Fastest Way To Progress Early – Terraria

Fastest Way To Progress Early – Terraria 1 -
Fastest Way To Progress Early – Terraria 1 -

– Fastest way to progress in Terraria early on.
– This guide gets you to the wall of flesh which means its only for Pre-Hardmode.
– Exploring is the biggest aspect of Pre-Hardmode which makes it easy to reach Hardmode.

Chop Down Trees And Mine Stone

The first thing new players will want to do is gather stacks of wood and stone.
These materials are essential for building the most basic items and structures such as houses and workstations.
That’s why you should gather enough so you don’t waste much time later on them

Aim To Build At Least Two Houses Early On

Houses serve as places to store items and can be filled with crafting stations as well as other useful tools.
Building two or more houses close to each other will create a village.
Building A Basic House
A simple house in Terraria is composed of:

  • 3 walls
  • A door
  • A table
  • A chair
  • One or more torches

Additionally if you create one big house you can split it into more then 4 rooms.

Farming For Heart Crystals

As soon as you spawn go straight for surface chests.
Once you’ve gathered some decent gear, go into whichever underground biome you prefer and go on a hunt for heart crystals. Mining ores isn’t necessary if you don’t want it to be.
After you’ve found a few hearts, and have stocked up enough cash to get the merchant to move in, you are ready for the Eye Of Cthulhu fight.
Shurikens are usually the best weapon you can use. You can buy them off the merchant.

Use Potions For Fast Resources.

Farm some Moonglow and Blinkroot so that you can always be caving with spelunking potions.
As soon as you find a gravity potion in a chest, use it to find a floating island.
Flip back and forth as you hold left or right, and toggle it carefully when you come in for a landing. If you can find a Starfury sword, that will help a lot.
You can make an Alchemy table by placing an empty potion bottle on a workbench.

Fishing For Items

Get a bug net and make a fishing rod from iron/corruption/crimson and go to the ocean.
once you’ve collected enough bugs to use as bait (around 50 or so) and fish until you get a Sawtooth Shark (For Wood Cutting) and Reaver shark (For Mining).
The Sawtooth shark is a decent close range weapon as well as an axe and the Reaver shark has the same equivalence as a molten pickaxe.
For strong bait you can mix worms and fallen stars.
Bait Biome Power
Monarch Butterfly Forest 5%
Gra*shopper Forest 10%
Scorpion Desert 10%
Sulphur Butterfly Forest 10%
Snail Underground 10%
Black Scorpion Desert 15%
Glowing Snail Glowing Mushroom 15%
Grubby Surface Jungle 15%
Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly Forest 15%
Apprentice Bait Angler Quest Reward 15%
Ladybug Windy Day 17%
Water Strider Surface + Day 17%
Ulysses Butterfly Forest 20%
Pink Jellyfish Ocean 20%
Green Jellyfish Underground 20%
Blue Jellyfish Underground 20%
Firefly Forest 20%
Maggot Graveyard 22%
Julia Butterfly Forest 25%
Sluggy Surface Jungle 25%
Worm Forest/Underground 25%
Red Admiral Butterfly Forest 30%
Journeyman Bait Angler Quest Reward 30%
Enchanted Nightcrawler Crafted 35%
Purple Emperor Butterfly Forest 35%
Lightning Bug Hallow 35%
Buggy Surface Jungle 40%
Tree Nymph Butterfly Forest 50%
Master Bait Angler Quest Reward 50%
Gold Worm Forest 50%
Gold Butterfly Forest 50%
Gold Gra*shopper Surface 50%
Gold Dragonfly Surface 50%
Gold Ladybug Windy Day 50%
Gold Water Strider Surface + Day 50%
Truffle Worm (Duke Fishron only) Glowing Mushroom 666%

Craft A Yoyo For An Effective Melee Weapon

While a Yoyo may not sound as exciting as a power glove,
another powerful early game melee weapons,
even a wooden one can be surprisingly efficient at slaying monsters.
Can be made using cobweb and wood

Build A Grappling Hook For Easy Mobility

As well as finding ways to safely descend mineshafts, players will also want to build ropes for climbing back up.
Once players have an anvil they can make chains from iron bars, which can be used to construct a grappling hook.
Building this tool will require a hook which can be found as a rare drop by killing skeletons and piranhas deep underground in the third strata of the map.
can be made with a hook and chains or bought the goblin tinkerer

I hope you enjoy the Fastest Way To Progress Early – Terraria guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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