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Fae Summons – Fae Tactics 1 - steamclue.com
Fae Summons – Fae Tactics 1 - steamclue.com

This guide provides a reference for all 54 summons that can be acquired in the game as of build 1.10. All their stats plus a brief descriptor of the skills they possess are listed.
This is to help players decide if they want to spend time hunting for the more elusive summons in game.


All stats listed in the table are for Level 60 Fae. This is the maximum level possible on normal difficulty for your first play through.
Peony had the birth sign of the Otter in the save file the stats where taken from. If the are any discrepancies for Water & Earth fae Mb values versus what you experience, that is why. Each birth sign comes with an inherent bonus to 2 or 3 elements that can be either defensive, offensive or mobility related.
The stats below INCLUDE the bonuses provided by level 5 gear (+40 Def/Res) for all elemental alignments. No lucky day buffs are included. All summons are listed in game order, not alphabetically. Some summons will show no-to-little variance in their 2 forms beyond the change in element, where as a handful are significantly different.

Stats & Skills (part 1) #1 – #17










Gremlin ThiefWind1122051745050403111Roll, Melee, Steal, Agility
Gremlin BanditIce1122051745050403211Roll, Melee, Steal, Harden
Gremlin ShamanEarth24319658404550403121.5Roll, Steal, Quick, Root (50%), Bonding
Gremlin HunterIce24319658404550403121.5Roll, Steal, Quick, Freeze (50%), Reinforce Mb
Gremlin WitchWater216511258404050402431.5Aerial, Ranged, Spirit Link, Push, Bonding
Gremlin SorceressArcane24315541403550402436Aerial, Arc, Splash, Drain Mb, Chain
Gremlin WarlordFire63590867450504041.511Roll, Melee, Splash, Burn (50%), Blade Aura, Gremlin Boost, Exploit
UnilanaEarth112211251403545403126Arc, Blind (50%), Reinforce Mb
OnilanaFire1122051403545403126Arc, Burn (50%), Wrath
Grumble BunnyWater1122112514035454022.526Arc, Teamwork, Rage, Bonding
BlackfootArcane11220514040454022.526Ranged, Chain, Rage, Meditate
Barn ReaperWind21650587410050404411Aerial, Melee, Pierce, True Sight, Wrath
Glade ReaperFire21650587410050404411Aerial, Melee, Pierce, True Sight, Wrath
Arch PangolinEarth622720486554002031.511Aerial, Melee, Pierce, True Sight, Wrath
RevenantArcane62271631036045501004431.5Aerial, Quick, Haunt (50%), Possess, Enchant, Reinforce Mb
SalamanderFire11220514035454032.536Arc, Spirit Link, Sureshot
SalamandraWind11220514035454032.536Arc, Spirit Link, Sureshot


Stats & Skills (part 2) #18 – #35










DhampirArcane4306069403545603326Leap, Arc, All in range, Vamp, Chain
Aos SiWind4306069403555603226Blink, Arc, All in range, Dance Enchant, Chain
BeelzebufoWater415019677745045403311Aquatic, Leap, Melee, Splash, Teamwork, Silence (25%), Blessed
GoliathEarth415019677745045403311Aquatic, Leap, Melee, Teamwork, Push, Poison (75%), Bonding
DragonlingFire2165058745050403411Aerial, Melee, All in range, Burn (25%), Mend Wounds
Dragon WelpEarth24319658745050403411Aerial, Melee, All in range, Poison(25%), Mend Wounds
Dragon MatriarchEarth427311277404550403431.5Aerial, Quick, Splash, +5 Atk from other dragons, Exploit
Dragon MotherFire4273077404550403431.5Aerial, Quick, +5 Atk from other dragons, -10 Def on hit, Exploit
Phantom DragonWind622716386604060203231.5Aerial, Blink, Ranged, Pierce, Immune to back attacks, Whirlwind, Witch aura, Possess Enchant, Agility
FaeryWind3219069403560403426Aerial, Arc, Spirit link, Whirlwind, Agility
Snow FaeryIce3219069403550403426Aerial, Arc, Spirit link, Shield Aura, Harden
Faery CavalryEarth39719669745050904411Aerial, Melee. Spirit link, Teamwork, Song Enchant, Reinforce Mb
Dark FaeryArcane38914569745050404411Aerial, Melee. Spirit link, Teamwork, Cloak Enchant, Shadow step
BeetletarFire4273077403504021.556Burrow, Arc, Teamwork, Carapace, Sureshot
AvalancheIce41508177403504021.556Burrow, Arc, Teamwork, Carapace, Sureshot
AquatoiseWater321911269403504022.526Aquatic, Arc, Healing Aura, Carapace, Protector
LavatoiseFire39715569403504032.526Arc, Blade Aura, Carapace, Protector
AnemoneWater635911241745045404311Aquatic, Leap, Melee, Spirit link, +10 max HP/kill, Cascade(6), Push, Regenerate Enchant, Mend Wounds


Stats & Skills (part 3) #36 – #52









White WidowIce32450694040454031.521.5Burrow, Spread, Hex hunter, Harden
CamlaWind3245069404045403331.5Leap, Ranged, Blind(50%), Hexhunter, Vamp, Agility
PhoenixFire39715569404550903431.5Aerial, Quick, Splash, Egg, Burn (35%) Song Enchant, Mend Wounds
RocElectric38114558404550903431.5Aerial, Quick, Chain, Petrify (25%) Song Enchant, Mend Wounds
Bone ServantArcane31830697450454032.511Melee, All in range, Attack after protecting, Iron Wall, Regenerate Enchant, Protector
Dwarven BonesEarth397196694040454032.521.5Spread, Attack after protecting, Iron Wall, Regenerate Enchant, Protector
Frost TaleIce161034404045402341.5Leap, Ranged, Teamwork, Shield Aura, Harden
WaverWater16111234404045402341.5Leap, Ranged, Healing Aura+, Teamwork, Bonding
CryootoriIce62051401000100001010Starfall, Splash, Spell Talisman Immune, Freeze (50), True Sight, Enchant, Harden
TapukiIce415015577745050403211Roll, Melee, Devouring, Barrier Aura, Cascade(2), Protector
TaspukiArcane4273077745050403211Roll, Melee, Devouring, Spirit link, Barrier Aura, Cascade(2), Petrify(50%), Mend Wounds
Carrion CrowArcane1142051745050403411Aerial, Melee, Devouring, Mana Burn Enchant, Wrath, Mb Regeneration
Plague FeatherEarth114211251745050403411Aerial, Melee, Living Bomb, Poison (35%), Double Edge Enchant, Wrath, Mb Regeneration
Mimic DollArcane21650584040554022.521.5Blink, Ranged, Mimic, Exploit
ChangelingWater281196584040554032.521.5Blink, Ranged, Chain, Spirit link, Exploit
Powder JackIce2165058745045403311Leap. Melee, Steal, Shadow step
Wind JackWind24315558745065403211Blink, Melee, Splash, Steal, Whirlwind, Agility


Skills & Stats (part 4) #53-#54

Dust LuteWind415015568403509031.526Burrow, Arc, Mb Max raised during protection, Carapace, Song Enchant, Protector
SquirtoiseWater41501556840350903126Aquatic, Arc, Mb Max raised during protection, Carapace, Song Enchant, Protector

Useful information
The maximum summons value with tier 5 gear is 8, with tier 3 it is 6. The equipment limit is raised once you find your mama.
All status effects such as Burn, show the odds of inflicting that status in brackets.
The mimic doll will mimic the first friendly unit it a*sists or the first enemy unit it kills (not a leader though). It will gain all the stats of the mimicked unit but will possess 80% of the maximum HP, Mb.
However it retains it’s inherent requirement for the guts skill provided by Peony’s equipment. I.e. it will revive provided the relevant equipment is at least tier 2 even if it is mimicking a 6 point summons. The changeling can not mimic.
The Phoenix returns to an egg form if ‘killed’; to truly destroy it the egg form must be destroyed.
Any unit that does not begin with at least 1 point in Mb is unable to gain the benefits of any Mb related skill/item – gain or regeneration.
The Waver’s healing aura also increases the maximum HP for the duration of the battle for all units within range, by around 8HP per turn.
The HP for the Cryootori is not a typo – it does indeed have 2 HP at level 60. However it does benefit from having a Waver placed near to it. The bigger difficulty with using the Cryootri is the inability to choose where it is placed on the battlefield, due to it’s zero move as a range 10 attacks can’t cover the entire map.


It is possible to acquire all 54 summons with a level 5 bike and no access to Man Tree Woods. I accidentally killed 2 of the gorgon sisters and left the earth gem as the last memory to collect, thereby preventing any chance of triggering a supposed campside encounter that allows access to Man Tree Woods.
The important unwritten rule to consider is the second form of a summons can only be collected once you have the primary form. i.e. no Roc without acquiring the Phoenix form first. All primary forms have a descriptive text at the bottom of their profile. This text doesn’t change for the alternative form.
The 6 unique summons with a cost of 6 can only be acquired from ??? free battles. These battles can also be the source of some of the rarer fae such as the Dust Lute & Squirtoise.
Other hard to acquire summons are sometimes limited to possible enemy boss summons such as the Taspuki (Ice Harpy) & Changeling (Conjuror). You need to examine their spells before starting the battle and have to keep that boss alive until they play that card. Some of these have a 8-9 turn cool down and the enemy only tends to summon 1 creature per turn even when 2 or more bosses are still alive.
The third way a rare summon can appear is as a swap for the default form. E.g. a Wind Jack appears in lieu of a Powder Jack in the Alma foothills or a Roc can substitute for a Phoenix in the Ash Wastelands (with bridge). The have to be killed on navigable terrain i.e. falling into a creva*se prevents loot from dropping. It can be frustrating having to cycle through the days of the week to spawn certain maps; however certain maps are locked off by story progression which does allow you to farm maps that become rarer at the end of the game e.g. Alma foothills.
The general guide for Fae Tactics does explain how luck & critical kills can influence the drop rate.

Written by sjmayhew

Here we come to an end for the Fae Summons – Fae Tactics guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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