Fastest way to level prayer and slayer skills – Melvor Idle

Fastest way to level prayer and slayer skills – Melvor Idle 1 -
Fastest way to level prayer and slayer skills – Melvor Idle 1 -

Has anyone else started leveling prayer or slayer and think that this is literally impossible to get to 99. Well, there is an easy way and I wish I knew this before I started. Follow this guide to help you from the longest most tedious grind of your life.

Maxing Prayer to LVL 99

There are some skills that are much easier to get to maximum level than others. Prayer is by far the worst to level. The reason behind this is that bones only give you a small portion of prayer points when you bury them. Bones are valuable. They are required for multiple potions in herblore so you have to choose where you want to focus your time. Yes, you could fight things for days on end and get what you need, but why not get this over with. Try this method and you won’t be disappointed.
The first thing to do is to forget about prayer. Literally don’t waste your time on it. The reason why is found in how prayer works. You get to experience depending on the damage you do. If you hit harder you get more experience. Instead of working on prayer, focus on completing the Volcanic Cave which can be found in the melvor wiki if you want the details of the minimum levels needed to AFK this dungeon.
Once you are able to complete the Volcanic Cave, do it again… and again… and.. well until you complete it 100 times. This opens up the ancient magic spellbook. Which will open the speed run for prayer.
Next start fishing until you find the message in the bottle. Read this and it will unlock the hidden area where you can fish bonefish which can be buried. This is much faster than gathering bones through killing things. Get about 100-200K worth of prayer points.
Next step is to gather enough runes to cast these newly acquired Ancient Spells. We are most concerned with the spell called ‘Ignite’ it costs 20 fire 5 ancient, (if you wish to work on getting either the fire staff or the fire wand to help lower the fire rune requirement which I HIGHLY recommend. The next step is to go to the highest slayer level you can handle without dying… Now just go HAM.. You will slaughter most anything you fight and every hit will give maximum points for prayer. Cast the highest level of prayer skill you can. You can literally watch the experience bar climb for both Prayer and Slayer. Do this for like one full day and then you can enjoy your 2 new level 99 skills!
… You’re welcome!

Written by FiercestRed

Here we come to an end for the Fastest way to level prayer and slayer skills – Melvor Idle guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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