Fix for “Neverending story” Achievement Bug – Roguebook

Fix for “Neverending story” Achievement Bug – Roguebook 1 -
Fix for “Neverending story” Achievement Bug – Roguebook 1 -

I created this guide to help people who are trying to achieve this achievement.


Unfortunately, the game has bugs. One of the worst is inability to achieve the achievement "neverending stories".
This achievement requires you meet every event in game.
40 events are needed, some are rare.
The bug is when you see all the events but don't get the achievement.
Why? Because sometimes, the game doesn’t register the event as “seen” for unknown reasons.
It wouldn’t be too bad to try again until it registers all of them, but one event in particular can only ever be encountered ONCE.
You're in big trouble if this event doesn't register.
I searched online for hours. I posted on the official discussion forum, but i couldn't find any solution.
The devs don’t seem care about the completionists.
Continue reading for the fix. It will require that some game files are modified.

The actual Fix

If you are absolutely certain that you have seen all the events, I can offer you a way of checking if they are missing.
This is Windows. Other operating systems will require you to adapt.

  • Go to %userprofile%\AppData\LocalLow\Abrakam Entertainment SA\Roguebook\Saves
  • There is one folder called "Steam_ ****" with some random number, go to this folder
  • You should see something like this Fix for
  • Make a save of "achievements_progression.json"
  • Now open "achievements_progression.json" with a text editor, Notepad++ is fine
  • Search the following section : "VISIT_ALL_NARRATIVES"
  • When completed it look like this :Fix for
  • The last section, "Progression", represents the number of events that the game has registered. So if it's lower than 40 it means that you are missing some important events
  • All the numbers after "progression_details" refer to an event id
  • With the following list you can see which game events are registered and which ones you require to obtain the 40.
  • "1":"ThreeWishes",
  • "2":"MirrorPhantasm",
  • "3":"MagicCarpet",
  • "4":"AuroraUnlock",
  • "5":"KoboldMercernary",
  • "11":"WeepingIdol",
  • "12":"Baldurion",
  • "14":"AmaiGemMerchant",
  • "15":"CobaltGargoyle",
  • "16":"KrogsDinner",
  • "17":"ThyrianExpedition",
  • "18":"Spellwhirl",
  • "19":"FailedExperiment",
  • "20":"MessageInABottle",
  • "21":"GatesOfPandora",
  • "22":"TimeOfLegends",
  • "23":"SimulacrumOfObedience",
  • "24":"Llamacorn",
  • "25":"AncientHerald",
  • "26":"TreasureMap",
  • "27":"AnimatedBanquet",
  • "28":"Majinata",
  • "29":"Apex",
  • "30":"MotherOfAllYaks",
  • "31":"RoyalJudge",
  • "32":"ForbiddenLibrary",
  • "33":"QueenMagda",
  • "34":"Doomgate",
  • "35":"RainOfFish",
  • "36":"ImperialCamp",
  • "37":"WheelOfChaos",
  • "38":"SoulPact",
  • "39":"DayOfTheDragons",
  • "40":"OgreDance",
  • "41":"BloodSong",
  • "42":"Celeste",
  • "43":"Tarum",
  • "44":"WindGate",
  • "45":"Chrysalis",
  • "46":"FlashWind"
  • Now you know which ones are missing. If you still haven't found them, i recommend that you continue playing until your do. It's more fun.
    If the ones that you are missing are not ones you have seen many times, then I have a solution.
  • If you are missing the 4th dready, Aurora unlock, but you have already Unlocked Aurora, congrats. This event only happens once, so you were screwed up until now.

The trick is to add the bugged event(s) to the already registered event list, and then remove the event we know will be encountered easily if we continue playing
I was missing Apex Unlocking and Aurora Unlock. So I added the "4" & "29" at their ends, as you can clearly see in the previous picture. And I removed the number "43", which is Tarum since it was the event i was looking forward to the most.
Save the file, play until Tarum appears, and, like me, the achievement will pop.
Good luck.
It's my first guide.


Written by Mackhdo

This is all we can share for Fix for “Neverending story” Achievement Bug – Roguebook for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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