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Fingerprints – Phasmophobia 1 -

This phasmophobia guide is all about the fingerprints and il show most things about it


When a ghost with Fingerprints as its evidence interacts with certain surfaces, it will leave behind fingerprints, specifically the following:
Interacting with a door
Interacting with a light switch
Knocking on a window
Interacting with a keyboard
The Prison map has additional places where fingerprints may be left behind
On the Prison keyboard
On the horizontal surface of a bar of cell doors
On the steel keyhole surface of cell doors
Maple Lodge Campsite also has additional places where fingerprints may appear:
Bases of lanterns in tents
Interior edges around tent door flaps
Picnic benches
String light poles and switches
Toilet cubicle doors
Lights flickering or the fuse box being interacted with will not result in a fingerprint being left behind in these instances.
Fingerprints can be revealed by using a UV flashlight or a glowstick. Depending on the surface area of the object being interacted with, either a fingerprint or a handprint will be visible. Both are counted as evidence of Fingerprints. Each object can only have one fingerprint at a time regardless of how many times the ghost interacts with it. However, ghosts can interact with more than one object to give multiple fingerprints.
Each imprint of a fingerprint will disappear after 2 minutes. Each fingerprint, including repeat fingerprints on the same surface, can each be taken a picture of to obtain photo rewards.
As of 0.6, there are 19 different fingerprint patterns, including 3 which are unique to the Obake.
An Obake has an approximately 16.6% chance to leave a non-standard fingerprint on surfaces it touches:
A 6-fingered handprint instead of one with 5 fingers
Two fingerprints on light switches instead of one
Five fingerprints on Prison doors and keyboards instead of four
There is also a 25% chance that the Obake will not leave fingerprints every time it touches a surface. Each fingerprint may also disappear quicker than the standard 2 minutes.
For each type of door or surface that a fingerprint is possible, the fingerprint will always appear in the same spot. In addition, most doors of the same model will always have the fingerprints on only the push or pull side, but not both. For example, all Farmhouse-style doors will always have the fingerprints on the top-right corner of the door, and only appear on the “push” side. There are a few exceptions to these two rules; for example, one house-style door may have the fingerprint on the “push” side while another identical door has it on the “pull” side, though they will always appear on the middle of the door.
Photographing fingerprints
Fingerprints do not have to be visible when being photographed by a Photo Camera, and will be labeled as “Fingerprints” in the Journal. This may allow for fingerprints to be discovered accidentally with an errant photograph. When evidence of fingerprints is suspected but can not be easily seen (e.g. small fingerprints on a cell door in Prison) , then one way to check for them is to take a photograph of the area and then look in the journal for a photo labelled “Fingerprints”.

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