Fastest Path to Sacrifice Garden – Cookie Clicker

Fastest Path to Sacrifice Garden – Cookie Clicker 1 -
Fastest Path to Sacrifice Garden – Cookie Clicker 1 -

Fastest way to get Sugar Lumps by sacrificing your garden


This is the order I unlock seeds in, trying to complete a full seed log as fast as possible (to get Sugar Lumps as fast as possible). I have this in order of what to focus on next, trying to get straight to the slowest maturing plants first.

Straight to Queenbeets

First, the “Straight to Juicy Queenbeets” path, starting with nothing but Baker’s Wheat

  • Baker’s Wheat
  • Bakeberry
  • Meddleweed
  • Brown Mold
  • Chocoroot
  • Queenbeet
  • Juicy Queenbeet!


Leftovers from JQ gardening

Then the “Leftovers from JQ gardening” path. Make sure to get these with the leftover Queenbeets after farming in that 4 square pattern (but chances are, you’ll get these before getting a JQ)

  • Skriekbulb
  • Duketater!


Straight to Drowsyfern

Next, “Straight to Drowsyfern”

  • Thumbcorn (probably already have this from the first stage)
  • Cronerice
  • Gildmillet
  • Ordinary Clover
  • White Mildew (probably already have this too)
  • Greenrot
  • Keenmoss
  • Drowsyfern!


Straight to Everdaisy

Now, “Straight to Everdaisy”

  • Shimmerlily
  • Elderwart
  • White Chocoroot
  • Tidygra*s
  • Everdaisy!


Everything Else

Finally, “Everything Else.” This order is arguable, so if you instead want to focus on rarer plants rather than slowly maturing plants, that’s fine too

  • Crumbspore
  • Ichorpuff
  • Wardlichen
  • Whiskerbloom
  • Nursetulip
  • Doughshroom
  • Fools’ Bolete
  • Wrinklegill
  • Chimerose
  • Glovemorel
  • Golden Clover
  • Cheapcap



This is what I personally do, but I’m more than happy to hear arguments for more optimal paths (for example, I could see an argument for trying to get Elderwarts right after Juicy Queenbeets to speed up that process. I could also see an argument for trying to unlock useful plants to use on the side first) I prefer this path though, since I am at the point where all I care about are Sugar Lumps

Written by Qweba

This is all we can share for Fastest Path to Sacrifice Garden – Cookie Clicker for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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