Foundry Expert Time Medal – Frogun

Foundry Expert Time Medal – Frogun 2 -
Foundry Expert Time Medal – Frogun 2 -

This is a brief guide that explains how to finish the Foundry 6-4 in 30 seconds or less for the expert time medal.


The Foundry, level 4 is the last level of the main game. This level places you in a hub with a door for each of the four compa*s directions. The expert time medal requires that you complete the level in thirty seconds. According to the author, this time requirement in the game is far more brutal than any other. This is the guide which I wish I could have used when trying to do this by myself.

Getting past the red gates

We need to go straight for our goal and not open the red gate. There is no way to waste time. This section describes how to get around the gate.
Here's a hint for the method, if you don't mind this guide:
There is nothing wrong with you. You likely didn't expect that the game would require tight execution.
Full explanation:
On either side, stand on the chest. Turn your back towards the wall and the red gate from a 45 degree angle. To the back corner of the wall, you'll be tongue-grabbing. Jump towards that wall, and then shoot the wall from the back.
This jump is not easy. You need to shoot from as high as possible. Also, you want to aim so close that only half the crosshair is on your wall.
After you grab, move diagonally briefly to clear the wall. Move diagonally towards red gate. You can fire your gun at any time, to reset your falling speed. All of this is very tight. If you are successful you will safely land behind the red gate.
This works if the gun is fired at the wall's back.
Another alternative is to bounce onto the pot instead standing on the chest. As shown in the video, this is the alternative. I'm not sure which one achieves more height, but it seems to be about equal.

This is a short video that shows how it looks. – []

After the red gates

Here, you will find everything that is typical of an expert medal in time.
The only alternative shortcut is to use right after the mushroom Spring, before you reach the turquoise orb. Jump and shoot at the wall until it reaches the top. Then, keep going forward. You should reach the top of that wall in front. This is not a perfect trick, but it does allow for more flexibility than the red-gate trick.
I hope this helps in your quest for the most difficult of medals.


Written by palmermebane

I hope you enjoy the Foundry Expert Time Medal – Frogun guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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