Fix for TAA 1080p – Halo Infinite

Fix for TAA 1080p – Halo Infinite 1 -
Fix for TAA 1080p – Halo Infinite 1 -

TAA BROKEN for 1080p! FIX!
The default TAA anti-aliasing does not work correctly. This is especially noticeable in 1080p resolution.
Funnily enough, it can be fixed and made the TAA anti-aliasing work well.


You need to activate the option DSR 4.00x “3840×2160” (nvidia control panel). Also set DSR – Smoothness to 0%… Then, for this to work, you will have to set the desktop resolution (nvidia control panel) to 3840×2160 (since there is no full screen mode in the game, otherwise it will not work).
To get rid of small images and text on your screen, you need to set the scale to 200% in the Windows screen settings.
Go to the game settings and set the scale to 50% (1920×1080). You can set the sharpness of the graphics at your discretion, or turn it off altogether.
Profit! Now TAA anti-aliasing works well in game at 1080p!
I think this is a mistake and it can be fixed. Someone pa*s this information on to the developers!

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