For Beginners – Phasmophobia

For Beginners – Phasmophobia 1 -
For Beginners – Phasmophobia 1 -

Still confuse on how to complete a game without dying? Here’s some basic things that you should know about phasmophobia!

The Beginning

After you spend your precious time waiting on the loading screen, you will spawn in the van which contains your objectives on the board and your equipment on the shelf.
1. Get the basic equipment:
Strong Flashlight (the black one) (the silver one is trash as hell don’t even bother buying it)
EMF Reader (beeps when you are around the ghost)
*black in color with 5 circles on it*
Thermometer (temperature reader)
*blue in color, every typical thermometer…nothing special*
UV Light (shows fingerprints on doors and closet doors)
*black in color, shorter than strong flashlight*
Spirit Box (you and the ghost have some quality time talking)
*a black gadget with an orange screen on it*
*Each player can take up to 3 equipment including the flashlight*
*The basic equipment is equipment that are commonly use during the start of the game because it is the easiest way to find the ghost room*
Right after you find the ghost room you can start setting up:
2. Setting up other equipment:
Video Camera (shows ghost orb)
*black in color, every typical video camera*
Ghost Writing Book (the ghost will write on it, read it at your own risk)
*has a brown cover, the only book on the shelf*
Dots Projector (shows you how the ghost looks)
*black in color, do not know how to describe appearance. emits green light when placed*

Surviving the HUNT

To know how to survive the hunt, try reading this – [] 

Getting Money from Pictures

You can get extra money from pictures that you took in the game. You can take pictures of the Bone, Footprints, Fingerprints and the Cursed Possessions.
But how do you get it or find it?
Bone: Spawn in random places in the house, roam around the house to find it. Might be small but
might be big too.
Footprints: Place salt on the floor of the ghost room. Place UV stick near the salt, footprints will
appear when the ghost steps on the salt.
Fingerprints: Appears when the ghost touches the door or the closet door. Use UV light to shine on
the doors to see if the ghost touched the door. Doors might creak when the ghost open
Cursed Possessions: 6 different type of them. Every Cursed Possessions is spawn in the same area
in the certain map but only one out of six will spawn in each round. Take picture
of it before using them.

Complete the Objectives

As I mentioned at the beginning, there’s objectives written on the board in the van. There’s 4 objectives to be done in every round including Identify the Type of Ghost.
1. Capture a Photo of the Ghost
-The photo of the ghost can be get by angering out the ghost. Some ghost will show themselves
easily while some won’t even show themselves even though you beg them to. Sometimes
just don’t bother doing this, it’s not worth it.

2. Prevent the Ghost from Hunting with a Crucifix
-Yeet the crucifix into the ghost room.
3. Evidence of the Paranormal with an EMF Reader
-When you get two lights or more to lit up, it’s done.
4. Witness a Ghost Event
-If it happens then it happens.
5. Make a Ghost Walk Through Salt
-Place salt in ghost room and wait for the ghost to walk on it. Easy right?
6. Detect a Ghost’s Presence with a Motion Sensor
– Place Motion Sensor into the ghost room wall.
*it’s rectangle shape with two buttons on it, one green one red*
7. Cleanse the area near the ghost using Smudge Sticks
– Use the brown looking stick and light it up with a lighter WHILE you are in the ghost room. Walk
around the room with it until it’s burn out.
8. Repel the Ghost with a Smudge Stick while it’s chasing someone
-During the hunt, risk yourself and activate the smudge when the ghost IS chasing you.
9. Get the Ghost to blow out a Candle
-Light candle, put it in the ghost room, wait for the ghost to blow it out. If you’re playing
with your gf/bf you can use the candle to make a romantic candle lit dinner…in – [dinner…in]  your dreams.

10. Have a member of the team escape the Ghost during a Hunt
-The ghost has to chase ONE of your team or you. Everyone have to survive the hunt.
11. Get an average sanity below 25%
-Stand in the dark or just use Cursed Possessions to lower you and your team’s sanity.
Summary: Objectives are either easy or hard (just don’t do it)

The End

Congrats!!! You have now learn the basic of Phasmophobia, now go in and do what you read and be the pro in your team. If you are still scared to go in…then just uninstall the game unless you have enough money on insurance to provide for a sudden heart attack. Good luck!

Written by choco milk

Here we come to an end for the For Beginners – Phasmophobia guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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