Fast tutorial – Casino Tycoon Simulator

Fast tutorial – Casino Tycoon Simulator 3 -
Fast tutorial – Casino Tycoon Simulator 3 -

We will learn how to play casino tycoon simulator and how to make profit with crypto and nightclup.

First look

First you have entered the game, you might want to spend all of your money to your bussiness.
Don’t forget, you are just created your first bussiness and no one knows you.
First you can start with 1 slot machine.And setting up winning percentage to maximum
for your vault.
After first custumers, your casino will start gaining some prestige.
Prestige is everything!
More prestige means more customers and more playtime.And that means more profit for you!
Your customers will be more addicted to play when they are winning.Addiction multiplies your revenue from casino.(balance your win percentage)
Customers will dirty sometimes.You have to clean AS FAST AS YOU CAN!
Because you will start losing prestige if you dont clean it up.(you can buy cleano for auto clean)

Crypto mining – Trade

That is simple.You buy from down, and sell on high for profit.
But if you spent more money you will make more profit.
Or you can buy miners for making crypto farm.
Fast tutorial - Casino Tycoon Simulator - Crypto mining - Trade - A6611BE8F

Thieves and cheaters!

You have to protect your casino from thieves and cheaters.
They are stealing money from you.You can buy guard from market.
That protects you from thieves.And you will gain security point with buying guard and cameras.
more security point means less thieves and cheaters.
Stay safe!

Health System!

This is the maybe most important thing that you should take care of.
You are getting more hunger and thirst by time.
Just relax and buy bar on market panel.
After that you have to make stock of the products.(Stock Panel)
You can only eat sushi from bar.(others are not interactive for health system YET…)
And there is free watercooler in your casino.Just get closer.

Bar service

We mention with bar and stock system.Now its time to sell these products to the customers!
You will see icon if customers need something above them.
make sure you have bought bar on market and you have enough stock to make service.
And dont forget to set prices of produckts!

Last words

You can always make more profit with car sales and nightclub!
Fast tutorial - Casino Tycoon Simulator - Last words - 5775D943F
But don’t forget to make your prestige maximum before.
Game calculates your revenue with your prestige point.
That means more prestige point more profit from car and nightclub!
Enjoy the game!
And good luck πŸ˜€

Written by Nahutab RenΓΌg

This is all we can share for Fast tutorial – Casino Tycoon Simulator for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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