FNaF 3 mechanics and strategies – Five Nights at Freddy’s 3

FNaF 3 mechanics and strategies – Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 1 - steamclue.com
FNaF 3 mechanics and strategies – Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 1 - steamclue.com

This guide will cover the mechanics and how you can use FNaF 3 to your advantage.

Springtrap's mechanics

Springtrap, the only enemy in FNaF 3, has the ability to end the night if he jumpscares a player. Springtrap's AI at night one is 0. He becomes active on night two. His starting position will be randomly selected from the cameras 6-10(, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 10. He will then move towards the player to the next cameras, including the vent cameras). The louder version will play when the spring trap moves between cameras 1 and 3. The softer version will play if spring trap moves between cameras 5 and 3. The louder version will play if he moves between cameras 1, 2, or 15. It will also play outside the doorway). Springtrap is not affected by the audio button after he enters the vent. He will move faster) if there is a ventilation issue (.

Maintenance panel and error mechanism

Causation and errors
Audio Devices:
This system allows the player to use "play audio" on the monitor. A warning message will appear if the user overuses the button. The system will not allow them to use it until the system is restarted.
Number of audio hours allowed before an error occurs for each night
Night 1: Unlimited
Night 2: Ten uses
Night 3: Uses 4
Night 4: Three uses
Night 5+ – 2 uses
Camera System:
This system allows the player to use cameras in the monitor. If the player uses too many of the cameras, an error for the system will appear. The system won't allow the player to use them until the system is re-booted.
This system allows you seal vents in monitors. A warning will appear if a player is jumpscared (except for P. Mangle). It will not allow the player seal vents until the system has been rebooted.
It takes about 7 seconds and 13 seconds respectively to reboot one system. If multiple systems are down, it's best to reboot each one manually.

Phantom mechanics

P. Balloon Boy
Night 2: Initial appearance
Jumpscare: Ventilation Error
BB is a phantom that is most commonly encountered in the game. He can appear anywhere on the non-vent cameras, but he has a greater chance to appear on camera 1 and 10. To stop him, you must quickly switch to another cam(on night 2 you have around 2 seconds but this time decreases in subsequent nights)BB will jumpscare you if you don't switch cameras. It is possible for you to play audio or switch cameras without being jump scared if your speed is good enough.
P. Mangle:
Night 2: The first appearance
Jumpscare Effects: Audio error(following the static sound effect)
Mangle may appear on cam 4; it is best not to look at cam 4. Mangle can also appear on cam 4, but the player can only avoid switching cameras for a short time. However, mangle will eventually shut down the monitor.
P. Chica:
Night 3: Initial appearance
Jumpscare effects. Ventilation Error(is more likely to set off alarms)
Chica will randomly pop up on cam 7, and she will be more frequent on later nights(chica replaces arcade machine's monitor) with a distorted photo of her face, the player has approximately half a second to change cameras in order to avoid chica's attack. Chica then moves to the left of the office and waits for the player to close it. She will then look at chica from the left.
P. Foxy:
Night 3: Initial appearance
Jumpscare: Ventilation Error
Foxy will randomly appear on Foxy’s left side, standing in front (of the box with the toy animatronic components). If foxy appears at the office when the player has the maintenance panels open, he may not jumpscare immediately).
P. Freddy:
Night 3: Initial appearance
Jumpscare: Ventilation Error
Freddy may randomly appear when the player isn’t looking at the panel or monitor. He will walk across the hallway until he is far away. To avoid freddy jumping, the player should open the monitor or the maintenance panel if springtrap is in the window or doorway.
P. Puppet:
Night 4: Initial appearance
Jumpscare effects
The puppet can appear in cam 8 and is the second most dangerous threat to the player. However, it is best to not check cam 8 while the puppet is present. If they are there, they can quickly check cam 7 or 4 to make sure that they overwrite the puppet’s attack with their weaker attacks.


It is important to learn how you can use all the information.
General tips
Avoid the cameras where springtrap appears. Use the audio button to force springtrap to move backwards. Keep an eye on springtrap's audio usages so you know when the next audio error is (. You should wear headphones because springtrap will make sound effects indicating that he is coming near to you or that they have entered the vents.
What to do when you start?
After you have located springtrap, use the microphone to get him on cam 10, then seal ventcam 14. This is the best place to be as it is far away from the office. Springtrap's mobility is limited and he will most likely move to cam 9. P. BB, which is very common, can often be seen on cam 10, is something to watch out for.
What to do during the middle of a game:
If springtrap is visible at cameras 2-5(Cam 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, then you need to get him to cam five as soon possible. Once he's there, seal vent cam 13, you can then stop trying to get springtrap more backtrack.
What to do when springtrap is peeking through the window?
Springtrap should quickly move to cam 2 if he is looking outside the window. Use the audio button to close cam 15, if springtrap does not go back to cam 2, then seal vent 15 and try to get him to go backtrack. If he goes forward to the doorway or cam 1, then you should have done it faster.
What to do when springtrap is in hallway blind spot(not obvious)
If springtrap isn't visible in any camera around your office, then he may be inside your office. If he's not there, then you can get him to cam 1.
What to do when springtraps are lurking behind the doorway?
If springtrap is seen on the left-hand side of your office, don't open its maintenance panel. Instead, move to the right and play the audio button at camera 1. Wait for springtrap to move to cam 1, then close the monitor. If he does not, wait a few seconds and then go back to the maintenance panels to reboot the audio devices (. If it's 5 AM, you can stare at springtrap while praying to any religious figure in your area.
rebooting prioritization:
If springtrap seems far from you
1st Ventilation
2nd Audio Devices
3rd Camera System
If he is nearby,
1st Audio Devices
2nd Camera Systems
3rd Ventilation
If he's entered the vents
1st Camera System
2nd Ventilation
3rd Audio Devices


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