
Reed Estate-Elle First Date-Manipulation, A rank
Home Event-Quill Intro/1st Data-A rank
7-Mall -$50
Pizzaria-+1 motivation/Tech
Hacking and Poker
8-Mountain- Iro Event
Arcade – Mio-minigolf- deception
Arcade +Ca*sie – manipulation, deception – every other shot, kiss Alice
Ruthlessness,Poker Pro
9-Cafe-Iro Date
Beach-Mio 2- Rank A, hacking and violence
Cafe-Ca*sie Date 2-Violence
Poker Pro, deception
10-Park- Elle Event
Cafe-+2 lightstats-signal 1,1,1,1
Home, Quill-Date 2- Deception-fishcakes
Violence, Poker Pro
11-Home – Bonnibel Date 2-Rank
Cafe-Elle Date 2-Rank B, manipulation and deception
Beach +1 light stats
Hacking, Poker Pro
12-Hospital-Take the pill
Home-Quill Event
Town-Ca*sie Event
Violence and Poker Pro
13-Pizzaria -Magic pizza +3 bum- (mall for 4k with El)
Town-Turn ticket without scratching +$100 & 1 luck(/ $444 park)
Arcade-mini, golf-blindfolded +3 lucky (or 500 at park with wealthy)
If you don’t want Alpha Date, then parenthesis are for you
Poker Pro (: Deception
14-Beach-Swim +3 buff
Park- Hacking attempt
Home-Alpha date (or $900 hospital) rank A- All the light Options
Manipulation, Pro Poker
15-Cafe+2 light Statistics-signal 2,1,1
Fancy Hotel -Alpha Date 2 (Hospital for Mio game over at arcade)
Violence, Poker Pro
16-Deny Iro – Phone date- Town
Winery- Mio Date 3-Rank B
Deception, Poker Pro
17-Beach (has a variety of options. Motivation option)
Is Beach(available? Avoid Game over)-Iro Date 3-Ruthless/Manip/Decep (save before searching),Manip/ Decep, Rank B
Police Station – Make Fumi an allie
Violence, Buff
18-Home, (deny quill text)
Cafe- Bonnibel Date 3-Rank B+
Home-Quill event
Restaurant-Ca*sie Date 3- Manipulation at end Rank B
Violence is a Model
Mall- $4500 (cinnamon buns)
Winery- Elle date 3-Violence Can do manipulation and violence)-Rank
Hacking and Model
Quill Date 3-D rank
22-Home Violence $1000 and Downtown Violence (with no money)
Elle's Home- Elle Date 4- A rank secret if (gold is needed in safe)
At this point, my evil stats are (18-17-22-15-11 – enough to pa*s final dark check
Restaurant- Iro Date 4" Zero dark options- the game is over-take it!
Do whatever you want on nights. You'll be lucky to get to 50.
23rd-Park-Elle event
Cafe-+3 lightstats-signal 2,3,1
Winery-Ca*sie Date 4. You must have motivation 30- Can be manipulative or ruthless x2, violent or D rank
Home- Mio livestream-Hacking x2 -Manipulation
Mall (Pizza needs 5k)
Love Hotel Fumi can be your ally
25- Beach for 5 Bump or Downtown For 1 Violence (. I did beach)
Mio's House- Mio Date 4- Violence option at beginning-lead to deception-Hacking-Manipulation- 40 motivation option-45 motivation (count on me) for rank A, otherwise Rank B
Dorian's Estate- Manipulation-Ruthlessness-Manipulation- Take the money
Home- Quill Date 4-Lucky-Purr-Manipulation option-Rank A
27-Mio's House-Date 5-Manipulation-Ignore harris for ruthlessness, message for manipulation
B rank
28-Saji's House- Iro Date 5- no motivation needed-Manipulation-ring-Lucky miracle- Rank D
29-Home – Elle Date 5-remote couple bath-Need Fumi als ally55 Motivation- Rank
30-Pizzeria- Ca*sie date 5-Need ma*sage her so that she pa*ses out. (won’t permit you to reach Dorian on 31st), or can kill lots people in building (will not allow you to reach Dorian on 31st). You can hack phone to see what Ca*sie owes.
31-HomeQuill Date 5-rank A+
End game-Dorian's Office
First violence option is -what the fearful fear achievement is
The only option is to kill (or).
This is where it doesn't seem to matter if you choose violence.
Let him talk about goddesses. Tell him they'll cheat on you (manipulationx2 or Lucky 38 when he goes after you).
Make a save – Push him down the elevator shaft – kill or don’t kill Lilianna – this achievement is the darkest in the timeline. As long as he pushes you, he will get it.
Load save him, let him go to his death- Fumi is happy to let you go to airport – the shadow's embrace achievement


That's all. This is all I have. I'm sure someone smarter, or more skilled than me can easily sort through this mess and make a better guide. Still, thanks for reading. Hope you have a great day.


Written by ModernDayNEET

Here we come to an end for the Evil Play Through- So you want to be a villain – Hush Hush – Only Your Love Can Save Them guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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