Facility Set Effects – BLUE REFLECTION: Second Light

Facility Set Effects – BLUE REFLECTION: Second Light 1 - steamclue.com
Facility Set Effects – BLUE REFLECTION: Second Light 1 - steamclue.com

List of all Facility set effects and values (i.e. Hiori’s Project’s doesn’t list the value ingame).

Set Effects

Beach VacationIncreases HP and attack by 10%.Beachside CafeBeach Chair
A Moment To RelaxIncreases HP and defense by 10%.Desk & ChairBeach Chair
Seaside Coffee BreakIncreases damage dealt by 5%, including damage dealt during One-on-One.Beachside CafeCafe Space
Inside the StationIncreases EXP gain by 10% and item drop rate by 5%.Capsule MachineTrain Platform
StargazingIncreases critical hit rate by 10%, and critical hit damage by 10%.TentTelescope
Woodland ReposeIncreases slash damage by 10%.Talisman TreeBed of Flowers
InfrastructureIncreases pierce damage by 10%.Wind GeneratorWell
Bath TimeIncreases shock damage by 10%.PoolOutdoor Shower
Children’s ParadiseIncreases damage dealt to the enemy by 7%, and decreases damage taken by 10%.Capsule MachineAnimal RidesSwing Set
A Self-Sufficient LifeIncreases the amount of collectable items in the Rice Field.Rice FieldWell
Sleeping Under the SkyIncreases tremor damage by 10%.Bed of FlowersCelestial Bed
A Flowery SceneIncreases warp damage by 10%.Morning Glory GardenSunflower Bed
A Place to Come TogetherIncreases HP, attack, and defense by 10%.Beachside CafeCafe SpaceShooting GalleryWishing TreeSunflower Bed
Midsummer MarketIncreases Ether recovery speed on skill use by 7.Vending MachinesTrain PlatformIndie Comic Booth
Nighttime CampingIncreases HP recovered by 20%, and recover 10 extra HP when using recovery skills and items.TentBonfireCamping Set
A Festive Festival DayIncreases the amount of tradeable items at the stands.Takoyaki StandShooting GalleryCandy Apple StandGoldfish Scooping Stand
A Corner of the ShrineIncreases enemy item drop rate by 10%.Stone LanternTalisman TreeShrine
The Bears’ Rest AreaDecreases damage received by 5%, and decreases damage received during One-on-One by 5%.Animal RidesLarge Plushie
What to Wish ForIncreases ailment resistance by 25%.Wishing TreeShrine
Harborside GeneratorIncreases HP by 20%.Wind GeneratorContainer
Homesick in SummerIncreases the amount of EXP gained from battle by 30%.Stone LanternRice FieldRoom with Veranda
Cafe on the CornerIncreases attack by your Gear level × 5%.Cafe SpaceShopping Street SignRetro Streetlamp
Quest to the StarsIncreases slash, pierce, and shock damage by 10%.TelescopeSpace SuitRocket
Blue Sky Music RoomIncreases attack by 12%.Desk & ChairGrand Piano
School Music FestivalIncreases defense by 20%.Grand PianoOutdoor Concert Venue
Summer FestivalIncreases tremor and warp damage by 10%.Camping SetOutdoor Mini TheaterOutdoor Concert Venue


Character Sets

Kokoro’s ProjectsIncreases HP Up effects from facilities. (15%)Beachside CafeTalisman TreeTakoyaki StandStone LanternRice Field
Rena’s ProjectsIncreases Defense Up effects from facilities. (15%)Desk & ChairMorning Glory GardenTentWind GeneratorIndie Comic Booth
Yuki’s ProjectsIncreases attack and defense by 15%.Beach ChairCapsule MachineTelescopeSwing SetCandy Apple Stand
Shiho’s ProjectsIncreases Ether Recovery Speed Up effects from facilities by 15%.Cafe SpaceTrain PlatformBed of FlowersShooting GalleryShopping Street Sign
Hinako’s ProjectsIncreases Attack Up effects from facilities by 15%.Vending MachinesBonfirePoolContainer
Kirara’s ProjectsIncreases the odds of knocking down an enemy by 15%, and also reduces the odds of getting knocked down by 15%.WellWishing TreeShrineOutdoor Mini Theater
Hiori’s ProjectsIncreases Critical Rate Up effects from facilities. (15%)Outdoor ShowerSunflower BedGoldfish Scooping StandCamping Set
Mio’s ProjectsIncreases damage dealt to the enemy by 15% during One-on-One, and decreases damage taken by 15%.Animal RidesSpace SuitCelestial BedRocket
Uta’s ProjectsIncreases Ether recovery speed by 7, and increases support skill activation chance by 10%.Large PlushieRetro StreetlampGrand PianoOutdoor Concert Venue


Written by abarax

Here we come to an end for the Facility Set Effects – BLUE REFLECTION: Second Light guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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